How using an alt Twitter account can help you grow multiple brands7 min read

Separating brands on social media through alt accounts can help you keep your offers and audiences focused

Twitter’s status as an audience-building platform is undisputed. It’s one of the best platforms for new creators to share their craft and grow their audience and brand.

But, one of the most underrated aspects of Twitter is how easy it is to grow multiple brands at the same time.

Twitter’s content format makes it super easy for creators to develop multiple personas and position themselves to appeal to different audiences.

In this article, you will see how using alt Twitter accounts can help you grow multiple brands simultaneously.

What is an alt Twitter account?

An alt Twitter account is simply an alternate Twitter account a Twitter user uses to share different content aimed at an entirely different audience.

Alt Twitter accounts, like alternate accounts on other social media platforms, are a way to split up and manage your online presence.

People use them to separate work and play, explore different sides of themselves, or engage in hyper-specific niches and conversations that their primary audience might not like.

How alt Twitter accounts could help you grow multiple brands

Onlyfans is an easy example of why some Twitter users might need to use alt accounts. Onlyfans is a platform subscription service used primarily for sharing sexual content. And while some enjoy publishing and engaging with such content, they prefer not to share that interest with everyone.

Alt accounts allow Onlyfans creators to share their content with just those members of their audience that see the appeal in it. And likewise, the followers use alt accounts to enjoy content from their favorite Onlyfans creators without being met with judgment and criticism for what they like.

Another reason why people use alt accounts is to keep their online presence hidden from their employers and nosy colleagues.

It is easy to get into trouble for sharing the incorrect opinion or even liking the wrong post, so why take the risk when you could avoid it using an anonymous account?

Simply put, alt Twitter accounts offer you the freedom to express yourself fully on every topic you want, effectively allowing you to grow multiple brands on separate accounts at once.

How to effectively set up your alt Twitter account

Setting up an alt Twitter account is as easy as setting up a regular one, but there are extra precautions you should take if you don’t want your alt account getting linked back to you.

The first precaution you should take is to avoid using a number and email address linked to your real identity in any way. 

Setting up a fake email address takes just a matter of seconds, and there a many online number generators or SMS applications you can use to verify a random phone number for your alt accounts.

Next, you should make sure your alias or username isn’t easily recognizable by people that know you. Having a username that your regular followers, friends, or colleagues could easily recognize as belonging to you could compromise your secret identity and render it useless.

Your profile picture and header should also not link back any accounts you’ve used in the past with your real identity. You should maintain total separation between your primary account and every other account you create.

Lastly, resist the temptation to use your alt accounts as easy engagement for your primary account. 

Many Twitter users use fake accounts to retweet and like their own content, but it is pretty obvious what they are doing. 

Never like, retweet, or comment on content from either account with any of your other profiles. You never know who could recognize it and figure you out.

If you’re after easy engagement for your content, then engagement groups and robots are the tools to use, not alt accounts.

Growing your alt accounts

Growing multiple social media accounts is a big task. Most people can hardly grow one account at a time, but with the right strategy and tools, you can establish more than one brand simultaneously.

Below are the five keys to unlocking growth for your brands using alt Twitter accounts:

Have a content plan for each brand

One of the biggest challenges creators face when trying to grow multiple brands on different accounts is the demand to put out quality content for all their accounts.

The best way to meet this demand is to have a content plan built on understanding what each audience wants. You should know what themes each brand will focus on, the formats you will use in your content creation, and the design schemes for each brand.

Once you have thought your content plans through, write them down so you can always revisit them for direction in your content creation process.

Create content in advance

 A content plan will help you create good content, but the best way to stay on top of your brand’s content output is to create content ahead of time for all your accounts.

Trying to create great content on-the-fly is difficult enough for one account and pretty much impossible for any more than that. 

You should create and stockpile content to share for all your accounts to give yourself room to be more creative and time for other things outside of growing on Twitter.

Banking content will also leave you time to review it and guard against sharing duplicate or subpar content to keep up with the pressure.

Have a content schedule

Once you have all your content, setting up a schedule for how it is published should be your next priority. 

A schedule will help you avoid going for long spells without posting on one of your accounts. 

Hypefury is the perfect tool to help you manage your content output for more than one account. You will get custom-designed tools to help grow your brand and expand your reach effortlessly while leaving you enough time to get to the more entertaining things in your life.

If you are serious about growing multiple accounts simultaneously, using a schedule is a must. There are countless options to choose from with solutions for individual creators and enterprise-level content teams.

We have even put together a list of 32 incredible tools to make growing your Twitter all that easier.

But, if you want a creator-focused tool that will keep evolving to suit your needs, then you can start using it for FREE right now.

Prioritize engagement 

The fourth key to unlocking growth for your alt Twitter accounts is prioritizing engagement with your followers across all the profiles you maintain.

Engagement is the foundational principle of all social media growth tactics. And, if you want that growth for yourself, you’ll need to put time into engaging with the followers of each of those brands.

Positioning your alt accounts as brands that enjoy engaging with their followers will help you grow faster because your followers will be more likely to recommend the experience you provide to their followers and friends.

Spending time building your network and getting acquainted with other creators and brands will accelerate your growth and create opportunities to expand your reach and tap their audiences for yourself.

Review and iterate constantly

Lastly, you must constantly review your content plan, formats, creation methods, schedule, and every other aspect of your strategy and improve on them.

Reviewing your strengths and weaknesses will help you optimize your process and allow you to take full advantage of all the opportunities each of your brands can exploit.

This last key is also vitally important because as your brands grow, the expectations placed on them will change. Your followers will expect better quality, more specific knowledge, and innovation in how you set yourself apart from everyone else.

Only through reviewing your brands will you be able to adapt and keep them from plateauing before they reach the heights you want them to.

You cannot be all things to everyone; that is why you must be one thing to some people and another to a different set of people.

If a part of who you are or what you like does not fit into the mold of who you are on Twitter right now, limiting your self-expression is not the way to fix that.

Having alt Twitter accounts allows you to share yourself and your opinions with people that will most appreciate them, and now you know how to use one for yourself.

Hypefury is a great tool for not just one, but multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

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