Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Write Strong Calls-To-Action (CTAs)10 min read

You’ve certainly heard of – and hopefully are already using – calls to action (CTAs).

But you’re probably not optimizing your CTAs the best way you can – you’re doing it wrong!

What if I told you that by reading this article, you can probably add somewhere between 10-100% more growth to your audience?

Do you see what we did there?

Whether or not our claim is ultimately true, we started this article off with some kind of provocative statement to hook you to read on. Eventually, if you are hooked enough after reading the article, you might trust and believe in Hypefury enough to click on something or try our product. That’s the journey from the top of a thread (or blog post) to, ultimately, a call-to-action.

If you’re looking to effectively engage with your audience on Twitter and drive meaningful actions, then having a clear and compelling CTA is crucial.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes a strong CTA, how to incorporate one into your tweet threads, and some best practices to keep in mind. We’ll also share some examples of successful CTAs in action to give you some inspiration for your own social media strategy. Let’s get started!

What the heck is a call-to-action?

call to action girl near truck in Brooklyn

A call-to-action in marketing is a message or element that prompts your target audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. It is typically found in advertisements and is meant to guide the audience towards a desired outcome. An example of a CTA might be a button that says “Buy now” or “Sign up.”

In order for a CTA to be effective, it should be clear and direct, informing the audience of what they can expect when they take the desired action. Providing additional information, such as the benefits of making a purchase or the details of a newsletter sign-up, can also be helpful in convincing the audience to act. It is important to consider the language and phrasing that will resonate with your target audience, as well as any industry-specific messaging that may be relevant.

The most important thing you can do to make a CTA effective: evoke emotion

As a marketer, you know that the ultimate goal of your campaigns is to persuade your audience to take a specific action. Whether it’s purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing content on social media, you want your audience to feel motivated to take that next step. One powerful way to achieve this is through the use of emotional calls-to-action.

Emotional CTAs tap into the feelings and emotions of your audience, rather than just presenting them with facts or logical arguments. By evoking an emotional response, you can create a deeper connection with your audience and increase the chances of them taking the desired action.

Why exactly should you consider using emotional CTAs in your marketing efforts? Here are a few reasons:

Emotions drive behavior

It’s no secret that emotions play a significant role in our decision-making process. When we feel an emotional response to something, it can influence our actions in a powerful way. For example, if you see a heart-wrenching video about animal cruelty, you might be more likely to donate to a related cause or sign a petition to help prevent further abuse. By using emotional CTAs, you can tap into this natural response and motivate your audience to take action.

Emotional CTAs are memorable

When we experience an emotional response to something, it tends to stick with us. This means that emotional CTAs are more likely to be remembered by your audience, which can be particularly useful if you want to drive long-term actions such as brand loyalty or repeat purchases.

Emotional CTAs build trust

When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, you build a sense of trust and authenticity. This can be particularly important if you’re asking your audience to take a more significant action, such as making a purchase or providing personal information. By evoking an emotional response, you can show your audience that you understand and care about their needs and concerns, which can help build trust and credibility.

Here are a few ideas regarding how you can use emotional CTAs in your marketing efforts:

  1. Leverage storytelling: One effective way to evoke an emotional response is through the use of storytelling. Share personal anecdotes or use relatable examples to help your audience connect with your message on an emotional level.
  2. Include powerful imagery: Visuals are a powerful tool for evoking an emotional response. Use eye-catching images or videos that pull at the heartstrings or create a sense of urgency to help drive your CTAs.
  3. Adopt persuasive language: The words you use can also play a role in evoking an emotional response. Use persuasive language that speaks to your audience’s needs, desires, and values to help drive your CTAs.

Using emotional CTAs in your marketing efforts can help persuade your audience to take action. By tapping into their emotions, you can create a deeper connection, increase the chances of your CTAs being remembered, and build trust and credibility.

Give your CTA a compelling reason for your audience to click through

Here are a few reasons why CTAs need to be compelling and irresistible:

To stand out in a crowded marketplace

With so much competition out there, it’s important to make sure your CTA stands out and captures the attention of your audience. A compelling and irresistible CTA can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and convince your audience to choose your product or service over others.

To drive meaningful actions

The ultimate goal of your marketing efforts is to drive meaningful actions from your audience, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing content on social media. A CTA that lacks appeal or incentive will not effectively motivate your audience to take action. On the other hand, a compelling and irresistible CTA will give your audience a strong reason to click through and take the desired action.

To build trust and credibility

A compelling and irresistible CTA helps build trust and credibility with your audience. By offering a valuable incentive or benefit, you’re demonstrating care towards your readers, which makes you trustworthy and is crucial for establishing a long-term relationship with your audience.

Here are a few tips to help you create a compelling and irresistible CTA:

Offer a clear benefit

Make sure your CTA clearly communicates the benefit your audience will receive by taking the desired action. This could be a discount, free trial, or exclusive content.

