5 top LinkedIn influencers and why great bios are a key to their success8 min read

First impressions are essential. You’ve probably heard that before, and that’s because it’s true. The first thing people think of when they first meet you sets the tone for how they will interact with you.

A solid first impression leaves people eager to know and connect with you. The same is true for social media. That is why influencers constantly rework their profiles to present their best selves.

On LinkedIn, your profile design can mean the difference between countless new opportunities and endless frustration. In this article, we will look at 5 top LinkedIn influencers and explore why their LinkedIn biographies are a big part of their success.

5 Top LinkedIn Influencers & Why their Bios is a key to their success

Lou Adler

If you’re on LinkedIn often, chances are you’re looking to get a job or grow your network. Either way, one of the best people to follow is Lou Adler.

Lou Adler LinkedIn profile

Lou knows a thing or two about making the right impression. He is the author of Hire with your Head: The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired and the CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems. 

Lou’s profile is a prime example of what it takes to make an impression on people. His header features his formula for win-win hiring success and all the variables that fit into the question. It gets you to take a minute and think about it and everything else you could learn from following Lou.

The rest of Lou’s profile has a picture of him smiling and a quick overview of who Lou is and all the topics he speaks on.

What makes Lou’s LinkedIn bio great? 

Lou’s LinkedIn bio makes a strong impression right away. The first time you come across it, you feel compelled to stop and read what the header says. And, once you understand it, the benefits of following Lou become apparent. You’ll either learn how to make better hiring decisions or how to get yourself the job you want.

The rest of Lou’s LinkedIn profile is welcoming and explains his credentials. And, with close to 1,4 million followers, it’s easy to see why Lou’s LinkedIn bio influences others to follow him. 

Carson Tate

Carson Tate is a productivity expert and the author of Own It, Love It, Make It Work: How To Make Any Job Your Dream Job. She is the perfect person to follow if you want to integrate fun and fulfillment into your work.

Carson Tate LinkedIn

Carson’s LinkedIn biography is arguably the best of all the bios in this article. Her header is vibrant; colorful, and it shows a book that appears to be quite the read. She also has a light, welcoming, and friendly-looking profile picture. That and her loaded bio description do an excellent job of impressing her worth to anyone that visits her profile.

What makes Carson’s LinkedIn bio great?

What is not to love about it? More than getting you to follow her, Carson’s LinkedIn bio probably gets loads of people checking out her book. Her profile is just that good; it shows that she talks about two issues most LinkedIn users probably grapple with; productivity and work fulfillment.

Carson’s LinkedIn profile also shows that she has worked extensively in her field, is a contributor to respected publications, and is worth all the attention you pay to her. 

Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh has mastered the art of building social media audiences. He has a combined audience of over 350 thousand people between LinkedIn and Twitter. On LinkedIn, Justin has close to 240 thousand followers, and from his profile, it’s easy to see why.

Justin Welsh LinkedIn

Justin’s straight-to-the-point profile highlights all the reasons you should follow him in one glance. He has a striking profile picture; the same one he has on Twitter so he is easily identifiable by his audience across platforms, and his header is a bold image that shows exactly what his about. Right away you can see his two info-products and all the publications and places that have recognized his work.

Below his header, Justin has a one-line bio that lets everyone in on his ambitious goal and then you find out all the things he talks about. 

What makes Justin’s LinkedIn bio great?

Justin’s LinkedIn biography makes a strong impression because it is focused and highlights his strong points.

First, there is the profile picture. A high-quality profile picture is a must if you want your LinkedIn biography to hold your attention. It makes you easily identifiable, so everyone knows they are dealing with the right person. And, Justin having the same profile picture across all his social media makes it easier for his fans to recognize him on all the platforms they are on.

The second great thing about Justin’s LinkedIn bio is his header image. A header image takes up a lot of real estate on a profile page, and Justin uses it to great effect. When you first see it, you immediately know if you fall into Justin’s target audience and what he has to offer you. Simply doing this allows Justin to filter his audience so that whatever content they come across from his will meet their expectations in some way.

Justin’s LinkedIn profile also shares his ambitious goal, and who doesn’t want to see someone achieve such a feat, right? At the very least, you’ll be entertained, educated, and inspired, and if you pay attention, you might learn enough to accomplish some goals of your own.

James Watson

James Watson is the Managing Director of More Results Marketing, a marketing agency and consulting organization that helps businesses grow their revenue. He is also a growth consultant and LinkedIn Outreach expert.

James Watson LinkedIn profile

James Watson is another LinkedIn influencer with a profile worth examining. Like Justin, James has a striking profile picture that he also uses for his social media accounts. He also has a bold header that promotes his info-products and shows him in a strong pose.

James’ LinkedIn bio clearly states what he does, and he has included numbers as a value measure that helps people understand the benefit of connecting with him.

Lastly, James’ bio has a banner showcasing the services he offers.

What makes James’ LinkedIn bio great? 

James’ LinkedIn bio is a big part of his success. His bio shows that he knows what he talks about and that he is confident in his ability to generate the results he claims. James’ LinkedIn bio is also curated to appeal specifically to business people looking to grow their businesses or make use of his LinkedIn expertise.

James revealing the value of the deals he has closed and the ROI from them also sends a strong message that he is out to do the same for you if only you would connect with him. That, and the addition of the banner listing the services he offers at the bottom of his profile, shows that James relies on his LinkedIn bio to create opportunities for himself and his business.

Shreya Pattar

Shreya consults with tech founders helping them with content and audience-building. Certainly, she knows a thing or two about making lasting impressions.

Shreya Pattar LinkedIn profile

The first thing you see on Shreya’s LinkedIn bio apart from her profile picture is a header showing exactly what she does and who she does it offer. Like our other influencers, Shreya knows that there’s no point in having every be part of your audience.

Having a small audience of people invested in what you’re doing will always be better than having millions of indifferent people following you. Shreya’s bio also lists the services she offers, and her skills, and invites interested people to reach out to her.

Shreya, like James, also added a banner with the services she provides so people can easily see what they’ll get when they land on her profile.

What makes Shreya’s LinkedIn bio great? 

By now you probably understand the benefit of a high-quality profile picture. All three influencers up to now use the same image for their social media accounts, and that should tell you how important it is.

Unlike the first two influencers, Shreya used the real estate on her header to announce the service she offers in writing and to plug her other social media channels and contact information.

Shreya’s LinkedIn bio is undoubtedly key to her success. It clearly states what she offers and those after it will no doubt be moved to action by Sherya’s invitation to connect.

What makes a great LinkedIn biography?

We’ve looked at the profiles of 5 Top Linkedin influencers from micro-influencers to full-fledged influencers and by now you should have a good idea of what it takes to make a great LinkedIn profile.

To conclude, here is a quick recap of the three points you should optimize on your LinkedIn bio.

Profile picture

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be a clear, unobscured shot of you. It can be a face shot or a half-body shot, but whoever is looking at your profile should be able to see exactly what you look like.


Your header takes up a lot of space on your profile, and you should use it wisely. If you have something to promote, your header is the place to do it, otherwise use it to share something about yourself, the way you think, or your ambition.

Profile description

Your LinkedIn profile description should succinctly describe you and what you do so people can get a sense of who you are from reading it. It should also include all the topics a follower can expect to see you cover in your content.

You shouldn’t feel the need to appeal to everyone. Focus on making an impression on the people you want to connect with most. If you try to please everyone you’ll be met with indifference.

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