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2 ways to download Twitter GIFs and videos super easily

Use this Twitter and Gif video downloader below to quickly grab something from Twitter. You can also find alternatives if you scroll down below the downloader.

Twitter Gif and Video Downloader

Download twitter videos & GIF from tweets


To copy a tweet URL first click on the share button at the bottom of the tweet that contains a gif or video.

twitter share button

Next, click on the “Copy link to tweet” button and paste the url above.

copy link to tweet

How to download and save Twitter videos and GIFs via other websites

Downloading and saving videos and gifs from your Twitter timeline is a hassle. Unlike images, there’s no straightforward way to save videos and gifs. You can’t click an overflow menu and get them saved immediately.

There are several ways to save media other than images from your Twitter timeline. Below are the best hassle-free ways we’ve found to download and save Twitter videos.

First, we’ll look at three bots you can use to download Twitter videos and gifs. Once that’s done, we’ll go over three websites that also simplify your saving videos and gifs.

Downloading Twitter videos and GIFs using bots

Twitter download bots are an easy way to save the videos and GIFs you like from your timeline. They are a purpose-built solution to the nagging issue of downloading everything other than a picture.

These bots work by generating download links for the media you want to keep. So, the next time you need a gif saved, you can try any one of these three below.

how to download twitter videos
saving twitter videos
how to download twitter videos

You can use any of the three bots above to download and save videos and gifs from off your timeline. All you have to do is mention the bot under a gif or video you like. You’ll then either receive a reply with a download link or you can check out the bot’s website for the media you want.

All three bots work perfectly, however the only downside to using a bot is that you’ll have to mention them in a reply to the tweet. That might not be so great if you want to go unnoticed or if you’re not a fan of giving low value responses to the tweets you engage with.

If you don’t want anyone knowing what videos and gifs you’re after, using a web downloader can help you get what you want, incognito.

Downloading Twitter videos and GIFs using a web downloader

Another easy way to go about downloading and saving Twitter videos and GIFs is using a web downloader. With a web downloader all you have to do is copy the link to the tweet and paste it into the website. You can get a link to a tweet by clicking the share icon and selecting your “copy link to tweet”.

The best web downloader’s for Twitter media are Twittervideodownloader, SaveTweetVid, and TWDownloader.

With all of these downloader’s all you have to do is get the link to the tweet with the media you want and paste it into the search bar. Within moments you will have a ready to download video or GIF on your screen. Once your results have come up, you’ll have the option to select the download size and quality you want. 

Using a web downloader will require slightly more effort than simply tagging a bot in your reply but they have the added benefit of allowing you to keep your responses on point. You also get to go about saving your videos and gifs without anyone knowing.

And there you have it. That’s how you can download and save your Twitter videos and GIFs without resorting to 3rd party apps and screen recordings. Using a bot or web downloader is the best way to go about getting media from your Twitter timeline. They also have the added benefit that you never have to worry about trawling around for additional software or downloading potentially dangerous apps onto your device. 

With the 3 bots and downloaders above, you can keep all the space on your device for the stuff you love. 

If we’ve left out your go to method for downloading and saving your Twitter videos, that’s great. It means you’ve got something that works. Hit us up on Twitter and say something. It’d be cool to hear from you.

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