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It took a whole pandemic and a mass loss of 9-5 jobs to make 20% of the human population realize they aren’t meant to work traditional jobs.
Although there is nothing wrong with working for other people, it’s always a good idea to contemplate becoming an entrepreneur, especially if you have a creative mind.
You can start by doing a bit of research and listening to podcasts that don’t glorify leaving a 9-5 to get a better idea of what that would be like.
Of course, a 9-5 job is not easier than starting off on your own. The struggle exists in both options and it’s up to you to pick your own battles!
Here are some top 5 podcasts that can help you decide and help you grow if you’re starting off on your own.

  1. My First Million

This podcast covers most topics you would be actively searching for. Hosted by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, it got over 2 million listeners on Spotify within their first year only!
All you need is an idea – they give you all the tools you need to succeed.
Shaan and Sam have learnt from the best of teachers: experience, and failures. Now, they try to make sure no one makes the rookie mistakes they made.
They have spent thousands of hours uncovering the fastest-growing business concepts, industries, and companies to tell you what’s the next big thing.

2. The Dave Ramsey show 
A 3 hour long self-syndicated program hosted by Ramsey, who’s known for his financial advice, each episode of this show follows a specific theme, his most popular ones being finance and money philosophy.
He discusses money-related topics that a lot of people may shy away from, especially topics such as debt, and is well known for his hatred of debt-collectors.
What sets Ramsey apart is that he goes beyond the mathematics of finances and struggles, to instead take on a much needed spiritual approach. Dave understands deeply how trauma can play a huge role in how you manage your future finances . He has a ton of healthy coping mechanisms to share with his audience!
If you’re just getting into business and finding ways to expand your money, this is a must-listen podcast.

3. The Tony Robbins podcast 
Tony is known for his infomercials, self-help books and seminars, so his podcast has been a natural hit.
He’s quite experienced with motivating others and empowering them to go after their dreams – he started speaking publicly when he was 17 and hasn’t stopped to this day!
Robbins has worked on an individual basis with huge A-list celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Bill Clinton and Pitbull.
His one-on-one counselling is so popular that huge firms often refer to him whenever they want to pump motivation into their employees.
If you want a little trailer of what his podcasts look like, watch the Netflix documentary “I am Not Your Guru.”

4. The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling 
If you’re looking for a podcast that covers modern day B2B sales, this is the one for you! This podcast was released after Brian G. Burns (host of the podcast) had over 25 years of experience. There is no sugar coating, no unnecessary ads or paid production, just the brutal truth about sales and selling B2B, as the title says.
This podcast focuses on the maverick method, which a lot of people seem to have forgotten about.
Topics covered include: cold calling, spin selling, challenger sale, solution selling, advanced selling skills, strategic selling, LinkedIn, SaaS, sales leadership, sales management, social media, b2b marketing and, of course, the maverick selling method.

5.  TED business
Modupe Akinola is an experienced educator and business professional. After spending years leading and helping global organizations, she now hosts Ted talks every Monday helping young entrepreneurs.
Every Monday, she presents the most powerful and surprising ideas that illuminate the business world. After the talk, you get a mini-lesson from Modupe on how to apply the ideas in your own life — because business evolves every day, and our ideas about it should, too.
One of her most controversial takes is on stress: she preaches that stress makes employees do their best jobs possible, a claim that is in fact backed by some research.

Are podcasts the new way to get on top?

Everyone with an internet connection is starting a podcast, and you could, too!
If you have lessons to share or just a topic you want to talk about, start doing so using YouTube or Spotify.
Podcasts are great because it’s your raw, unfiltered opinion presented, which is why a lot of people lean towards starting their mornings with podcasts and there can never be enough creators!
Did we miss any great podcasts? Let us know your favorite ones!

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