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An evergreen tweet is a tweet that is always relevant, regardless of the time of year or current events. It’s called “evergreen” because, like an evergreen tree that stays green all year round, these tweets maintain their relevance and freshness over time. They can therefore be really helpful in your online startegy!

Evergreen tweets and their importance

When it comes to Twitter marketing, one of the biggest challenges is getting your content in front of your target audience. Although Twitter offers two timelines – the “For you” timeline and the “Following” timeline – not many people like to use the “For you” timeline, which works with an algorithm, and regardless, Twitter favors recent tweets. This means that if you don’t post at the right time or if your tweet doesn’t get engagement quickly enough, it can easily get buried and go unseen.

This is where evergreen tweets come in!

An evergreen tweet is a tweet that remains relevant and useful long after it is posted. Such a tweet is not time-sensitive, and it doesn’t rely on current events or trends to be effective. It doesn’t get its power from being extremely current. Instead, evergreen tweets focus on providing value to your audience through timeless content, helpful tips and interesting insights. They are always relevant!

Creating evergreen tweets is important for Twitter marketing because it allows you to reach your target audience even if they’re not online at the exact moment you post. By creating content that remains useful and interesting over time, you increase your chances of getting retweets, likes and followers long after your tweet was originally posted.

Here are the different kinds of evergreen tweets you could write.

Inspirational quote tweet

Share a quote that inspires you and can help uplift your followers. It’s a great way to spread some positivity on Twitter and remind everyone that they can make it through the day! Plus, who doesn’t love a good quote to get the motivation going? You could also share a quote that, while not inspirational, feels always relevant, for instance if it says something true about human nature, politics or art.

How-to guide tweet

Teach your followers how to do something new or cool and add value to their lives! From the latest tech hacks to the best ways to organize your inbox, share your knowledge and help make their lives easier. Remember, knowledge is power!

Top 10 list tweet

Everyone loves a good list, especially when it’s on a topic they’re interested in. Pick a topic relevant to your brand or industry and create a top 10 list. Whether it’s the best apps for productivity or the top books for personal growth, your followers will appreciate the recommendations! Plus, it’s a good way to show your personality and make you seem more approachable.

Behind-the-scenes glimpse tweet

Show your followers what goes on behind the scenes of your business! Give them a glimpse into your daily work life or your team’s favorite lunch spot. It’s a great way to humanize your brand and show off your company culture, or simply make your content more light-hearted and fun.

Industry insights tweet

Share your thoughts and insights on the latest news, trends and innovations in your industry or niche. Whether it’s a new product launch or a hot new trend, keep your followers informed and up-to-date. Plus, showing your expertise in your field can help establish yourself as a thought leader! For instance, if you work in the film industry, you can share your thoughts on a casting announcement.

Evergreen vs viral tweet

An evergreen tweet is certainly a tweet that generated a good amount of engagement; in a way, you could say it’s a tweet that went viral at one point. But not all viral tweets can’t necessarily qualify as evergreen!

The characteristics that make a tweet go viral are often different from those that make a tweet evergreen. Viral tweets tend to be topical and timely, often leveraging current events, trends or pop culture news and discourse.

They often capture a moment or sentiment that resonates with a large audience, leading to a surge in likes, retweets and engagement in a short amount of time. However, the buzz around a viral tweet can quickly die down, and the tweet can become irrelevant as the news cycle moves on or the trend fades away.

An observation about what a movie star did on stage at the Oscars will stay relevant for a few days only, however dramatic the moment was! After all, Twitter is made for instant gratification!

In contrast, evergreen tweets are designed to have a longer lifespan and remain relevant to your audience over time. They tend to be timeless and focused on topics or themes that are consistently relevant to your audience. This makes them more valuable for long-term engagement and audience growth.

Here’s an example of an evergreen tweet:

While evergreen tweets may not have the explosive, short-term impact of a viral tweet, evergreen tweets have the potential to drive sustained engagement and provide ongoing value to your audience. Therefore, not all viral tweets can qualify as evergreen because their focus is on short-term relevance rather than long-term sustainability. Make sure to know the difference!

