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Twitter is a veritable time sink; between the endless scrolling, engaging, and thinking up what to post a lot of your time gets lost. That’s kind of why we’re in the business of helping you claw back that time so you can put it to better use like tapping into your creative impulses and producing content instead of endlessly consuming it. Still, though, you want to have a great time when you do occasionally log in to your Twitter but that can be difficult if your timeline is filled with noise and endless drivel. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 20 accounts you can look forward to learning from every time you log in.

Having a stellar list of people you follow is a key part of using your Twitter time productively. Isn’t wonderful that you can log on and within moments be interacting with some of the best minds across any number of fields you’re interested in? It is, and you shouldn’t pass that opportunity up. Following the right people exposes you to all kinds of incredible insight and knowledge you might never have had access to. This list will leave you exposed to whole new perspectives on things to tap into and you’ll get a front-row seat to insights that could quite possibly be life-changing.

The list is in no particular order so dive right in it and check out whoever sounds interesting.

Top 20 Twitter accounts to follow in 2021

Jack Butcher

Jack Butcher the mind behind Visualize Value is all about sharing big ideas using an easy-to-understand format. He’s also pretty amazing at helping others find their form of expression so they can better share the value they bring.

If you love experimenting with big ideas, playing with visuals, and sharing them with the world you’ll love following Jack Butcher. His ability to create amazing content and build communities is all the inspiration you’ll ever need to find your voice.

Top 20 accounts to follow


accounts to follow

Naval is an entrepreneur and the founder of AngelList, but to most of us, he is just our favorite Twitter sage.

His most viral tweet is on how to get rich without getting lucky and if you follow him you can look forward to a daily dose of more of that wisdom delivered straight to your timeline.

Meditation, investing, tech, crypto, and holistic wellbeing are just some of the topics our favorite sage talks about and a follow for him is a definite no-brainer.

David Perell

David Perell is an online writer, blogger, and podcast host on a mission to get us all writing better and sharing our ideas more effectively.

For those with wordsmithing ambitions, David is going to be a gem of a find. And if you can’t get enough of him on Twitter, you can get your fill on his website and his two podcasts, Write of Passage and North Star Podcast.

account to follow

Julian Shapiro

Top 2o accounts to follow

Julian is your guide to getting a grip on complex ideas. He is constantly adding to his skillset and learning new ideas so he can share them with you. Every so often he’ll release a handbook built on over 1000 hours of hands-on practice. The best past? He gives them away for free.

He is also the founder of Demand Curve, a startup that helps clients with their marketing and ads. So, if you want to learn new skills, improve your marketing and take your online game up a notch – give him a follow.

Ed Latimore

Ed is a retired professional boxer, and the author of Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower and Letters To My Sober Self.

His Twitter is all about exposing you to hard-hitting truths, stoic street smarts, and the occasional crack joke.

If you want to learn how to spin your words so they build you a Twitter audience and get your point across there’s no better person to follow than Ed.


Gal Shapira

gal shapira

Gal is everyone’s favorite judoka in the Twitterverse. She is super wise and will leave you feeling motivated and pumped to crush your goals in every area of your life.

If you’re always waiting for tomorrow to get started on your goals then let Gal give you a hand with that. She’ll help you reprogram your mind and help you build the mentality of a winner and a moneymaker.

Gal’s also got a power-packed guide on overcoming procrastination and getting a move, so that might be worth checking out too.

Danny Miranda

Danny is a podcaster and YouTuber that radiates light, love, and positive energy. He is all about pursuing the highest version of yourself.

He is incredibly inspiring, and his content is all about helping you discover the very best version of yourself. He reads a lot so you can expect a lot of insight and knowledge from everything he takes in as he continues his journey to the top.

If you’ve ever asked yourself where you were when Rogan was starting out, do yourself a favor and follow Danny now.

danny miranda

Eric Jorgenson

eric jorgensesn

Eric is a guy with a lot going for him. He is the product strategist for Zaarly and the creator of Course Correctly and Evergreen Library. He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Almanack of Naval Ravikant, a project he worked on with Naval, Jack Butcher, and several other people.

Eric tweets mostly about building leverage, startups, and a whole of other interesting random stuff. You can enjoy his content through Course Correctly which focuses on reviewing online course material, or Evergreen Library which is a collection of resources anyone looking to build their business acumen would enjoy.

Polina Pompliano

Polina is the founder and author of Profile Reads, a platform where she records and shares what she has learned from studying and observing some of the best minds in the world.

She’s created countless profiles on companies, their CEOs, Athletes, and many other incredible people to give you an inside look into what makes them amazing.

Follow Polina and let her share with you all the secrets she’s found to aid you in your journey towards amazing.

Frame failure in a way that only creates opportunity instead of taking it away – Polina


Brandon Zhang


Brandon is a student at Columbia, a podcaster and understudy of Jack Butcher at Visualize Value. His tweets are mainly about mental models, mental wealth, and his learnings from VV.

If you enjoy ideas around leverage, productivity and mindfulness Brandon will be worth the follow for you. Another reason you might like following Brandon is that he never wastes a book recommendation. If he vouches for it, it will change you.

