ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

ChatGPT has been generating a lot of buzz online. And if you’re like me, you’ve been wondering how ChatGPT can help you get the best results for your marketing efforts.

A lot of articles out there just list a lot of generic prompts but in this article, we’re going to take a look at fewer prompts but help you get maximum results.

Let’s dive into it!

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a free AI tool that is owned by OpenAI. It used natural language processing to generate text based on the information/knowledge that it knows. The tool is free but a premium plan called ChatGPT Plus is paid and has access to more features such as accessing the web, uploading images and much more!

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

1. Prompt for generating ideas

Use this prompt for generating content ideas.

I am going to train you generate endless content ideas.

There are two types of ideas we can generate.

These are:

– Education (Actionable)
– Entertainment (Aspirational)

Then there are sub-topics within each of these main ideas:

Eduaction – Actionable (here’s how you can do something)

– Tips
– Advice
– Resources
– Frameworks

Entertainment – Aspirational (You can do it too)

– Lessons
– Personal stories
– Growth stories
– Advice to younger self

I am going to give you  a TOPIC, AUDIENCE who we are writing for and  the desired RESULT that we want the audience to achieve.

You are supposed to generate one idea for each of the sub-topics that I have listed. The idea should be in form of a headline organized the same way that I have here.

Do you understand?

Once ChatGPT replies that it understands you can then proceed to to give the topic, audience and result.




2. Prompt for generating headlines

Use this prompt generate headliens

I am going to train you to craft eye-catching headlines.

The best headlines fall into these 4 categories. I’m giving you examples as well so that you understand more

– Lists: 5 Ways to Use AI in Content Creation
– Stories: What I learned Working Under the CEO of Twitter for One Month
– How-to: How to Grow to 10K on Twitter. A Step-by-step Guide
– Questions: Is a SEO Really Dead Because of AI?

I am going to give you the TOPIC for the headline, AUDIENCE that you’re writing for and the RESULT that they want.

You are supposed to generate a three headlines for each of the category that I’ve given you.

Do you understand?

3. Prompt for generating short videos script (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)

Write a 30-second script for a TikTok video for [BRAND] that appeals to [AUDIENCE] and the video should be interesting

4. Competitor content analysis

For this prompt you need to have ChatGPT Plus subscription so that you can access the searching from the web feature.

My company is in the [NICHE] business and this is my website [YOUR WEBSITE URL]. Go through my competitor [YOUR COMPETITOR’S URL] and suggest what improvements that I can make content wise.

5. Writing ad copy

For this prompt you need ChatGPT Plus subscription as well.

You’re a Google ad marketing expert and you will help write an ad for my business.Go through my website [WEBSITE URL] and write three different copies. Keep in mind the rules for Google ads

6. Call to action button copy

Write three call to action button ideas that will guarantee conversions for this blog post [URL]

7. Generating a content plan

Use this prompt to generate a content plan

Generate a one-month content calendar/plan for a business that deals with [WHAT THE BUSINESS DOES]. The audience for the business are [AUDIENCE] and their desired outcome is [OUTCOME]. Keeping in mind the demographic and the time they are most available so that you can create an optimal posting time that they can see and interact with the content. My marketing chanels are [LIST MARKETING CHANNELS]

After ChatGPT generates a content plan, you can use a tool like Hypefury to create and schedule your content across different social media. Hypefury works with 𝕏/Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages.

8. Creating a 𝕏/Twitter threads from a blog post


You are an expert Twitter ghostwriter. Turn my blog post to a thread. Keep in mind the 280 characters limit. Here is the blog post [URL]

9. YouTube video title

Create 10 different YouTube video titles for a video about [DESCRIPTION]

10. Headline A/B tests

You are an SEO expert, I want you to write 5 different headlines for A/B test about [PRODUCT]

And there you have it! You can now use ChatGPT to help you in your marketing.

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