The 25 best hub accounts on Twitter in 2023

2022 is a great year to start following accounts that are real knowledge hubs on Twitter. You can find people from all over doing amazing things. But you have to follow the right folks. If you don’t Twitter can quickly turn into a twisted version of Facebook where dreams go to die. 

Hub: Mindset

Everyone knows you have to get in the right headspace to get something done. Mindset is the fuel behind the engine. These accounts focus on that mental game. They are offering advice and tips on conquering the battle between your ears so that you can win bigger and better battles in life. These should be your first stop when looking for inspiration and how-to on mindset changes.

Matt is a martial artist who tweets about confronting your struggles in life. He brings the mindset that saw him become a blackbelt into his daily life as a writer and teacher. He focuses on healing and gaining clarity in life for yourself in order to later help others. Consistency and taking the time to handle your problems are a big theme in Matt’s account.

If you need some reminding that feelings are meant to be felt and consistency will always beat talent, you want to look him up. Matt is also in the process of writing a book on self-discipline that is sure to be worth reading.

Joep has branded himself The Mind Modifier since his account revolves around helping you rewire your mind and the beliefs holding you back. Along with his regular content, he offers a daily tip on how to change your thoughts to help you create the person you want to be which he calls a Daily Mind Mod. Much of his focus is on habits that can shape the course of our lives. He is a big-time believer that the quality of your habits can determine where you go in life.

If getting control of your thoughts is important to you, consider giving Joep a follow.

Lauren Johnson


Lauren is a performance coach who believes being elite is a choice and encourages people to make that choice every day. She offers awesome thoughts on why we should bother making the tough choices along with reminders that rewards often come slow. Her account is a combination of tough love and encouragement. On Wednesdays, Lauren also posts great video clips that are shorter than 1 minute where she gives a quick thought on mindset and how to best be resilient.

Want to be encouraged to do hard things and be better than you are? This is where you want to be.

Spartan Psyche


Everyone knows the story of how Spartans were the strongest warriors, trained from birth to withstand every hardship in service to their nation. The idea of a mindset as strong and well-disciplined as a Spartan warrior is what this account is based on. While mainly aimed at men, gals can find plenty of good things here too. There are so many high-quality threads from this account that you really need to just go explore.

Expect information on how to live well, cultivate grit, and create good habits. Well worth it for everyone who wants to level up. You will end up bookmarking a ton of stuff.

Justin C Scott


Justin runs his account to give you the mindset boost you need. He talks about emotional intelligence, meditation, and affirmations. His focus is on helping you unlock your potential. He offers up a lot of reminders of things we know deep down but can’t get ourselves to stop and think on when we need to. He also tackles some insanely big questions in easy-to-follow Twitter threads. His entire account is a mix of spirituality, practical tips for mental and physical improvement, and just filled with good energy.

Have some deep questions regarding the mind, time, or emotions? Give Justin a follow and go through his threads

Hub: Health

Health is wealth around here and we all want wealth. If we treat our body rough we do ourselves a disservice by cutting our life short and making it more miserable while we are here. These accounts are going to kick your ass and remind you to not spend all day with your nose to your phone. Gain some muscles, gain a tan, maybe gain a few more precious seconds too. These accounts are your roadmap.

Mackenzie Smith


Mackenzie is a fitness coach who focuses on being healthy physically as a way to get healthy mentally. She has a great story about going from being on depression meds to being excited about the future. But she doesn’t shy away from the effort it takes to dig yourself out of a hole or how there are going to be bad days. Her account is honest about the work and the reward for making health a priority. She is a fan of elimination diets and the correlation between body and mind.

Give her a follow if you need the occasional reminder that you can affect your mood by how you treat your body.

Grimhood focuses his account on ways to heal the body naturally. He promotes natural solutions like doses of minerals, sunlight, and proper sleep. He quotes medical journals to back up his suggestions. Read his account long enough and you will be convinced that you need to be dosing Magnesium daily and aren’t getting near enough time in the sun. His account is super helpful but also very science-based so be ready for some fairly heavy reading.

If you are looking to heal yourself outside the pharmaceutical industry, this might be a great place to start your research.

Mangan is a microbiologist turned absolute Chad. He promotes sun, steak, and steel to fix most of the world’s physical problems. He shares fitness advice, scientific proof for fitness and diet ideas, and the occasional take on society. He is convinced that modern medicine is looking in the wrong places for answers when good diet and exercise can solve what we broke with our lifestyle.

