Learn how to DM on Twitter like the pro’s

As social media goes, Twitter has got to be right up there with the best. You can log in and within moments be interacting with some of the best minds. You can engage in dialogue with virtually anyone so long as you’re tactful enough to get their attention and insightful enough to move the needle on the topic. The Twitter DM though sometimes underrated is a powerful tool and is the highest form of Twitter engagement.

Being able to dialogue with interesting people we admire is in a word, amazing. Of course, like any social media, Twitter has some issues. For one, conversations can get swallowed up in the public maelstrom. Insightful voices and opinions can get drowned out by those able to drum up noise for their own sentiments. And, if it’s on the timeline, the mob can claim for itself and run away with your conversation.

How do you avoid that? By taking advantage of Twitter DMs.

Twitter allows you to take conversations out of the public domain and into to private inbox via Direct Messages (DMs). So the next time you feel like the conversation’s getting away from you on the timeline you can move the discussion to your inbox. This will help you talk directly to the people you wanted to be talking to.

It goes without saying that not everyone will indulge appeals to continue discussions through DMs. Your ability to get a response will rest on how well you can attract attention and how well you can hold a conversation.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can send direct messages and some tips you could use to elevate your DM game.

How to send a DM on your desktop

  1. To send a DM click on “Messages”, in the control panel.

messaging on Desktop

2. Click on “New message” or the envelope icon at eh top of the Messages column.

3. Search for the user your want to message and send your message.

You can also continue the conversation from the timeline in the DM’s by clicking the share icon and selecting “send via Direct Message”. That can be a great and personal way to share the value you found in a post or your own thoughts and interpretation of what you read.

messaging from tweet

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How to Direct Message on your phone

You can easily send direct messages from your phone by following the steps below.

  1. To send a message,  select a user you want to message.
  2. Click on the message icon in the user’s profile (You’ll only be able to message a user if they have a public account)


DM from profile

You can also send a direct message from the timeline by clicking on the share icon and selecting “send via Direct message”.  You’ll then have the option to search for a user to send the tweet you want to share.

Direct Message from tweet 1
Direct Message from tweet 2

Lastly, you also send DM’s from the message tab. You can send the message by clicking on “write a message” or the message+ icon at the bottom of the tab.

Once you click on either button you’ll have the option to search for whichever user you want to receive your message.

Direct Message tab

The Art of the DM

How to DM like a pro:

“Hi I’m ___ and I’m reaching out because _____. Love the way you do ____. Thank you and have a great day!”

How to not DM:


— Gal Shapira (@galjudo) September 9, 2020

Knowing how to send a direct message is one thing, knowing what to send through is an entirely different matter altogether.

DM’s like every other form of communication have their own code of conduct. Not all attempts to reach out via DM will be successful. After all none of us are entitled to any sort of response when DM’ing. A little human decency is the most you can hope to receive and even that might be a tall order for some. But, you can increase your own shot at success by paying attention to how you go about it.

How to go about DM’ing

You’ll have a much greater chance of getting positive responses to your messages by taking the time to make yourself known. Engaging with content from the user you’re hoping to DM will increase your chances of being noticed. You couldn’t possibly hope to come out of the blue and get right to gabbing with people who’ve never heard of you.

Engaging could be liking or retweeting their posts. That might work to get their attention for a while but if you’re hoping to go beyond being one in the masses of people liking or RT’ing their content then insightful comments and quote RT’s of their content will improve your odds.

Pushing the needle forward on their posts and having a sincere discussion around their opinions will differentiate you from the crowd. Twitter can quickly devolve into nothing more than rage commentary and useless drivel, showing you’re able to hold a proper conversation and add useful input will make people look up and take notice of you.

In truth getting to DM is very similar to what it was like making friends on the first day of pre-school. First, you coalesce into groups of similar thinking and personalities. Slowly everyone finds who they gel with the most and little packs start to form and then put of the blue everyone has play dates for the weekend. It’s not complicated really.

The same goes for Twitter. You find your crowd, suss each other out in public, and if you gel the conversation continues in private. With that being said, here’s what you might refer to as the 4 keys to mastering The Art of the DM.

Add value

Adding value begins long before you get to send your first DM. You want to show you can move the conversation forward and that you have something to offer. Display your free thinking, show your skill, and defend your position resolutely and respectfully. Whoever it is you’re trying to dialogue with, show them there’s value to be had in interacting with you.

You wouldn’t fritter your time away on nonsense and you shouldn’t expect others to either.

Get to the point

DM’ing is a time-consuming pursuit. When you send people messages, don’t waste their time. If you’re going to take up someone’s time do it for a purpose. State your business and get on with it.

This is not to say be rude and forward. Manners are an essential element of communicating but you can still be polite and get on with it.

Do your research

Again, don’t waste people’s time. If you’re reaching out to ask for a favor or an answer then do your due diligence and get as far as you can before you interrupt people’s days with something a quick google search would solve.

Do your research, exhaust all avenues and show yourself to have tried your best. This will show people you value their help, appreciate their time, and could really use their input and time.

As a rule, before you ask, Google it.

Build relationships

The last and perhaps the most important key to DM’ing is to build relationships. It’s better to build relationships and grow your circle than to just endless engage on the timeline.

Relationships are a step up from conversing on the timeline. If it goes down in the DM, then building relationships and taking a genuine interest in people is how the magic happens. At the end of the day, we’re all people and we go on with our lives away from Twitter. Taking an interest in people away from the app will help you cultivate meaningful relationships with people.

Being able to DM gives you the opportunity to get to know someone beyond an avatar or a couple of words on the timeline. Continue conversations in private inboxes or in groups away from the timeline is how you really get to know people and you shouldn’t pass up on the chance to do it.

Sending DM’s on Twitter might seem at first like something of no consequence but if you consider it deeply then you realize it can go a long way to bringing you a lot closer to people, ways of life, and of thinking you could never have possibly got the chance to interact with elsewhere.

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So, that user you’ve been meaning to get to know better? Best get to adding value and reaching out, it’s not all that hard really. You just have to get around to doing it. Send them a direct message and see how it goes. Should be a breeze now.

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