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Wait….. What is Twitter Daily thingy all about?

 It is a challenge designed to help people like you grow their twitter easily.
Once you opt in, you will be given a simple task daily to perform, these tasks are easy to execute and can take 2-5 minutes. These tasks will be delivered to your inbox everyday for 90 days. Tasks consists of all the factors necessary for growth. Tweets, Retweets, Comments, DMs. Everything!

Is it FREE?

Yes. It is absolutely free! No hidden costs

I don’t have Hypefury. Can I still join?

Yes absolutely. 
It’s to help creators like you grow and learn Twitter. We’d recommend trying Hypefury for free though, it’ll make the task even moreee easy

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you want to –
  • Grow your Twitter account
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Don’t want to waste your time confused whaaat to dooo
  • Want a community of friends to back you up
  • Want inspirations, examples, and pre written tweet to make it easy peasy


Who is it not for?

If you are someone who
  • already knows everything
  • can’t give 2-5 minutes
  • don’t want to put in the work
then, my friend. Sorry, this challenge is not for you


What is the difficulty of the tasks? I am a total newbie 🙁

Don’t worry, we got you bro!
The tasks are
  • short and simple
  • easy and do-able
  • some of them can be done with 2 clicks
  • but… some would require a bit effort
Have our word, friend. All the tasks are designed in such a way that a newbie can also do them with minimal efforts 😉
P.S. Some tasks would come pre-written! Meaning you just have to click button, edit some words and BOOM! hit send

Now, what are you waiting for?
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