How to easily auto-share (cross-post) tweets on Instagram

share tweets on Instagram

In this article, we’ll go over how you can share your tweets with your Instagram fans in a hassle-free and easy way. Cross-posting your tweets has never been easier and this can be done with business or personal Instagram accounts.

Being able to share your best tweets with your Instagram audience is an underrated edge. Instagram and Twitter users are after two different experiences, but if you’re to create and share great posts, both sets of followers will appreciate that. You’ll have no trouble at all growing your influence and harnessing attention. More impressions, increased reach, and the added engagement will do your social media growth  and brand a world of good.

How do you share tweets on Instagram?

Sharing your best tweets to Instagram doesn’t have to be a time-consuming hassle. With Hypefury, it’s actually quite simple. You can share your tweets on Instagram as effortlessly as you can schedule tweets.

All you need to share your tweets on IG is a Hypefury subscription and an Instagram account. Follow the steps below and, you can be sharing your tweets on Instagram in seconds.

  • Sign up for Hypefury
  • Customize your Insta-shot
  • Schedule tweets and select “Share on Instagram”.
  • Check your email inbox for a ready to share shot of your tweet.

Signing up for Hypefury

To get started sharing your tweets to Instagram all you have to do is sign up to one of the Hypefury plans. The Insta-shot feature is available on both the Standard and the Premium Hypefury plan. You can also give it a go by signing up to the 14 day free-trial.

To begin all you have to do is login with your Twitter credentials. You’ll be asked to add an email address and adjust he time zone to activate you Hypefury account. Once that is done you’ll be good to go, ready to schedule you tweets, and share them to Instagram. 

Customizing your Insta-shot

After you’ve done all the housekeeping for your account, you’ll need to Customize your Insta-shot. To do that, head over to your settings and select “Customize your Insta-shot images” 

It’s no secret Instagram users value great visuals over anything else. That’s why boring old screenshots of tweets that were successful can’t cut it on Instagram. If your tweets are going to work on Instagram, they’ll need to look good enough to not only draw attention but, to make other users want to stop and read them as well.

To help you beat out lazy, uninspired screenshots the Insta-shot feature allows you to change your name so you can go with a name your IG followers might be more familiar with. You can also add a touch of color to your posts using the color panel. If you’re going to attract attention then bright and bold is the way to go. The beauty of it all though, is that you get to choose the colors best suited to show what your brand is about. 

On top of all that, you can swap plain color themes and go with a custom image altogether. All you have to do is select “upload” and pick an image you’d like to use. That’s a pretty neat option if you want to stay completely on brand or do a series branded posts.

If you’re just starting out and you aren’t all that sure about Instagram, you can simply download our colorful ready-to-use templates. There’s no reason you should miss out on expanding your influence.

Scheduling tweets and Sharing them on Instagram

How to share tweets on Instagram

The next step towards sharing your tweets on Instagram is getting posts scheduled. You can schedule tweets from your dashboard or the drafts tab. To get started, click on “What would you like to share” or “Compose draft”. The composer will pop open allowing to type out your tweets. From the composer you’ll be able  change the settings so your tweets are shareable to Instagram, see below.

For a complete guide on how to schedule tweets using Hypefury you can have a look here.

How to share tweets on Instagram

To share your tweets on Instagram, all you have to do is select “Share on Instagram”. Within minutes of your scheduled tweet going live you’ll have a ready to post snapshot of your tweet in your email inbox. And, it won’t be a blurred-up, disproportionate screenshot either. You’ll get a high quality, colorful and, vibrant picture capable of battling for the attention of the Instagram hoardes.

Checking your email inbox and Posting to IG

The great thing about Hypefury’s Insta-shot is that you don’t have to connect it to your Instagram. You get to maintain the independence of your social media and, you can crossover whenever you feel like it. Your posts never end up in the wrong place and, your security is always guaranteed.

By having your Insta-shot sent to your email, you stay in control of what you post. You can change your mind, post at times more convenient for your IG fan-base or use the images  on several other platforms.

Once you’ve scheduled your tweet and it’s gone live, check your email inbox for your good-to-go Insta-shot. You can download the image and, then head over to IG to share it with those fans. Don’t forget to use killer captions for your posts. And, no half-measures with those hashtags either!!!

Key Strategies to use for your Instagram

Success on Instagram like any other social media platform requires putting in some work. You’ll have to stay at it and be consistent before you start seeing your actions pay off. Here are some helpful tips to help you get along.

Go Big on Captions

Visuals are the heart of Instagram posts but you shouldn’t skimp on your captions. They are a great way to add context to your posts and share a little bit more about yourself. It’s an extra shot at compelling the reader to engage with you, to explore deeper into your brand and, to stick around and follow you.

Keep your captions brief and punchy. They should be inviting to your audience. Long and dreary captions will bore the reader and leave you with zero engagement on your posts. And, as long as they are appropriate, you should be throwing emoji’s into your captions too. They’ll help you express what words can’t and, they are proven to improve engagement. Just don’t drown your message in them.

Work the Hashtag

Another great way to boost your IG performance is to maximize your usage of Hashtags. They are a great way to boost your impressions and get people talking about your brand. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post and, you should make the most of them. Pick catchy hashtags that people would love to share or latch onto some of the popular ones.

Be sure to use as many hashtags as possible. If they are relevant to the post or they reflect your brands message, go for them. There are many free tools out there to help you find great hashtags for your posts. You should check them out and make sure every time you post, you’re giving yourself the best chance possible.


Just like on every other social media platform engagement plays a large role in generating growth for your account. Over and above posting great content, you have to engage with other users as well. Comment on the posts you like and, talk to the people commenting yours. It is social media after all, you have to interact with people and show them you value their attention and their time. That’s how you build lasting relationships.

Post Consistently

Another key to seeing Instagram growth for your account is posting consistently. You can’t post once weekly and hope to grow your account. You have to post consistently and make sure you’re always putting out great content. No pressure though, 3 quality posts a day will do for a start. If you’re feeling inspired then more are okay, but no more than 5.

Posting consistently will help people grow to expect quality content from you, which in turm means your following will grow as more people come across your posts.

Be Different

One more thing you can leverage in your posts is uniqueness. It might sound cliché but, people want to experience new and exciting things. Stale and dated isn’t appealing to anyone. If there’s nothing compelling about your content people won’t stay as long as you might want them too and they’ll stick to what they’ve always known.

Create an experience for your followers that no one else can match and you’ll be rewarded by your follower count growing.

Realize Instagram is not Twitter

The last point you need to keep in mind when you’re giving Instagram a go is that it is not Twitter. What works on Twitter won’t always work on Instagram. The audience is different and you’ll have to be adaptable to succeed in that new environment. But, most of all you’ll want to have fun, because like LifeMathMoney says, “if you’re not having fun… What’s the point?”

Now that you know how you can maximize your reach across two social media platforms there’s no limit to how far you can grow your brand. Don’t settle for subpar screenshots and grainy images the next time you want share a killer tweet to Instagram. With the Insta-shot you just have to schedule your tweets and within minutes of them going live you’ll have amazing images to share on your Instagram feed.

With Hypefury’s Insta-shot there’s really no reason you should be missing out on connecting with a whole new different kind of audience. Get scheduling some tweets and let’s conquer Twitter and Instagram, together.

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