Brandon also maintains a website and newsletter for his long-form content.

Craig Clemens

Craig Clemens is a DTC copywriter and the founder of GoldenHippo. He has a passion for connecting people with brands that’ll leave them happier and healthier.

Most of Craig’s tweets are copywriting tips and insights into how he is able to write so successfully. If you’re a writer or you’ve been looking to take your writing skills up a notch give Craig a follow. You won’t regret it.


Chamath Palihapitiya


Chamath is another interesting person you should be following throughout 2021. He is the CEO of SocialCapital, a company that aims to advance humanity by taking the world’s toughest problems. He also sits on the board of Virgin Galactic and is the owner of the Golden State Warriors.

Most of Chamath’s tweets are either about investing, quick hits of wisdom, or about his run for Governor of California in the next election cycle. You could say Chamath is something of a cross between Elon Musk and Naval, so you can bet you’ll have a blast following him.


Another account you should be on the lookout for this year is Ama. When the pandemic madness went into full swing last year, Ama like many other people lost her job. What’s amazing is that she managed to turn all the time she had on her hands into a flourishing 6 figure business feature in The Telegraph all inside 6 months.

It’s a truly inspiring story and a testament to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Give Ama as she takes This is planted to even greater heights.

The fact that I can employ people with a business I started in a pandemic is still beyond me – Ama


George Mack


George is a writer with a focus on mental models, eCommerce, and the future. He is also the creator of the @navalbot and @nntalebbot bots that scrape and share the best tweets from Naval Ravikant and Nassim Taleb.

His most viral tweet is an excellent thread on mental models he learned from Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify.

George also maintains an email newsletter where he shares longer form insights into the mental models he comes across. If you’re constantly looking for an edge in the way you think through situations George is the perfect follow for you.

Preethi kasireddy

Preethi is a writer and entrepreneur that also describes herself as a tinkerer. She’s always playing around with ideas and sharing the knowledge she gains with her followers so they can empower themselves.

Preethi is also super-knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, health, and wellbeing, and is happy to share all the info you need to know about it to get you on your way.

One of the coolest things about following Preethi’s Twitter is that she’s always going out of her way to explain all the concepts she learns from a beginner’s perspective. That’s a great help if you’re not familiar with the concept you’re looking to learn.


Angela Jiang


The next person on our list of 20 accounts you should be following is Angela Jiang. She is all about interdisciplinary things and making better systems, teams, and products.

Most of Angela’s are quick hits of deeply insightful knowledge and practical wisdom. True to her interests they are always helpful tips for improving your thought processes and productivity.

If you love wisdom, tech, and implication in everyday life then you should ass Angela to your follow list. You can also enjoy her longer-form content on her website.

Sam Parr

Sam Parr is an online entrepreneur, investor, and is also the CEO of The Hustle, a platform where he shares business insights and knowledge with his audience. He is always scheming and on the move to make something happen.

Most of Sam’s tweets are business related with the occasional pet post and some other every day. Overall he is a pretty awesome follow with incredibly actionable insights you’ll want in.

If you can’t get enough of Sam’s content you can always subscribe to his newsletter at The Hustle or listen to the podcast he co-host’s with Shaan Puri.

sam parr

Shaan Puri


Shaan Puri is the self-proclaimed Dean of Twitter Business School. He is an angel investor investing in over 25 startups annually.

Shaan is also the host of the popular podcast My First Million where he discusses business ideas with co-host Sam Parr.

His Twitter timeline is mostly business insights and short punchy glimpses into the content he writes about on his website.

If you like having business and investing ideas you’ll love following Shaan.


Eiaine is an editor at Bitcoin Times and columnist for the Bloomberg Opinion. She also maintains a blog where she writes about all the stuff she’s getting up or giving a try.

Most of Eiaine’s tweets are about business, crypto, and the media, with some other stuff thrown in. If you’ve got the crypto itch or you like that sort of thing this is the perfect follow for you.


Arianna Thompson

account you shoulf follow

Last on our list of people you should be following but certainly is Arianna Simpson. She is an angel investor and is the founder of Automated Partners. She’s into bikes, skiing, books, and flying about.

Most of Arianna’s tweets are about tech and crypto, apparently, she was into it long before the new kids were talking about it. You can also look forward to the occasional joke and peek into daily life every now and again.

That’s our list of 20 people you should be following to start the year. It’s got everything from picks to inspire to make a difference in the world and to live life on your own terms. No matter what you want to get up to this year, you should remember that quality outputs begin with quality inputs, and whoever you follow on Twitter can be the difference between spending your day frustrated and annoyed or productive and inspired.

Obviously, any list is bound to miss a few great picks but tune in to Hypefury Presents with co-founder Yannick Veys as he talks to all the greatest minds on Twitter so you too can build an audience and make your online dreams come true.

Twitter doesn’t have to be a mind-numbing time sink that leaves you frustrated. It can introduce you to all sorts of great people just like you doing a pretty amazing thing. Make a proper go of it this year and you just might make the cut of people we want inspiring us in 2022.

Let us know who you picked to inspire you this year on our Twitter page, we’ll be looking out for your comments.

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