Use persuasive language

The words you use in your CTA can make a big difference in its effectiveness. Use persuasive language that speaks to your audience’s needs, desires, and values to help drive your CTAs.

Make it timely

If your CTA is part of a limited-time offer or promotion, make sure to highlight that in your CTA. This can create a sense of urgency and motivate your audience to take action.

The anatomy of a tweet thread: beginning, middle, and CTA

Here’s a simple formula to follow when creating your own Twitter thread:

  1. Use the first tweet to grab your audience’s attention. This could be a question, a catchy quote, or a provocative statement related to the topic you’ll be discussing in your thread.
  2. Use the next tweet(s) to dive into the topic. This is where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and insights. Feel free to include relevant images, links, or videos to help illustrate your points.
  3. Use the last tweet as the compelling CTA.

Give this simple formula a try and see how it can help you share your ideas and engage with your followers in a more meaningful way!

Tweet thread formula

Start with a compelling beginning. You don’t need to write a Charles Dickens novel opening. You don’t need to use flowery language.

Just give people a sense of what value they can get from about 30-90 seconds of their time reading what tweets come below.

With a colon (:) or a thread emoji 🧵 or in some other way, indicate that this is a thread experience and not just one tweet.

Screenshot 2022 12 30 at 1.00.32 PM

Once you get going, go ahead and deliver a lot of value. Share, give away tips, insights, and secret knowledge. Tell a compelling story!

It can be a numbered list, like in this example, but it doesn’t have to be.

The point is you want to create an experience where the user is doing the modern-day version of reading a newspaper article whose headline caught their eye.

Except with this newspaper article — there is a little teaser at the bottom.

Yannick tweets hypefury listicle

Once you have made your way through your thread, wrap it up. When you go to make the CTA, make it really simple.

Not every Twitter thread conclusion needs to be you asking for money. In fact, most tweet threads shouldn’t sell. But you can ask people for a very small favor, that when compounded, adds up — like adding followers to your follower count.

Yannick hype fury tweet thread CTA

Your CTA sucks: we’ll help you fix it (…a note on in-your-face language)

car jumper cables, black and red

Jump-start your readers’ emotions with your CTA.

Using risqué, brusque, or provocative language can be a powerful way to grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to take action.

When you use language that is a little edgy or unexpected, it can catch people off guard and make them sit up and take notice. This can be especially effective in a crowded, noisy online environment where it can be hard to stand out.

Of course, it’s important to use this kind of language carefully and with consideration for your audience. You don’t want to be offensive or alienate people, but a little bit of boldness can go a long way in getting your message across.

In general, it’s good to be a little bit daring when it comes to your CTAs. You want to grab people’s attention and inspire them to take action, and sometimes that requires breaking away from more traditional, predictable language. So don’t be afraid to be a little bit risky, it just might pay off in a big way!

Writing your twitter thread CTA

ace ventura

Are you ready to write a killer call-to-action that’ll have your audience begging for more (or at least, clicking that button)? Good news – we’ve got some tips for you.

First things first: use action verbs. You want your audience to DO something, right? So make it clear from the get-go what that is. For instance,

  • Start
  • Begin
  • Join
  • Launch
  • Learn
  • Get Started
  • Apply
  • Create an Account
  • Sign Up, etc.

These are all great choices to get people moving. And remember, there’s no reason to be passive in a call to action.

Urgency is key

Next up: create urgency. People love a good deal, so give them one! Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to your advantage and let them know they only have a limited time to take advantage of what you’re offering.

Give ’em something more to chew on — easily

And here’s a pro tip: give them something — and make it easy for them. You want people to take action, but you don’t want to tie them into a commitment right away. So frame your call-to-action as a pressure-free opportunity for them to check out what you have to offer.

So maybe you can tell them “create a free account to start browsing our courses today.” Creating a free account? That’s easy — and by definition, it’s free! No one is asking for money, no one is really selling anything except an opportunity to go further.

Stand out

a green leaf stands out from a variety of autumnal leaves

Finally, make sure your CTA stands out. Use eye-catching graphics and language that’s persuasive and direct. And remember, the tone of your CTA might differ from the tone of the rest of your content, so don’t be afraid to get a little more straightforward and concise.

Remember — you don’t have to use convoluted language.

Here’s an example where a Twitter influencer gets right to the point — but still evokes emotion by creating a dopamine boost when suggesting that growth is possible.,before suggesting a free newsletter that can help people earn more in the near future.

Sohaib Twitter CTA growth

Remember, you can always use Hypefury to automatically add CTAs to your Twitter threads!test thread showing CTA functionality in Hypefury

It’s built right into the platform, and all Twitter threads will automatically give you a pre-written CTA, so you don’t need to rewrite your final CTA every time!

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