About Hypefury and our goals

Hypefury is a tool that makes your life with Twitter a lot better.Β 

It was created because we wanted to scratch our own itch. The first tool to support scheduled threads. Read about how we got started and why you should use us! πŸ™‚

Samy Dindane


Yannick Veys


Jimmy Fallon


Luis LeΓ³n

Chief Technical Officer

Kushagra Misra


El Mahdi El Jaouhari


Chris Mahon


We are with
you on social

Would you rather use a tool that’s built for everyone? Or would you prefer a tool that’s made for you?Β 

We’re not just on Twitter and other social media. We’re with you. We also use Gumroad to sell our courses. We’re also finding ways to build our audience every day, just like you.Β 

We focus on personal brands and small businesses that are relying on social media for their pay check.Β 



Our core values

We believe that anyone can be successful online as long as you work for it. The only thing we do is make your voice more powerful. We amplify your story. We can’t create it for you. 

Bring value to social media and with our help you’ll become successful faster than ever. 

Our community is what Hypefury is built on. We not only listen to you, we act based on your input. You’re not talking to a huge company when you contact us. You’re talking to the people who care and to the people that make changes based on (your) feedback.

We are open in good times and bad. We’ve been a victim of our own success in the past. We reached Twitter’s POST limits so we sometimes couldn’t get all the tweets of our users out on time. We communicated about it upfront and were actively keeping people up to date until we fixed the issue.

We share our revenue on Baremetrics for everyone to see. We don’t sell fluff. We provide value and we’re growing rapidly because a lot of people experience that value and stay with us. We’re very grateful to have so many supporters and customers! By the time of this writing we have over 800 paying customers.