How to grow your X/Twitter followers organically and fast

New to X/Twitter or wanna grow your account as fast as possible? Start right here to grow your followers without breaking a sweat. 


The X/Twitter Basics

To start with you need to setup a trustworthy profile. So when people visit your page they don’t exit immediately.

Before you doing anything about your profile, you need to decide what you want to tweet about. Hopefully you already know. Money, health, food, tech, etc. Choose your niches. Pick things that are close to you. That you know at least something about.

Your handle (your X/Twitter account name) should ideally reflect what you tweet about. I just use my full name. But you can use the topics you tweet about too.

Upload a personal profile pic. Preferably your face. Make it recognizable from a mile away. You need to stand out with it.

Also upload a X/Twitter header. That’s that thing they see at the top of your profile once they click through. A quote. Something about you. A picture of you. Anything except the default blue background. Use a service like to create a X/Twitter header for free.

Fill in your X/Twitter bio. Why should people follow you? What do you write about? Remember that people need to click through to your account before they can follow you. So you need to give them a reason to. How can you help THEM? That’s what your followers care about. Themselves.

This is how my bio looks like.


Next, get some tweets lined up. You don’t want an empty profile if people do show up.

ONLY if someone likes your tweet AND your bio will they click through to your profile. The next thing people do is look at your timeline. So “pin” your best Tweet at the top. This should be a Tweet people can relate to. But it also needs to be something you show off a little with. Try to pin a tweet that already has a little bit of engagement. Heck, you can like and retweet your own tweet if it gets you off that 0.

How to grow your account to 100 followers

First thing you need to do is get that 0 off your scoreboard man. No one wants to be the first to follow you. The easiest way to gain followers is to join our Facebook group here. Mention your X/Twitter handle and follow back people.

I don’t recommend you do this above 100 followers. This is just to get something on the scoreboard. This probably won’t get you a lot of engagement. But it will make it easier for people on X/Twitter to follow you, because you already have a following.

Don’t expect these followers to stick. They’ll leave you just like that. If you want them to stick around YOU have to invest in the relationship. I encourage you to do so if you find matching profiles. Comment on their tweets. Like them, retweet them. But you won’t gain any followers for it. You’ll just gain a follower base that will stay loyal.

This process should take you about a week. Don’t follow 100 accounts in a day. X/Twitter will ban you.


How to grow your account to 1000 followers

Growing to 100 followers isn’t the hard part. It’s the part getting from 100 to 1000 that’s the hardest. This takes the most time and the most work.

Start following really big account 100k+ followers who tweet a couple of times a day on topics that align with your topics / niches. Follow only big accounts that have a lot of engagement. E.g. 10+ retweets per tweet on average.

You’re going to use their engagement to benefit yourself.

After you follow an account you can set an “alarm” whenever they tweet. For this tactic to work (better) you need to be fast.

As soon as you get a push notification that one of you big accounts tweeted, you need to jump on X/Twitter and look up the tweet.

Whatever you do has to add value.

Don’t say stuff like: Yeah, I agree. Hell yeah. Great stuff. Etc. Everyone can do that. You’re not everyone. You want to grow your account. You want to show others that you know your stuff.

So as quickly as you can try to come up with something of value. If you can’t within the first 10 minutes of the tweet, don’t add a comment. Better to be silent than to look stupid.


Look at what I did here:


I commented on his tweet in under 2 minutes after he shared it. Within one hour after my tweet I already landed 2 retweets and 18 likes.


After one day I had 6 retweets and 50+ likes.



This one tweet landed me 10 new followers. You might not think that’s a lot, but it is. Rinse and repeat this 3 times a day and you’ll have 1000 followers within 30 days.

Follow about 10 – 50 big accounts. I don’t know what your schedule is and how full your calendar is but you can spend a lot of time on X/Twitter. Just make sure most of your time on X/Twitter is spent commenting on big accounts.

If you can comment on big accounts 10 – 15 times a day you will see your followers gain by 10 – 20 a day. Sometimes when you’re lucky with a bit more. Sometimes less. That means it will take you about 2 months to get to 1000 followers. Time spent a day probably 1 – 2 hours if you’re quick and comment fast.

That’s why it’s so important to follow big accounts that align perfectly with your niches. It’s easier to reply and you’ll get more followers from them because their followers also follow the big accounts for the same reason as they might follow you.

What you shouldn’t do to grow your account to 1000+ followers

Don’t tweet into thin air. You don’t have any followers. You don’t have anyone who can engage your content. So keep the amount of tweets you do down to below 5 a day. Even between 1 – 3 is more than enough.

Don’t tag (big) accounts in your tweets. They know what you’re doing. It won’t work. You won’t get a like. You won’t get a retweet. You will get blocked.

Stop the follow for follow. It’s not a sustainable way to grow. It’s not natural. You get 0 engagement for it. Accounts that have a bigger engagement rate will get more impressions from their tweets. 0 engagement also means less people who do follow you see your tweets.

