Why Qatar World Cup will be a historic event for social media6 min read

As Covid passes, the world is slowly going back to normal. Resuming all activity hasn’t been easy and with the recent crashes, it does look like we will be hitting a recession soon! 

But before that happens, we do have a great few weeks to look forward to, the Qatar Olympics. Training has begun, sponsorships have been set, Qatar is all ready to host the very first MEGA event after restrictions have been lifted. 

The world cup is supposed to be conducted during the winter season because of the awful scorching heat, but the rumors and controversies have caught on very early on. 

Beyond all the controversies, (which are still important to address) nobody seems to be talking about its historical significance for social media! 


The country will benefit immensely from hosting the world cup, from new job opportunities to a whole new perspective about Qatar! 

Looking at it from a person who has never seen the world, one might actually think that Qatar is a third world country but in reality… 

The Pearl of Doha in Qatar aerial view

Yeahhh… That’s Qatar. Not only is it HIGHLY developed but it also has a very interesting and beautiful culture that’s usually never in the eyes of the media, which SUCKS. 

Qatar has worked very hard to maintain extraordinary infrastructure. Now it’s time for the outside world to feast their eyes on it too. 

Why is it a big deal for social media?

Other than the scenic beauty of the country being out in the open, which will help Qatar’s tourism and the aesthetic part of the world cup. 

During the pandemic, a lot of brands lost a butt load of money. With restrictions lifted, it is time for those businesses to make that money back. 

You can almost HEAR the Nike shoes, Adidas backpacks, Puma water bottles given to players. Along with their social media accounts featuring those players. 

Ever since 2019, there has been a sudden rise in new platforms like TikTok. A viral video can get up to 33 million views! This opportunity wasn’t taken to its full potential due to the immediate restrictions of the pandemic, but best believe it will be in full swing during the world cup. 

There will be new trends, new filters all honoring this year’s world cup. 


What will it mean for all the new product launches and businesses?

ivan diaz YOy ek aBR0 unsplash

This is a huge opportunity for new products that will be out in the market, they all have a theme to milk the success out of for quite some time. You will definitely be seeing a LOT of promotions, discounts and new products based around the 2022 world cup. The sales on these are going to SKYROCKET, since who doesn’t love a good deal all thanks to a deal? 

There have been a TON of new businesses ever since the pandemic started. Most of them haven’t had their breakthrough yet and have a ton of potential. They have already sponsored players to wear their apparel and products and the GAME IS ON. 


Why is it a big deal for normal people?

For the first time ever, everyone is sitting behind a screen in anticipation of the world cup. We haven’t had any more people online than we do today! During previous world cups, I believe there were football fanatics, the bidders and the ones only there for the elite songs sitting behind a screen. So, you best believe all classrooms will be buzzed talking about the world cup. 

Take a look at all that has been set for the Qatar World Cup

  •  More than half a million people have signed up for FIFA’s global volunteer program.

The program opened in December 2020 and by October of 2021, it had almost 100,000 volunteers.

“This rise in people signing up to the platform truly is remarkable,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. “The surge in numbers shows that our volunteer program and platform are becoming a real, global community, with incredible interest in taking part in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year.

  • FIFA highlights player’s well-being and health strategy at their most recent workshop

FIFA Medical Director, Dr Andrew Massey, outlined FIFA’s medical services available on-field in case of emergencies. With the easiest and ready hospitals to go to and a well-prepared paramedics team so players don’t have to be worried about on-sight injuries going untreated.

  • Enhanced Football Intelligence was on trial at intercontinental play-offs

A group of football data experts, the team used these high-stakes international matches to trial a raft of new hi-tech match-analysis tools known collectively as Enhanced Football Intelligence (EFI).

EFI metrics are designed to enhance the flow of live monitoring and match-event data, which is sent in real time by external providers straight to the FIFA database. The data is then forwarded to models and fed into algorithms that calculate the results. These are sent back to the FIFA data hub, which then distributes the EFI metrics to all stakeholders 30 seconds after the event.

Take a look at this article for a few more highlights and updates on the Qatar World Cup:

World Cup Predictions

The supercomputer had some very interesting predictions this time. According to it, Argentina won’t even make the top 5 and Germany, Brazil, England and Portugal will fall short of glory.

Surprisingly enough France has the highest chance to win (17.3%) this year!

After France, it was Brazil with 15.73% and then Spain with 11.53% probability.

The results definitely were a shocker but they were done 1000 times with various outcomes and these were the probabilities given.

Regardless of what a super-intelligent device may show us, all teams have been preparing long and hard for the upcoming matches. And it’s always fun comparing predictions to outcomes 😉

Let’s take a look at why it’s going to be a huge success… 

As the day edges closer, you can almost feel the excitement. The first world cup EVER to be played in an Arab country. High rumors that Qatar isn’t “safe” does make it a bit difficult to conduct a fair.

The Arabian peninsula has been under heat from all western news channels, which is definitely unfair since any country or city can be unsafe for anyone! 

Another reason why Qatar is receiving backlash is because of the no alcohol consumption or no drugs laws that the country reinstates. But if you are a player– why will you be needing any inhibitors? 

The alcohol law can be controversial since players would love to wind down with a drink, the fans would want to pop a champagne bottle after a nice game and the bidders sure would enjoy their whiskey but maybe it is time to give your livers a break 😉  You can totally have just as much fun without alcohol!

Of course, like any other world cup, we can not forget the essence of the animals. Yup! You heard it right! It isn’t a real World Cup without the country’s most common animal somehow trespassing onto the field and stealing the whole show! Really let a country’s natural ecosystem seep in. We are betting on a cat finding its way in while a bunch of players run after it. 

animals playing field

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