Wanna be shown up by someone older than you? Mangan will beat you with both brains and brawn. But he will absolutely show you how to be better.

AJA is an original on Twitter and one of the founding members of the money/health side of the site(if such a thing were official). He offers tons of health and nutrient advice to make sure that Dad-Bods never becomes mainstream on Twitter. He mixes an interest in the sciences with a curiosity about other cultures and history. You will find information about where exercises came from originally and what the purpose was, all the way up to which exercises are the best for each muscle group.

If you are looking for info on which exercises to do and how to do them, this is where you want to start.

Ingri is a veteran turned fitness coach who specializes in teaching women to be more in tune with their body’s cycles. None of that cardio for days, she is a fan of weights and proves that a girl is not going to accidentally get too bulky. She promotes feminity and strength while offering knowledge on how to train best for your body.

If you are a woman looking to get in shape or understand your body better there is no one better than Coach Ingri. If you are a dude interested in staying healthy, she has plenty of good information for you too.

Hub: Wealth

I will say it again, we all want wealth. Don’t lie to try and be selfless. Wealth does not have to mean we have Bezos-type money. We want to have enough financially but also enough time, enough health, and enough freedom. To be wealthy in your life, you should create your definition. These accounts are focused on financial wealth because once you can eliminate financial stress the other pieces become easier to put in place.

Nate is the co-founder of Unlimited Life Concepts. He teaches all about how to use Infinite Banking to make your money work for you. There are very few times once you get out of school that something comes along that will completely change everything you thought you knew about how something works. His system will do that for you and how you view your money set up.

If you have ever thought that being forced to pay fees to access your money at a bank was a little insane, Nate is absolutely your guy. Guarantee his lessons will blow your mind.

Fiona offers financial advice from the perspective of a millennial woman. Be aware, her no-nonsense advice serves everyone looking to reach that coveted millionaire status. She runs a blog of the same name and regularly drops threads about how to improve your financial habits. Get a reading list from the super-wealthy, learn ways to beat inflation, and discover if your habits match those of a soon-to-be millionaire.

Give her a follow if you need to get your spending in hand or learn to pay yourself first as you move toward your future. If you are a millionaire in the making just waiting for time to catch up, Fiona is going to help you hurry that along.

Ron Caruthers


Ron is like a superhero in a suit for us that are financially challenged. His Twitter is focused on taxes and how to handle them the way rich folks do, by paying the least amount legally possible. You are going to find stuff here you have never heard before but that makes absolute sense. That tax code that is a bigillion pages long, yea, Ron is your guide to making it into something that doesn’t haunt your nightmares.

Do you pay taxes? You should follow Ron. If you don’t pay taxes, well you either already have this figured out, or you have bigger problems.



A techie who worked the system, Beez was able to retire at 29. She has a bestselling book titled Financial Starter Kit that covers everything you need to know about making smart money moves from the very beginning. A big supporter of raising your income and crypto, Beez is constantly dropping financial knowledge. She also talks a lot about making your income work for you in some unique ways.

If you are interested in getting into a tech field or inspiration for early retirement, Beez is your girl. You should look at her book too for awesome tips on being smart with money in college and beyond.


Codie Sanchez 💥


Codie is a journalist who uses her Twitter to teach you secrets that rich people know and want to keep to themselves. She has a list of businesses a mile long and swears by making money with less “sexy” methods than lots of get-rich-quick gurus. She also drops threads from where she rubs shoulders with some really interesting people that might be the closest we ever get to the secret to this money business.

If you are looking to buy a business, get a new income stream, or just learn how to think about money differently, Codie has something for you.

Hub: Writing

Why is everyone on Twitter obsessed with writing? Well… on Instagram you post pictures, and on TikTok you post videos, and on Facebook you post rants, and on Twitter, you post fully formed thoughts. Now how do you do that? By writing them clearly and concisely in 280 characters. That is why everyone on Twitter is obsessed with writing. You are being forced to learn to communicate through the written word. Then you realize you can touch millions of lives with it and your whole world will change. These accounts are going to help you learn to write. Not like how your high school English teacher did, but write so people will want to read it. Follow them. Take notes

Jake Victor


Jake is a copywriter and storyteller who is constantly dropping gems on how to get better at both. He covers things like what copywriting actually is, how to optimize your headlines for maximum exposure, and how to use human nature to your advantage when writing copy that sells. He also tells his own story of starting out freelancing on Upwork, where so many copywriters dare not go.

