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Twitter announced recently that it would be making a return to verifying accounts. As early as January 20th, users’ will be able to apply for verification. The process which came to a halt in 2017 will resume once again with the coveted “blue tick” up for grabs once more. The new process will feature some changes, with some accounts at risk of losing their verified status. Inactive accounts, accounts that don’t meet the new requirements, or those that have many “TOS” violations will all be at risk.

Having that blue tick next to your name can go along a long way to cementing your Twitter credentials. And, as far as Twitter goes, it is the holy grail. The verification restart will renew hopes for those that have been waiting for a shot at it. In short, bringing it back has been way overdue.

You won’t be able to apply for verification until January 20th, 2021. However, the changes are worth noting if you hope to secure yourself a spot among the Twitter elites. After the 20th, users will be able to apply for verification within their Twitter app. You will simply have to select the category you’d like to be verified under and confirm your identity. Once that is done, the guys over at Twitter will review your application.

Share your opinion with the Twitter verification team.

Until verification opens up again, you can share your feedback with Twitter to improve their verification process.  There have been a lot of (negative) comments on the old verification process. That was one of the reasons why it was shut down in the first place. You can find the current draft of the verification process right here.  In a nutshell, if you want a verified account, you need to be: twitter verifcation As most people are (only) internet famous, there is definitely a lot of you who can still reach the verification status. You need to have a least one thing in column A and one in column B. Your best bet is probably the Wikipedia article in column B. Screenshot 2020 12 21 at 14.34.46 Besides that, you need to be active on Twitter. Tweet like a (semi) saint and abide by the rules from the Twitter gods. If you’re not very active on Twitter atm and want to grow your account, you gotta try Hypefury. We help you tweet consistently and get more engagement. Try Hypefury for free right here.

More info on how to get verified

Twitter’s new and improved process will make verification much simpler and more open. Users will have an easier time getting verified based on their following and influence. The process will feature new categories for companies, brands, entertainment, and sports personalities, and government personnel, to name a few. Twitter hopes to add more verification categories over time. In the meantime, users may still get their account verified under “activist, organizer, and other influential individuals.” Categories for journalists, academics, religious leaders, and many like that may come about as the verification process evolves.

Other changes Twitter intended to roll out with the revamped verification process include making it much easier for users to distinguish human-run accounts from automated bot accounts. Users will have to verify their email and phone numbers, as well as change their display name and profile to align with Twitter’s new policy or risk losing their coveted blue tick.

Twitter also plans to strip several inactive accounts of their verified status as well as memorialize the accounts of deceased users as part of the overhaul. A new application process for memorializing an account is also in the works. The idea being users should be able to tell when they interact with a deceased user’s account.

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