The Best 50 Twitter Tools to Use in 20238 min read

The best twitter tools to use in 2023

Twitter is still the best social media platform in 2023. This is because of several reasons, including the availability of blue checkmarks to everyone and the open algorithm, to mention a few.

But using the Twitter client alone isn’t enough to tap into the full potential of Twitter. To get the most out of Twitter, you have to use third-party Twitter tools to make your efforts more effective.

Twitter tools have gained a lot of popularity over the years and there was a tool for almost everything. A tool for welcome DM messages, AutoDMs, and A/B testing your profile, you mention it.

But since Elon announced the new API pricing plan, most of these tools went out of business as they couldn’t pay the API price. Many of people’s favorite Twitter tools stopped their services.

We have collected a list of Twitter tools that are still working and that you can use to grow on Twitter and monetize your audience.

We have divided these Twitter tools into categories so it’s easier to know what each tool helps with.

  • Twitter tools for content creation
  • Twitter tools for analytics
  • Twitter tools for engaging
  • Twitter tools for images
  • Twitter tools for timing
  • Twitter tools for mentions and monitoring
  • Twitter tools for profile and bio
  • Twitter tools for follower insights
  • Twitter tools for unfollowing
  • Twitter tools for competitive analysis

Twitter tools for content creation

The native twitter app allows you to craft both tweets and threads. You can also add images and videos. The best part about it is it’s free for every Twitter user. The not so good part about it is it’s UI isn’t good.

Twiiter Client

The BlackMagic editor is better than the native Twitter app. The UI is better and on top of that you get Tweet inspirations and you get to explore other people’s best tweets when you visit their profile. 

Screenshot from 2023 05 16 09 31 03

If you want to create content without distractions Hypefury editor is the right one for you. The UI is clean and free of distraction allowing you to write with flow. And if you face writer’s block, you have inspirations from 20+ niches. You also have questions that you can ask your audience to get engagement and ready-made templates that you can use on a slow day. What’s even more great is you can add other tweets on these niches!

Hypefury Editor

Twitter tools for analytics

The Twitter Analytics Dashboard shows a summary of your growth, how much you’re tweeting, your impressions and mentions. It’s a good start if you want to start tracking your growth. Plus it’s free for every Twitter users!

Twitter Analytics

Ilo was specifically created for Twitter analytics. Ilo has other features such as individual tweet performance, follower milestone prediction, tweet streaks and much more! Analytics

BlackMagic is on another level in terms of it’s analytics feature. It has a graph (chart) with your tweet activity showing how much you tweeted on different days and your streak. It also has individual tweet performance, follower growth and impressions.

BlackMagic analytics

Hypefury has all your general analytics features such as impressions, tweet performance and follower growth. But what’s more, Hypefury has the analytical history of the tweets you posted and their performance. And since Hypefury has an Auto-plug feature, it also show the analytics for your auto-plugs

Hypefury Analytics

Twitter tools for engaging

TweetDeck allows you to manage different timelines and engage with every account that you’ve added. You can either put your lists of people who you want to engage with, big accounts or your notifications so you never miss a mention!


On BlackMagic you can quickly interact with people from the sidebar. You can add favorite people, see past interactions and you also have your custom quick replies you can use.

Hypefury engagement builder is abit different from TweetDeck. On TweetDeck you can only monitor accounts when you add them in a list. But on Hypefury Engagement Builder you can either import a list or add people on the watch list so you can interact with them. You can also monitor keywords and interact with tweets containing those keywords

Hypefury Engagement Builder

Twitter tools for images

TweetPik started as a screenshot tool for tweets but now it has emerged into much more! Apart from just getting tweet screenshots, you can also create and edit images as quotes from tweets. Your very own Twitter Quote Maker! And you can choose to export it as Instagram story image, post, TikTok post and much more!


What users love about Beautify This is that you don’t have to leave Twitter to screenshot a tweet. You can just tag the account under any tweet you like and it will generate a screenshot. What’s more is you can even add options such as size or dark version. Or if if you prefer to edit your screenshots online (and not on Twitter) you can too on their online editor

Beautify This is another Twitter screenshot tool. What’s good about it is it’s easy-to-use minimalist design.

