How to Write a Great Twitter/X Bio + 7 Examples

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio

A bio is of the first thing potential followers see and pay attention to before they decide to follow you.

Although the bio is one of the most important parts of a Twitter/𝕏 profile, most people fail to get it right and end up hurting their Twitter/𝕏 marketing strategy.

In this post we are going to take a look at how you can write a great Twitter/𝕏 bio and some examples of accounts with great bios.

What is a Twitter/𝕏 Bio?

A Twitter/𝕏 bio is a short ‘about you’ description that you write on Twitter/𝕏 so that people know more about you.

Twitter/𝕏 bio is limited to only 160 characters so it’s not enough to tell everything thing about you but just enough so that you intrigue people and make them want to know you more.

How to Edit Your Twitter/𝕏 Bio?

To edit your Twitter/𝕏 bio, head over to your profile tab and you will see an ‘Edit profile’ button.

How to Edit Bio

Click the button and a modal to edit your profile including your bio will appear.

Edit Bio

From there you can make any changes you want to your bioΒ 

Tips to Write Great Twitter/𝕏 Bios

1. Your bio is not about you. It’s about how you help your followers

Although Twitter/𝕏 bio is supposed to be a short ‘about you’ section. It’s not entirely about you.

It’s about how you help people who follow you. You have to give a reason people to follow you. And that reason is how you help them people. Because people care about themselves.

So stop being obsessed on yourself and start focusing on your target audience

2. Tailor it to a specific group of people

Not everyone is your target audience. Nor do you want to be followed by everyone. You have a specific audience so keep them in mind when you are writing your bio.

It’s okay to use some words that only your target audience would understand and not everybody else. After all, marketing is all about talking in a language that your target audience understands.

If you are writing for everyone, then you are writing for no one. Write for your audience.

3. Only share the most important information

Twitter/𝕏 bio is limited to only 160 characters (although Twitter/𝕏 has introduced an expanded bio with more character) so you only have room to say the most important stuff that will intrigue people and make them want to know more and hit the follow button.

Do not waste the 160 characters by sharing things that are not useful to your audience.

4. Show social proof

Apart from saying how you help your audience, you also have to make them believe you that you are qualified to help them.

This is where social proof comes into place.

You can include social proof in a way that does not seem boastful.

Example: if you are a fitness coach you can say how many people you have helped lose weight.

5. Include a call to action

Now that your potential followers know that you can help them and have seen your social proof backing your claim, it’s time to tell them the next action to do.

This is where the CTA comes into place. Most people include a link to their product, newsletter, etc

You can use the location field for this as well.

Components of a Great Twitter/𝕏 Bio

Now that we know how to write a great Twitter/𝕏 bio, there are some components that we can include to make a bio stand out.

You do not have to include all these components but you can include some that are relevant.

1. Self-proclaimed title

2. What people benefit from following you

3. Social Proof

4. Something that makes you relatable/human

5. Call to action

To see these components in action, let’s analyze a few Twitter/𝕏 bios.

1. Yannick Veys

Let’s start with the co-founder of Hypefury, Yannick Veys.

Yannick Bio Review

From his bio you can see that he has included 4 of the components that make a great Twitter/𝕏 bio.

2. Alex Garcia

Alex Bio Review

On Alex’s profile we also see that he has included 4 components.

3. Matt Gray

Matt Gray Bio Review

Matt Gray has also included 4 components but what’s different from him and the above examples is that he has included the self-proclaimed title

Examples of Great Twitter/𝕏 Bios


There you have it! You have seen how to write a great bio and some example as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that your bio is not static. You can change it as many times as you want. So don’t be afraid to experiment with it

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