Top digital marketing accounts to follow on Twitter 2022

So, what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that appear online. Digital marketing can take many forms like online videos, pictures, paid social media ads, display ads and search engine marketing. 

Traditional marketing is magazine ads, billboards and direct mail. But there was a sudden uprise in digital marketing during the covid-19 pandemic and companies have not looked back since then. 

It’s easier and cheaper to do than traditional marketing and also attracts all types of people from around the world. 

For example: If you display a billboard of your brand in your area, only the people in your area will see it, while sending out social media ads, you attract a larger number of people all around the world. 

Mastering the art of digital marketing is relatively easy. You can simply search for resources and get results. However, to make an actionable strategy you need mentors. People who have been there and done that and are pretty vocal about their experience as well! 

digital marketing twitter

Today we present the BEST Twitter accounts to follow in digital marketing:

Amy Porterfield

Starting off strong with a Twitter favorite. She helps entrepreneurs build businesses online and her area of expertise includes email lists, creating a digital course and promoting and selling via webinars. 

Ann Handley

A Wall Street best-selling author now called upon by many experts to share her expertise in digital marketing. She started a podcast and does webinars often to answer many of her listeners’ questions. One of the reasons she’s a favorite is that she constantly links other people’s work into hers and gives shoutouts quite often! 

Jay Baer

He uses his page to link all his live recordings and podcasts! Which is where he gives a detailed overview of digital marketing. He also interviews industry leaders and other marketers of successful brands. By his page you can tell he is always growing and learning new things with marketing.

AJ Ghergich

AJ Ghergich has a lot of stories with lessons about marketing. He exclusively shares a lot of info about SEO and marketing on Twitter and has been a great hit within the digital marketing community!

Rand Fishkin

He was in the digital marketing world way before anyone else and has grown significantly on its basis. He still posts all about it to this day and his advice never misses! 

John Jantsch

Owner of a popular marketing blog called ‘Duct Tape Marketing‘. He is always present in every “Top 100 Twitter Must Follow” list and for a good reason too! His best-selling books called Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape Selling are cult FAVORITES of people in the marketing community. 

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash is an expert author of ‘Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day’, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, and Co-Founder at Market Motive. His account is always up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. He is very knowledgeable in marketing and always replies to all queries!

Danny Sullivan

Perfect page which caters to both personal life and professional life. While he tweets a lot about SEO, SEM and digital marketing, he also occasionally tweets about his life and it creates a great connection with his audience!

Jeff Bulas:

#1 Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Huffington Top 100 Business Twitter Accounts!

He constantly tweets about digital marketing and has been in the game for a long time! Definitely someone we all can learn from.

Joe Pulizzi

Founder of Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. He has also authored a book called ‘Epic Content Marketing’. He is highly dedicated to online marketing and is an expert in the field. All of his tweets, books and content are about digital marketing! Every nook and cranny of digital marketing has been covered by him. If you’re new to it, definitely check out his page for a great overview of digital marketing. 

Jesse Wienski

He offers quite actionable advice on all his platforms, especially Twitter. He works to provide a connection between digital marketing and your audience which takes marketing to a whole new level. You will always see him retweeting other digital marketers as well which comes off as a huge support within the community!

Joel Klettke

He is the founder of Case Study Buddy, where he helps B2B companies turn customer success stories into sales. He also regularly posts all about strategies and advice on marketing!

Neil Patel

Another creator who appeared in Forbes top 10 list. Neil constantly talks in-depth about technical aspects of marketing. He tweets all about marketing and his tweets are very newbie friendly! So, if you’re new to marketing, visit his page for some detailed answers to a lot of digital marketing questions. 

Sarah Evans

She believes that communication is key. Her page is a perfect example of psychology mixed with marketing, which is its own level of success! Sarah is the CEO of Sevans PR and has quickly climbed the ladder to the top 100 agency. 

You should follow her if you are a firm believer in winning the mind to win in digital marketing. 

Barry Schwartz

Barry works around search marketing and has been in the marketing game for a long time. He calls himself the ‘search geek’ and that too for a VERY good reason. He posts consistently about search engine optimization and how to work around and through it. His advice never goes down the drain! 

Gary Veynerchuck

Everyone has heard his TED talks. Entrepreneurs worship this man and every word that comes out of his mouth is scrutinized and shared far and wide. Gary has a great brand in marketing as well. He spots trends long before they become trends. He talked about NFTs being the next big thing years prior to them going viral. Soon enough he had marketers at his feet as well! Follow his Twitter account for a good insight of future marketing trends. 

