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It’s that time of the year when we look back and THANK creators and also people who’re following them. People who’re maybe not that vocal all the time but who also deserve our support. Because they are the creators of the future. They sometimes just need a little nudge to get going. This is that nudge.

We’re here with a Special Giveaway

For creators, their audiences and everyone in between…

It’s time to WIN TOGETHER.

Stand a chance to win an NFT from the FIRST EVER Hypefury NFT Collection – The Hyped Eagles Club 🦅 

We have goodies for every Twitter niche.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you can win!

Hypefury NFT

The Niches & the NFTs

Tech Twitter is phenomenal at supporting people on their tech journeys. From starter kits, cheat sheets, and algorithms to make life easier to endless wars over the right way to do things and HTML as a programming language, it’s all love, and at the end of the day, we’re all making progress.

For our Tech NFT, we thought what could be techier than our eagle spotting every coder and SaaSpreneurs favorite clothing item – a hoody holding their overworked keyboard. And, because nobody does supportive like Tech Twitter, the cap was a must because WAGMI – We’re All Gonna Make It.

Startup Twitter..is..yes, more than just their STARTUP IDEAS (of dating apps). Young founders, interview threads, journey of bootstrapping they’ve shared it all. Our Indie Hackers make big on this niche, push each other to get their MRRs and ARRs and ofcourse…do some marketing 😉

If there’s one thing startup Twitter does better than anyone else it’s making ideas work. Give them a solid pair of boots and a couple dollars to start and they’ll have you dreaming of million-dollar exits in no time.

The Gangsta side which every newbie on Twitter stumbles on..and changes their world for them. You’ll find these guys smokin their cigars on the beach, making a passive income with Gumroad (50% off wink wink), and yes hyping all of us on Twitter. Remember this bunch cause they’re gonna be our world’s future millionaires.

Once you get past the Guru’s and the shills, Money Twitter is the ultimate Twitter community. It’s given birth to new careers, skills, and financial freedom for thousands, but hurry up, there’s ONLY 9 LEFT!!!

Their laser eyes have taken all over Twitter. Be it SHIBA Coin, BITCOIN, Ethereum, Solana they take everything to the moon. Riding the highs and lows together, they are the epitome of HODLING, minting, and farming their coins

Who do you call when the government’s money printer won’t stop and inflation is kicking your ass? Crypto Twitter *insert ghostbusters theme song on repeat.* HODL you some coins and retire at 30.

The Build-In-Public Twitter are the most inspirational of the bunch – sharing their life lessons, failures, journey and tips with everyone. They come on the Twitter stage and write their book, build their SAAS, deal with their journey right in front of us. We are Team HASHTAG BUILD IN PUBLIC through and through.

Build in public is what all the Twitter niches want to be. They stand in the spotlight, share their lessons, and actually make useful stuff unlike “Buy v10 of my Exponential Twitter Growth Exploder and Engagement course” Twitter. If you’re building in public, thanks for making all the mistakes so we don’t have to.

We all keep saying ‘There’s no better time to create on the internet but these guys are taking the high strides. They capture every moment of their journey, and value for their audience in their Twitter threads and resources. This one’s for all of em, knowing they gonna make big in their creator spirit.

Creator Twitter, what would we ever do without them? They entertain us, teach us, make us laugh, and actually give a damn about making great content. They are the best of us. They inspire all of us to share ourselves with world.

Whether they’re showing off their muscles, or they ask you to lift weights, these are our jacked Twitter bros who will take away your dates :p
They talk about eating steak (still concluding if medium-rare is the best?), training legs, and losing that fuckin fat. The most actionable (no pun intended) group on Twitter, they have phenomenal transformation journeys and encourage and inspire everyone.

Our NFTs might not look as muscular as they do, but they sure look as hot 🙂


Our Writing Twitter and creators have been soaring high with their words in the sky. Journals, Notion Templates, Writing Daily are all they dream of when they’re not writing here. The community is well-knit and supportive like no one else with their ‘JUST PUBLISH IT’ tweets every so often.

Our Eagle-eyed writer is deep in thought, and you know they’re gonna get over their impostor syndrome and ship that thread for us.

How do I participate and WIN?

There are two rounds – The Nomination Round and The Voting Round.

Select your favourite niche thread below and tag your favourite creator in round 1. (ends on Cyber Monday)

If your favourite creator receives enough nominations, they’ll get into Round 2.

In Round 2, everyone votes and the one with highest votes wins! (ends December 6th)

As an audience, this is your chance to THANK your favourite creator for their value, help and content.

As a creator, engage with your audience and promote yourself.

Support each other and you both WIN! (And isn’t that what Twitter is all about?)

What can I win?

There’s a lot of ways you can win here!

If you're voted the OG of Your Niche

If you end up being nominated and receive the most votes in your niche..you win:

The OG NFT of your niche

As long as you HODL the NFT: Hypefury Subscription for FREE

More goodies for the NFT Holders.

If you nominated the winner, you can win one of these 👇

If you nominated the creator who won, you can win an NFT too.

The ‘Lucky’ One

One lucky tagger will receive –

An NFT designed for your niche

Hypefury Standard is FREE as long as you HODL THE NFT

Personalized Twitter growth ideas document for their Twitter account

Additional goodies when you voted


If your voted creator wins:

One Lucky Voter wins the Niche NFT

Hypefury Standard is FREE as long as you HODL THE NFT

Additional goodies when you voted

If you voted for the winner, you can win one of these 👇
Everyone who votes

If you’ve voted for anyone in any niche, you’ll receive goodies as soon as you click the ‘Vote’ Button.

Hypefury Subscription for 1 month at only $1.

100 Tweet Templates with Examples to UP your Twitter Game.

Let’s Thank and Support Our Favourite Creators of 2021 🎁

Here are the rules – 

  • A voter can vote for only one nominee in each niche
  • A voter can vote/nominate 8 people at maximum (one for each niche)
  • Make sure you nominate them in the proper thread.
    (Someone who’s clearly part of “Fitness twitter” should not be nominated in Startup Twitter)
  • Based on the engagement the tweets with the nominees receive we will decide whether to official nominate them or not. We hold the rights to refuse any nomination. But exceptions aside, we just count the number of engagements a nominees name got over all the tweets he was nominated in. The nominee with the most uniquely engaged tweets wins.
  • Anyone who works for Hypefury is excluded. Also anyone involved in competing (software) products is excluded from being nominated.
  • We nominate a total of maximum 50 people per niche
  • Voter’s Email and is mandatory to vote 
  • In case of any dispute/ discrepancy, Hypefury has the right to disqualify the voter/creator. (pls don’t spam)