Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to build a brand on, monetize it, and potentially turn that into a full-fledged business. But how about the chance to automate Instagram and schedule as many Instagram posts as you’d like to? The Instagram marketing tool we offer gives you the chance to grow your Instagram account and followers the easy way! It sounds like a dream, right?

Well, it could be, but many people trying it are underinformed and under-resourced to turn that dream into a reality.

To help your ambitions of growing your Instagram followers, we’ve put together everything you need to know about growing your Insta account.

In this article, you’ll find a complete guide on how to grow your Instagram and some Instagram marketing tools you can leverage in the process.

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Inspiration Panel
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Inspiration Panel
Connected Twitter accounts
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What is Instagram?

If Twitter is where you go to share your hot takes, Instagram is where you live life in color. It’s the place to share your personality, experiences, stories and build authentic connections with a lot more depth than what other social media allows.

To win at Instagram, you’ve got to come out to play and put some skin in the game. It’s putting your life on display for the world to take in.

Why do we need more Instagram followers?

Instagram can be a profitable business if taken seriously.

There are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed, but to enjoy those benefits, you have to offer some value. On Insta, the value is your reach, which is the number of people you’re able to engage and influence with any given post.

Businesses and brands are always looking to tap influencer value to market their products. That is influencer marketing, which is brands using social media personalities to engage with potential customers.

As great as that sounds unless you have a healthy audience that brands can benefit from tapping, your chances of profiting from your Insta are quite low.

That is why you need to grow your Instagram account. But, even if you don’t want to market other brands, growing your Insta account allows you to spread your message, sell your offers, and establish your brand.

So, even if you don’t get business from other people, having a big following on Instagram means you can start your own business.

What is an Instagram promotion campaign?

Growing an Instagram account organically is a tall order for most users. It’s hard, and it’s a lot more time between starting an account and enjoying the benefits you want.

Instagram promotionBut, Instagram promotions can cut the waiting time down significantly.

Instagram promotions allow you to promote your content to a bigger audience than you currently have. That means more people can see your posts, stories, story archives, and highlights. Taking advantage of these sponsored posts can help you grow your audience faster than doing it yourself.

Using these methods gives you access to features and benefits regular Instagram users don’t get. You can get sponsored labels for your content and CTAs to help you achieve your goals faster than if you tried to grow organically.

Instagram promotions also give you analytics data to help you adjust your content to improve your results.

As great as all that sounds, you should be careful when using them because they are essentially adverts, and Instagram will charge you for them.

Using Instagram promotion services

If you don’t want to use Instagram ads to grow your account but would still like to accelerate your account growth, you can use specific promotion services to give you a boost.

Instagram promotion services help you grow your audience and generate engagement for your content organically. They do this by helping you get your content out more efficiently and targeting audiences interested in what you are sharing.

Hypefury started as a Twitter automation tool, but it’s now a lot more than that. We also help our users find their influence over Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users.

Hypefury now fully supports direct to Instagram posting, complete the kit, and caboodle so our Instagram-loving friends can take over IG just like we’ve helped thousands take over Twitter.

The features include full support for captions and hashtags, so there are no excuses for not growing your Instagram following.

If you’d like to grow your Instagram following without the massive budget you need for sponsored posts, Hypefury is a great way to establish yourself.

Other Instagram promotion services include Growthoid, Growthsilo, and SidesMedia. A quick Google search will bring many other alternatives, but be sure to do your research.

Why you should use an Instagram promotion service

Instagram is a tough place to grow alone. Growing without a support structure or efficient systems in place is virtually impossible.

Using an Instagram promotion service allows you to establish yourself and share your content in a way that brings you the results you want without the stress that going at it alone brings.

With Hypefury, for instance, you can effortlessly create and share your content from one easy-to-use dashboard. And, more than that, you get the benefit of having your content reach a wider audience than if you shared your content personally.

Besides growing your Insta account, perhaps the best benefit of using an Instagram promotion service is all the time you will save. Between preparing, creating, putting together your content, and sharing it, a lot of your day can easily get lost.

But, with a promotion service, you can save a lot of time for the things you love or for everything else you need to be focused on to move the needle forward. It will take care of your growth, save you time and money, and bring you closer to your Insta dream.

Instagram growth hacks

Spending money isn’t the only way to grow your Insta account. It’ll certainly help, but it is also possible to grow your account and not spend money.

Below are some hacks you can use to grow without shelling out money right away.

Go all-in on your stories

Stories are a great way and simple way to generate engagement. All you have to do to get responses is focus on content like quizzes, polls, asking questions, emoji sliders, and using stickers to draw attention.