Peg Fitzpatrick

A social media strategist who has worked with global brands to boost their presence on social media. Peg has great power tips on brand marketing and has also co-authored a book called “Power Tips for Power Users, The Art of Social Media”. Her Twitter is filled with tips and advices for boosting social media presence and marketing successfully 

Lukasz Zelezny

An SEO consultant usually seen all around the world giving conferences and helping to increase organic traffic onto your social media accounts. His Twitter is often filled with parts of his newsletters which are a huge success in his career. 

Grace Scott

Grace Scott is a digital marketing lead and a Brighton based blogger. She posts a lot about her personal life on Twitter, mostly related to cooking and food but her advice and quotes on marketing go pretty well off. She retweets some pretty great stuff about marketing and all about the online world. Her account is as if you are talking to an old friend, you get a bit of everything along with great tips!

Talia Wolf

Talia helps brands understand why their customers optimize and buy with customer-driven strategies. She is an experienced conversion optimization specialist and constantly shares all the latest news in the digital world! 

If you want to keep up with all the changing trends then you should follow her account!

Areej AbuAli

Founder of TechSEOWomen and an in-house SEO as well. If you want to encourage yourself to start an online career, she is the person to follow. Her community of TechSEOWomen is one of the most supportive communities out there. She raises awareness for a lot of topics and is an open advocate for minorities! Her page is filled with advice and awareness!

Barry Adams

Another great digital marketer to add to your list! He is an award winning specialist in TechSEO. He does not gate-keep and always shares his knowledge on Twitter often!

Will Hobson

You can always count on Will to tweet all about any new campaigns! His account will help you get a head start on any new digital marketing trend that may be starting to help you go viral easily! His winning points are the lists he usually comes out with containing all sorts of trends. 

Val Geisler

An email marketing guru with advice for DAYS. She never misses when it comes to guiding someone, especially new marketers! One of the reasons why she’s such a huge hit in the marketing world is her advocacy for mental health. In between all the tweets about marketing tips and tricks, you always see her prioritizing her mental health first! 

Craig Campbell

He is a digital marketer based in Glasgow and has 20 years of experience. His Twitter is mostly his thoughts about SEO and advice for young marketers who are new to the marketing world. He has helped a ton of new people within his niche by answering the most lingering questions. 

Dan Barker

Following his account is like following EVERY account in the book. He has knowledge on vast topics and tweets about everything from time to time, including marketing! He regularly joins a lot of Twitter discussions about marketing and has a breadth that goes above and beyond other influencers.

Joanna Wiebe

Creator of Copy Hackers and co-founder of Airstory. She tweets all about content marketing and her webinars are especially famous amongst the marketing community!

Andy Crestodina

He is a co-founder of Orbit media. For over 20 years he has provided digital strategy to thousands of businesses. His tips lean mostly towards do’s and don’ts of marketing, SEO and social media. His advice always helps his followers!

Jason Falls

Jason Falls is an author, speaker, influencer and a digital marketing strategist. His podcasts branded ‘Winfluence’ have a chokehold in the marketing world! He tweets pretty often about them too! He loves talking about things outside of work as well from time to time on Twitter and even those tweets are perceived pretty well by his audience! 

Brian Hongiman

Brain is a social media and content marketing consultant. He calls himself the career coach for marketers and that too for a VERY good reason. His audience trusts him a lot for advice. He founded to offer his brilliance in marketing and so far it has not failed him. 

Gerry Moran

Gerry relies more on a physical appearance than online. He doesn’t tweet very often but when he does, his tweets ALWAYS offer valuable advice. He conducts workshops, spoke in Social Media Week and leads boot-camps! He has worked with a lot of global companies i.e Ikea. He has a lot to share from his experiences when he speaks!

digital marketing twitter2

Larry Kim

Larry is the founder of Mobile Monkey and a columnist at CNBC and INC Magazine. He has received special attention from the US Senate and House of Representatives. He openly tweets a lot about marketing trends and even won Marketer of the year award! 

Michael Stelzner

CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner with a great sense of humor, what else could you want from an expert? He also hosts a Social Media Marketing podcast which has helped clear a lot of doubt from marketing newbies. His tweets are always helpful and always asks questions from his audience before his podcasts! 