How to incorporate evergreen tweets in your strategy

evergreen trees scaled

These types of tweets are also helpful for maintaining a consistent presence on social media, especially during times when you may not have any breaking news or new content to share.

One way to incorporate evergreen tweets into your Twitter strategy is to focus on retweeting. Retweeting is a great way to ensure that your evergreen tweet has a long life on Twitter. When someone retweets your evergreen tweet, it gets shared with their followers, giving it a wider reach and potentially attracting new followers to your account.

To encourage retweets, make sure your evergreen tweet is interesting and valuable to your target audience! Use a clear and concise message that will resonate with your followers and compel them to share it with their own followers. It has to be something that they will feel so thankful to have read that they will want to spread the love!

Additionally, consider using visual elements like images or videos to make your evergreen tweet stand out and capture the attention of your audience. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Finally, don’t be afraid to retweet your own evergreen tweets periodically to keep them top of mind for your followers. By incorporating retweeting into your Twitter strategy, you can ensure that your evergreen tweets have a long and impactful life on the platform!

Evergreen content that is relevant to your target audience can help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. You can look like the expert who has all the answers! By consistently sharing valuable and informative content, you can build trust and credibility with your audience, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions. You’ll become a reliable source!

Additionally, evergreen content can help drive traffic to your website and increase your search engine rankings! When people share and link to your evergreen content, it can improve your website’s authority and help it rank higher in search engine results pages.

Finally, keeping your evergreen content relevant and up-to-date can help you save time and resources in the long run. Rather than constantly creating new content, you can repurpose and promote your evergreen content to keep it fresh and engaging for your audience.

As you can see, there are many benefits to keeping evergreen content relevant, and it can be a valuable part of your brand’s overall content marketing strategy!

Another option could be reposting your evergreen tweet rather than retweeting – but either way, remember, avoid being spammy! Indeed, one of the most important aspects of promoting evergreen tweets in a compliant way is to avoid spammy tactics. Don’t use automated direct messages or send unsolicited messages to followers, it’s a bad look!

Instead, focus on using hashtags that are relevant to your evergreen tweet to make it discoverable by your target audience. Hashtags can help your evergreen tweet appear in relevant searches and conversations on Twitter.

Simply engaging with your followers is also a great way to promote evergreen tweets without violating Twitter’s terms of service. By responding to comments and retweets, you can encourage conversations and build real relationships with your followers.

Finally, analyzing the performance of your evergreen tweets regularly can help you determine if they are meeting your goals and are not being perceived as spam by your followers.

By using all these strategies, you can promote your evergreen tweets without upsetting Twitter and easily increase their reach and impact!

Evergreen tweets with Hypefury

Hypefury understands the power and usefulness of evergreen tweets – that’s why it’s developed a way to make using them much easier!

Evergreen List

The Evergreen List is a curated list of the best performing tweets you’ve written and which you would like to regularly re-tweet based on your own schedule and/or in replacement of an empty slot in your queue on Hypefury.

The Evergreen List is extremely useful for keeping your queue active and adding even more exposure to your old tweets with no effort at all!

For a quick intro, check out this video:

How to add tweets to your Evergreen List

The first method you can use applies if you don’t have any Evergreen posts in your list. You can simply click on “Set best tweets as Evergreen” to allow Hypefury to generate your list automatically based on your history and analytics.

evergreen tweet - Hypefury

The second method is the same as what was described in the video above, where you can add tweets to your Evergreen List from your history page by clicking on the “Set as an Evergreen Post” button.

evergreen tweet - Hypefury

The last method you can use will come in handy when you are adding new tweets to your schedule. At this point, you can make any tweet an Evergreen Post before adding it to your Queue.

Evergreen tweet - Hypefury

Evergreen slots

Evergreen slots are spaces in your posting schedule exclusively used by Evergreen Posts. These are marked in green on your Queue page and in your Posting Schedule.

Evergreen tweet - Hypefury

Evergreen tweet - Hypefury

Hypefury will only retweet a post in the Evergreen List once a week maximum to avoid the tweet being treated as spam. This is regardless of whether it was posted through the evergreen slot or an empty normal slot. Hypefury has your back!

Now that you know about the power of evergreen tweets and how easy they are to use with Hypefury, go ahead and give them a go!

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