Poet So

BrandBird is more than just a ‘tweet to image’ tool. It’s a full fledged image editor. When you want to share images on Twitter you can edit them with BrandBird and add your own custom branding. This way every image you post will be recognized that it’s from you.


A tweetshot is an optimized version of tweet screenshot. With Hypefury Tweetshots, you can customize however you want and standout from other tweet sreenshots because all other tweet screenshots are the same with just different backgrounds. Hypefury Tweetshots have 15 layouts you can choose from and 15 themes. Say yes to uniqueness!

Hypefury TweetShots

Twitter tools for timing

Twitter offers it’s own timing tool to figure out when is the best time for you to tweet. But the downside of it is you need to have at least 1000 followers to get access to it.

Followerwonk allows you to check when are the best times for you account to tweet based on your follower engagements times and where you are.

BlackMagic has the best timing analytics feature on the market so far. You have your normal when is your best time to tweet but on top of that you also have timing on when you are mentioned more, when you get most impressions and when you get more likes.

Twitter tools for mention and monitoring

TweetDeck offers a very hadny feature of creating a search deck. This deck (tab) allows you to monitor any keywords that you want. On top of it, you can also add filters such as language, media tweets only, likes, time and much more!

TweetDeck Search Deck

Mention allows you to listen what people are saying on Twitter and generates insights for you. What’s more good is that mention also works outside of Twitter. So you can listen to other socials, blogs and forums

Keyhole has two products that can help you listen to your brand and desired keywords. QuickTrends allows you to check high-volume topics such as social trends. They also have Social Listening which is suitable for low-volume topics such as small brands.

Keyhole QuickTrends

You can monitor your brand or competitors using the search terms on Hypefury’s Engagement Builder. You will only get the tweets with your search terms and you can directly reply on the spot. The tweets start will latest (today) and start going back. Now guess what we use to track our brand mentions 🙂

Screenshot 2023 05 21 at 14.22.24

Twitter tools for profile and bio

Birdy is a fun and useful indie tool. It allows you to A/B test two different versions of your profiles and give you insights on which performs better. It’s easy to set up and you can test different things such as your bio, profile, name and other profile related things

We don’t approve of using AI to write content for you because we believe only you can write interesting things about you. Instead use AI as an inspiration on what you should write. Twitter Bio Generator creates a bio for you based on there different three different vibes (Funny, casual and professional). Using these three different vibes will give you inspiration on how to write you’re own bio

Twitter Bio Generator

BlackMagic’s Real-time Banner allows you create a dynamic banner that changes based on various things. The most popular one is you your banner shows the recent 3 people who followed you. And setting this up is easy. You just choose a type, theme and you’re words to display and you’re done.

Black Magic Real-time Banner

Another AI tool that we have is Profile Pic Maker. It’s a simple tool to use to create a Twitter profile picture that will match your brand. You just upload your picture and it creates different variations of it without the need of you fiddling with Photoshop

Profile Pic Maker

Twitter tools for follower insights

Twitter Audit checks your account for bots, spam accounts and real accounts. This way you know the health of your Twitter Account


Follower Audit also give you different metrics about your profile such as your active followers, inactive, fake accounts and even verified accounts. It’s a very handy tool to analyze your account.

Follower Audit

Twitter tools for unfollowing

Untweeps allows you to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts. This is useful for making sure that you’re follower-following ratio is good. Because the algorithm state that this metric is important


Twindr is like Tinder for Twitter. Hence, the name. It’s simple, swipe left to unfollow. Very useful for cleaning up your followings



Twitter tools for competitive analysis

Glance studies other Twitter accounts (and your competitors) based on their public activities. Glance provides different helpful insights such as when an account is most active during the day, which days they are most active, top tweeted keywords and even audience overlap with you. Glance is all you need to do a competitive analysis.


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