Mari Smith

Another digital marketer on our list who has been featured in Forbes. Forbes recognized her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. She is known for her key role in growing on Facebook and now teaches other entrepreneurs how to grow as well!

Kim Garst

Kim Garst’s content is easy to grasp and very valuable. She is one of the most retweeted people in the marketing world. She has provided social media strategies to global brands such as IBM. Her consistency on Twitter never fails and has continued to grow rapidly. She offers some great advice and often tweets about other marketers and marketing strategists who provide valuable information!

Jon Loomer

Jon is an entrepreneur, business owner and an accidental marketer. His website serves as a guide for a lot of people wanting to strategize in marketing. He often tweets about some great articles as well as podcasts that can help entrepreneurs sell their products in the best way possible! 

Pam Moore

Pam believes in turning words into sales. Her marketing strategy revolves around storytelling and how you can use that and turn into $$. Pam believes in building relationships with customers and audience to pave the road of success. Her strategies really do work! Her Twitter is filled with a lot of strategies, advice, tips and the occasional heart warming quote for your rainy days!

Jason Fried

Jason is a serial marketing author and founder and CEO of 37signals. If you ever want an insight look at the process of starting a business, just check out his Twitter profile. It contains everything you need or will be needing in the process of starting on your own. 

Eric Siu

He is the founder of single grain which has worked with companies like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon. The brand is focused on web3 marketing strategies and so are the tweets. Eric’s Twitter is filled with great advice and now he has his own podcast which is a huge hit! 

Steve Cartwright

Steve is a CRO expert recognized for his great strategies in generating traffic. Throughout his life he has guided many of his followers and has helped companies achieve their goals using design and content marketing. Steve was diagnosed with cancer a while ago, with that, his Twitter page has turned into mostly his day-to-day updates. He has started living his way but his followers have not forgotten what he has done for them with his great advice.  

Lee Odden

Lee Odden has spent years in digital marketing and now shares his experiences and expertise on Twitter. He talks a lot about influencer marketing and some genuine advice he learnt along his journey. He is a huge figure for both big and small companies. 

AJ Ghergich

AJ is a content marketing, SEO and SEM consultant. He shares all his insights of what he knows and what he wishes to learn on his Twitter. He likes to collect all topics under a singular article and usually shares them on his account. 

Ann Handley

Ann is the Head of content at MarketingProfs and a best-selling author. If you want a step-by-step guide on content marketing with guided tutorials then you should definitely follow her! Her aim is to make content marketing user-friendly and has done a very good job maintaining that!


Digiday does NOT sugarcoat when it comes to digital marketing. Straightforward advice with actionable tips on how to solve problems. If you don’t want to waste your time, follow Digiday for some full to the point content. 

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an account on Twitter which posts all about the best practices, tips and insights of social media. All of these come from real professionals who know exactly what they are talking about. They often invite thought leaders and industry experts to share their views and experiences via interviews. 

Yannick Veys

If you’re ever looking for social media advice from all platforms tied to one place then look no further than the CEO of Hypefury’s account. You’ll often find threads on growing on Twitter and LinkedIn. From humor to engaging with the audience, you’ll definitely find it all!

Marketing Week

This account is strictly for marketing news, insights and analysis. If you want to keep your Twitter work-related, then this is the account for you. It comes to the point with all the latest marketing trends and calls out the unnecessary bullshit. 

Marketing Examples

We all have a pretty short attention span and this account is for all of us! Their entire account is filled with visuals to teach everyone about marketing. Think of the account as, marketing made easy, (easy on the eyes at least – it’s super visual!). This site is easy to digest which is why this account is a MUST follow. 

Angie Schottmuller

Another Forbes top-rated online marketer! Angie has been advising businesses for 17 years and now shares her experiences on Twitter! She runs Artisan Interactive and tweets about everything you should or will need to know about marketing your business/brand. 

Peep Laja

Peep is the CEO and founder of CXL. He has been voted the #1 influential conversion rate optimization in the world. Not only does he post a lot of tips and tricks about marketing and optimization on Twitter, but he coaches people too! 

Twitter has over  229 million users as of today, and that number is still growing! This is a great time to showcase your business and build your brand. There will definitely be people interested in you! 

If you want growth tips, shoutouts, share your wins or are interested in growing yourself online, join the Hypefury Discord community!

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