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Run Twitter polls 10 times better. Increase impressions & boost your account’s analytics.

Running polls on Twitter is easy and fun. But to take it to the next level, wherein others notice you, & you stand out is the extra mile worth going.

1. Avoid simple Yes & No options- 

We all expect & see ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ options in Twitter’s polls tweet. These are the most common if not all-the-time used options on Twitter polls. Also the most ignored ones.


As Andy Andrews says- 

“If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong. Why? Because most people are not obtaining results that are considered extraordinary.”

(read a couple more of his thoughts by clicking here)

a. Let’s understand the philosophical reason first

When not choosing to ask plain ‘yes’ & ‘no’ questions, you’re getting a chance to elaborate on your question to your audience, and give them the perspective you’ve regarding the question. Otherwise, people answer after perceiving the question from a personal, & altogether different angle. And most importantly your mind will force you to think, in order to write more on the options. Hence, reading the question & putting the responses will offer you better clarity. Who knows if in the process you find the question incomplete, redundant, or deep enough to write in your daily journal? 

b. Psychological reason

When your followers are repeatedly coming across the ‘yes’ & ‘no’ options, it doesn’t take long for them to develop a blind spot for it. 

By writing more brief options, you’re giving them a reason to stop. You’re inviting other users to spend more time on your tweet. Or just make them stop scrolling and pause to read what you got in those 4 tiny boxes. 

Here are a couple of examples of such a type of tweet-


The idea could be seen as similar to passing the (thumb) scroll test. Which means you’ve got more eyeballs and people for your discourses.

By writing more about the question, you can present so many points of yours, from different aspects and more.

You can also, add a few emotions by including the Gen-Z terms to express a feeling.


2. Stitch another tweet right below your poll

Attach your follow-up thoughts, your past realization, or something that occurred to your mind after reading the comments under the tweet or the like. If you received a few insights in your Twitter DMs from friends, share them! Give a broader picture of your question. Another thing you can do is to free your thoughts/perceptions/POV that brought you here. Its backstory, you know. Many times we forget that the audience didn’t go through the events as we did to come up with the particular question. Hence, things might look different to you from your standpoint, but it doesn’t necessarily be the same from your audience’s view. Seize the opportunity, my friend!

3. Don’t keep the default time of 24 hours

I’m pretty sure both of us must have come across great tweets which are posted a week or so ago. Sometimes they’re entertaining, other times value-adding, & etcetera.

And every day, I come across dozens of Twitter polls, but sadly I’m almost always unable to vote there. Yes, you guessed it right, so many great tweets I came across are tweeted a couple of days before I can vote. Therefore, extend the period of your Twitter polls. Change the default time of 24 hours(1 day) to much more. So that more people can participate and maximize the number of your response. Plus there are certain hours of the day when your polls might do well. So play around. Experiment by tweeting polls at different hours of the day; every week. By changing it every week, within a month you’ll have data of what is working in your favor. 

blogHP 1

And you don’t need to put your important work aside just to tweet. At Hypefury, of the many features, we’ve got a feature that will help you schedule not just 1 but as many polls as you like. Hence, not missing the benefits of peak hours. Also, it’s free! Try it out by clicking here.

4. Break the monotony

Switch between different types of questions. Asking questions only in a serious tone, will not help you. Surprise your audience. Be witty, be clever, and show all the different hats you wear. Ask questions of a mixed bag of emotions. Try active & inactive voice. After noticing what is working, trace what’s that your audience is showing more interest or engaging with the most. Tracking it will give you insights into what your audience is interested in the most. Finally, double down on the data you’ve got.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 22 at 10.34.58 PM

If you need help, at Hypefury we also give you analytics on your best-performing polls, as well as tweets. Give it a try? We will get your analytics in your mailbox every day or every week(as per your choice) and give you the insights you need to do better. 

If you’re someone who can write great Tweets out of prompts, then consider taking our Twitter daily challenge. We all know that winning on Twitter requires one to tweet multiple times a day if not more. We’re attempting to help you a little to form a habit of tweeting something daily. And hence, reach your Twitter goals.

You can follow us on Twitter to get inspiration to write daily. And grow on Twitter massively. Happy Tweeting!


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