Twitter Hashtags to Follow and How to Use Them

Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of your tweets, find new people worth following in your niche and keep up to date on topics that pique your interest. Hashtags are descriptor words preceded by the pound sign (‘#’), usually, something like “#blessed”, “#TGIF”, “#entrepreneurs”,”#giveaway”, or even “#COVID19”. They are meant to categorize the tweet and make it easier to find in searches. Many groups also use hashtags to identify each other online. For example, your online course might have a hashtag that they use when posting so other members can easily find and interact with your tweets.

Hashtags to Follow

Obviously, the hashtags that are most interesting to you are going to change based on your interests, your goals on social media, and even what is currently trending. But we have a list of a couple that should get you started exploring and help you find some new interesting parts of our favorite platform.


Sometimes the workweek comes too quick, the weekend hit too hard, or you just aren’t feeling that dang 9-5. You are not alone. There is an entire community behind you that uses this hashtag to motivate themselves when the start of the grind just seems a little too much. Tweets with this hashtag are often a quote or even a pep talk. Everybody needs a pick me up sometimes and this hashtag is popular because it offers one right when we need it.


We are all looking to improve something about ourselves. Otherwise, the world of self-help books, courses, and info wouldn’t be a multibillion-dollar industry. This tag is a great way to find other folks interested in leveling up just like you. Get a dose of inspiration or maybe find a tip that will get you further along in your journey.

This is a hashtag created for folks looking to grow their Twitter through small consistent daily action. There is a daily challenge designed to take less than 5 minutes that will help you expand your reach and grow your followers. There is a whole community doing the same challenges at the same time so you get to meet people looking to grow and get better at Twitter just like you. You help each other make progress. If you are interested in this challenge-based growth community, check out more here.


This hashtag was coined by the duo behind the Ship30for30 cohort, Nicholas Cole and Dickie Bush. They created an amazing learning experience for those looking to take their writing to the next level and the community around this hashtag is proof. Within this tag, you will find all sorts of writing tips and strategies as well as all the essays the students from their courses publish. It is a great example of a community hashtag and the power it has.


This tag is almost too general to be helpful. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see more cute puppies or pissed-off cats or odd lizards. And who doesn’t make some comments about their own furry companion on their Twitter account, even if it is focused on fitness. Pets are one of the biggest parts of our lives and one of the things that bring us the most joy. This hashtag allows us to rant about when they chewed up our laptop cord, see pics of the judgy cat on some random person’s window sill, and help rescue groups get more reach when looking for homes for their fur babies. What isn’t to like?


Remember how there was that old guy who continuously complained about how email would fade out because no one would ever learn to use it and it was far too complicated for everyday people? We are in that phase right now with cryptocurrency. Sorry folks, it is here to stay. Best embrace it and start learning now. Twitter is a great place to learn and be on the cutting edge. Take it slow and dabble before you go all in. This hashtag is a great place to find folks to learn from and resources to get you started.


Every now and again we need to take a moment and appreciate how far we have come. This hashtag lets us do that, usually with a little fun. Super popular on most major platforms, not just Twitter, this hashtag stands for Throwback Thursday. This hashtag is often used to share a picture from back in the day, an opinion that has changed, or even a joke that aged well.

Tips for Using Hashtags

Using hashtags on Twitter is more of an art than a science. How effective they are for gaining more eyes on your tweet is going to depend on the popularity of the topic, the community around the hashtag, and just the luck of the algorithm. Here are a few tips to get you started using hashtags on Twitter so you have lady luck on your side.


Do not overuse hashtags. Nobody wants to read a post and have it spiral into a mashed-up mess of less and less relevant tags that no one can even read. Twitter actually recommends not using more than 2 in a single post. If the platform suggests that it might be a good idea to listen. Stick to one or two descriptive hashtags. #hashtag #toomany #stopit #dontdothis #hardtoread #whyyy #bad


If possible do not use hashtags in the middle of your tweet. It makes it harder for people to read and tends to interrupt the flow of everything. Instead, put your hashtags at the end after you have already said your bit. Don’t put any spaces or punctuation in your hashtags. No possessive hashtags. Also, feel free to use capitalization to make your hashtags more readable. The platform will treat them the same either way but people will often find it easier to read #ThisIsAHashtag instead of #thisisahashtag

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