Don’t buy followers, ever. Not just because it’s against the rules of X/Twitter but also because of the same reason the follow for follow shouldn’t be used after you have 100 followers.

Buying followers will hurt your future growth rate. The bots / fake accounts will literally act as dead weight. They decrease your average engagement rate. That’s why it’s also not a good reason to follow for follow a lot. This is just mean to get you off the ground.

Your engagement rate will drop. SPAM / bot accounts can be easily identified. You’re making yourself vulnerable to a ban. Don’t do it.

Growing beyond 1000+ followers

If you’re really serious about your X/twitter game you should automate a lot of stuff about it. Schedule your tweets once a day so you don’t have to come back to X/Twitter to tweet. Hypefury is great for this.

You can schedule tweets. Easily create threads and even schedule retweets and auto retweet.

When you leave comment to big accounts it’s also a really good idea to retweet your own reply. This will amplify your own tweet towards your followers. This will create more engagement on the tweet and in turn create even more visibility for your comment. More people will see it, follow you. etc. Rinse and repeat this stuff.

Increase engagement on your tweets

By now you have a small audience that can amplify your message. But if you treat your audience as sheep you’ll lose out on a lot. There are only so many retweets and likes you’ll get before people will start to wonder why they’re amplifying your message

Most people won’t think about this. But people who are serious about X/Twitter want to be taken seriously too.

Just in real life you need to build relationships. Comment on other peoples tweets, like their stuff. Etc. Show a real interest in them and they will be more likely to amplify your message. Amplifying your message is the number one goal you have in order to grow your X/Twitter account organically.

If you have less than 1000 followers you’ll get the occasional like and retweet. Once you’re above that growth is just like compound interest. All the followers you already have will amplify you and increase your organic growth rate.

Schedule your tweets

If you’re like me, you’d spend 3+ hours on X/Twitter everyday. I don’t think you want to do that. Even if you have something to sell on X/Twitter, it will only make sense to setup your shop seriously after you reach 2k – 3k followers.

X/Twitter is my job. I love X/Twitter and X/Twitter is loving me back in return. But for all normal human beings, you should limit your time on X/Twitter. At least until you have over 2000 followers.

Using a scheduling tool like Hypefury can save you a lot of time AND will increase your engagement rate and follower count at the same time. You can start right now and enjoy a 14-day free trial!

Once a day, a couple of times a week, I sit down to fill my schedule up. This is way more effective than thinking about what to tweet about 10x a day. You’ll waste a lot of time.

Getting in the writing vibe takes time. You need to relax. Set your mind straight. It can easily take 30 minutes.

I mostly tweet about productivity and how to grow an online business on X/Twitter. Like anyone I don’t have inspiration all the time. I get about 20% – 40% of my tweets from what I go through on a daily basis. Another chunk of where I get inspiration from is simply from books.

Open a book you like that’s about your niche. If you don’t have one, buy one NOW. You should always be learning. Always be a student. If you want to learn more about building a bigger audience on X/Twitter, download our free course on Gumroad.

Start flipping pages and when you land on something interesting see how you can use what’s in the book and relate it more towards who you are / what you tweet about.

Grow your X/Twitter account organically

Don’t use a X/Twitter growth bot to help you auto follow and auto reply. This is the easiest behavior to detect for X/Twitter and you’ll get a one way ticket to the X/Twitter-jail. They’re real easy on banning accounts. You can start all over just like that. That’s not something you want to be doing, throwing away months of work just because you wanted to see a larger follower number. Because the number of followers don’t buy you anything.

It’s easy to use bots. But it will work against you in the long run.

I’ve seen a lot of accounts with 100k+ followers who don’t have any engagement on their accounts. So they can’t “sell” on that account. No engagement means no clicks to your own business but it will also not attract any advertisers who’re interested in working with you.

5 years ago you could get away with having a big fake following. These days, not so much. The marketers who go about influencer marketing aren’t stupid. They won’t even start a conversation if they smell your following is fake.

There are a lot of X/Twitter growth services out there that only give you one option. Buy followers through them. If you just want a big number of followers next to your name go for it. But besides a little bit of bragging rights you won’t get anything out of it. It just costs money and will hurt you in the long run. You won’t be able to build a big audience as quick as you’d like because of all the dead weight.

If you’re serious about X/Twitter and want to save time while increasing engagement, try a free trial of our app today!

We also created a step-by-step video explaining how you can grow your X/Twitter account fast and organically

How any X/Twitter noob can grow their followers

  • Follow people you know on X/Twitter
  • Engage with them and anyone in your niche
  • Tweeting consistently is better than frequently
  • Add value to timelines of big accounts
  • Connect with new followers in the DM’s
  • Nobody sees your tweets if you don’t have followers
  • Follower growth goes slow first. Stay consistent!
  • Don’t use tweets with links
  • People follow people, not tweets. Show yourself.

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