Simple yes or no questions or the type of content we’ve already mentioned above is easy to engage on. All you have to do is ask engaging questions and let your personality shine through to convert visitors into followers.

Over half of Instagram’s one billion users watch a story daily, so be sure to make the most of every story you share. You never know who will be watching.

Video content is the future

Social media platforms are always competing, and to push back at TikTok, Instagram has started placing a premium on video content.

Making video content a priority will increase your chances of being featured on the discovery page. Pivoting shouldn’t be too hard now that Instagram allows users more freedom and creativity with the video tools.

If you want your content to reach a wider audience, play along to Instagram’s shift and create video content for them to circulate.

Team up with other Insta influencers

Teaming up with other influencers is a great way to establish yourself and put your name out there.

Look for influencers in your niche and see what value you can offer them. You can help with their content, your resources, time, or anything you can think of in exchange for collaborating or working together.

If you can make yourself useful, you might be able to get them to vouch for you, shout you out to their audience, or even get opportunities to share your content with their much larger audience.

Whatever you do, engage sincerely and prioritize building relationships over temporary benefits.

Cross-promote your content

If you’re already established on other platforms, cross-promoting your content will help you grow faster than if you’re starting from scratch.

If you have an audience on Twitter, Pinterest, a blog, YouTube, or a newsletter, use that to your advantage and use those channels to grow on Instagram. Most people are on more than one social media platform, so cross-promoting your content will help you establish yourself and rally your audience to help you grow.

The Hypefury platform helps users cross-promote content seamlessly between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others.

Beyond growing your Instagram account quickly, you should also cross-promote your content so that if you ever lose access to a site, you won’t have as hard a time as newbies starting from scratch.

Other helpful methods to grow your Instagram account are engaging relentlessly with other users, using hashtags to increase your reach, and focusing on creating quality content.

Also, shamelessly promote yourself and ask for help. There are loads of people willing to help, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Buying Instagram followersInstagram followers

If you’ve tried the hacks and would still like to grow faster, you can always spend some money and buy your Instagram followers.

Buying Instagram followers can be a complicated process, and I wouldn’t recommend you do it if you’re interested in growing your Instagram account for business or profit.

To buy followers, you have to find a vendor. That will be a challenge because Instagram doesn’t allow users to buy Instagram followers, so you have to be careful about where you find the seller.

Because the process is not regulated or allowed by Instagram, you could fall victim to a scam if you don’t do your research.

Each vendor’s process will be different, but once you’ve agreed on the price and number of followers, your account will start to grow up to the desired amount over whatever period you agreed on.

In most cases, followers you buy are purely numbers only. Engagement is hardly ever guaranteed, and you’ll most likely have bot accounts following you.

While this doesn’t sound good, it does have one main advantage. Buying followers will inflate your follower count and help you attract more followers and gain influence.

The downside is that any pro will notice that your engagement rate is terrible compared to your followers. That is a clear tell that someone paid for followers or has bot accounts inflating their numbers.

In many cases, that is terrible because brands and businesses are after engaged audiences. If you have tens of thousands of followers but can hardly manage a few hundred likes or comments on your posts, people won’t want to do business with you.

The influence marketing business is all about using influence to drive results, and having thousands of followers and zero engagement is not a great look.

Why Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Buying a following doesn’t always have to have poor results. It can turn out quite well and have the desired effect if you go about it the right way.

The best way to buy followers is to pay influencers to direct followers your way.

You’ll need to find established accounts in your same niche and offer money in exchange for them shouting you out or sharing your content with their audience.

You might not see an instant surge in follower growth, but having real people interested in your content following you is what you’d rather have. While there are no guarantees as to how many followers you will gain, you can at least trust that you’ll get engagement on your posts.

Besides running giveaways to attract followers, which is also a terrible way to gain engaged followers, paying influencers for shoutouts and space on their timeline is the closest you can get to paying for real followers.

Using Hypefury to grow your Instagram account

Surely you know by now that growing your Insta account is tough. That said, it is possible, and with the right tools, you can have your influencer dream come true.

Hypefury offers you the same automation and growth tools that have helped thousands grow their Twitter, for your Instagram account.

With Hypefury, you can effortlessly create and share content with your Instagram audience faster than you have been able to up to now. With full support for images, captions, and hashtags, you can execute whatever Instagram growth strategy you have with no limitation.

More than that, you can seamlessly cross-promote your content to create a robust audience ecosystem for yourself across the best social media platforms out there.

All in all, Hypefury is the perfect tool for growing your audience, monetizing it, and retaining it, so you are always in charge.