Jake writes at least a thread a week on copywriting and how to keep your audience engaged with your writing. There is so much value, the threads alone are worth a follow.

Ev describes herself as helping creators use notes to create endless content. She lives up to the title. She has become the queen of the short atomic essay and one of the go-to people for Notion templates. She has a super fun personality and keeps her tweets honest. Her content is focused mainly on idea generation and retention in order to create tons of content. She has an entire custom system to take her from seeing or reading something interesting to creating content about it. 

If you, like me, have struggled as a creator to always have something to say, Ev is a super helpful follow.

Niharikaa is a Top Medium writer now making her place on Twitter. She has created a writers’ cohort where she teaches how to generate ideas and be consistent. Her Twitter focuses on how to make money writing online and how to become a better writer. She is so welcoming and helpful to new writers that you can’t help but feel like you belong. While she has a publishing schedule that would make the most disciplined writer jealous, she is super real about having bad days or getting distracted.

Follow Niharikaa if you are interested in starting a writing side hustle or just need to make more friends in the writing world.

George Ten


George specializes in copywriting and every one of his threads is a crash course in how to get better at it. He tells stories about what he has done right and wrong in his career so you can learn from the good and the bad. He even has a genius thread on how to grow on Twitter for super small accounts if you can find it. George is sneaky and sometimes will put up his knowledge only to take it down after a period of time. 

Make sure you are following him so you never miss any of his awesome content.

Dickie Bush 🚢


Dickie is the cofounder of, an online cohort where writers learn to stay consistent, find their niche, and attract an audience. He uses his Twitter to talk about writing and leveraging the digital world so more people can have access to that writing. Dickie may be the best at explaining how to find an audience and get eyes on your work in the whole of Twitter. You want to learn all you can from him.

If you are curious about how to start writing online or even if you are just looking to get more consistent, Dickie should be one of the first places you look to for guidance.


These are some awesome follows that needed to be included but just couldn’t be fit into one of the categories above. Either they talk about multiple topics or they have something special all their own. Still these accounts are must follows for their unique style and engaging content.

Armani focuses on storytelling, public speaking, and social skills. His Twitter is a gold mine of tips on ways to improve your articulation, small talk ability, and knack for finding the right word. There are only 2 real ways to communicate, written and verbal. With Armani, you can get better with both. Hone your conversation skills. He also has a super helpful youtube channel where he helps with fixing things like monotone or nervous laughter when speaking.

Follow him for exercises to help overcome the fear of public speaking, tips to better articulate ideas, and overall a better understanding of how to communicate.

Ralph Napolitano


Ralph is a chiropractor that is going to call you and your bad health habits out. But he doesn’t stop there. With his unique brand of wit and sarcasm, he makes commentary on the world as it stands today versus where it should be. He also posts some short clips of him adjusting clients that will either make you cringe or have you headed to the nearest chiropractor to get your own back realigned.

Everyone needs some old-school honesty in their lives and this account is going to give you exactly that. Follow for no holding back comments on health and society.

Aadit Sheth


Aadit skyrocketed to Twitter stardom by writing threads that highlighted his favorite 10 tweets of each week. From there he continued becoming a thread master and dropping gems that got thousands of likes. 

If you want an example of some of the best Twitter has to offer, check out some of Aadit’s best tweets of the week threads where he has curated them for you. If that doesn’t convince you he deserves a follow, his master class threads on everything from marketing to using Twitter to life lessons will do the trick.



Rogue writes about creating business systems, sales, and love of synthwave music. He is passionate about original thoughts, Twitter before 2010, and keeping your power levels undisclosed.

If you want to return your Twitter to its former glory before engagement groups, or if you want to find a way to make your business run without you, this account is for you.

Accelerating Action


This is a visual account created by @TomCLindsay. It is fairly new but well worth taking a look at. It takes well-known sayings, platitudes, and amazing tweets from giant accounts and turns them into easy digest visuals. 

If you are a visual learner or someone looking for inspiration about how to use your specific talent to make content on Twitter, this account is a great one to check out.

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