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Features to Help you Grow on Instagram


Schedule Reels

With Hypefury, you can automatically schedule reels to be posted on Instagram at a certain time.

You may create content on one day and schedule them to go out throughout the week

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Generate Reels From Text

Hypefury automatically turns your best performing tweets to reels. You can edit them by choosing the video style and sound.

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Tweet to Reel

Crosspost Tweet to Instagram

Hypefury generates Instagram optimized images (Tweetshots) from your tweets. You can then schedule them to Instagram or automatically enabled the option to crosspost your tweets to Instagram every time you post.

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Tweets to Instagram

Schedule Months in Advance

You can schedule your content days, weeks or even months in the future. There is not limit on how you can schedule. Whatever works for you

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Schedule months in advance

Recurrent Posts

Recurrent posts are categorized posts that you want to be repeated from time to time. These can be testimonials, tips or anything you want.

You can have many posts and space them out so that when a post is repeated you current audience has forgotten about and your new audience get to see it for the first time

7 days Free. No credit card required.

Recurrent posts feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Hypefury for free?

You can get a 7 day free trial on our premium plan and after that you will automatically be shifted to the free plan which is free forever with limitations.

Does Hypefury work for Instagram?

Yes, Hypefury works directly with Instagram if you have a business account. Hypefury will automatically turn your tweets to optimized images for Instagram automatically without you needing to fiddle with screenshots. If you still want to use Hypefury without having an Instagram account your Tweetshots will be sent directly to your email with a link to post on Instagram.

Do I need to connect Twitter/𝕏 even if I only want to use Instagram?

Yes. For the moment you need a Twitter/𝕏 to use Hypefury. If you’re not a Twitter/𝕏 user you can just create an account and use it to connect Hypefury then you can connect with your Instagram account. You don’t need to use Twitter/𝕏.

Does Hypefury work for LinkedIn?

Yes, Hypefury supports LinkedIn. You can schedule LinkedIn posts and carousels and automatically turn your X/Twitter threads to LinkedIn carousels

What if I need help?

You can consult our help page and if you still need help you can reach out to us via the chat app

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