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Stop Spending Time Writing Prompts

Get customized prompts to generate tweets, thread ideas, and hooks.

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Results after using Hypefury's Prompt Generator

AI is said to make our lives easier but most people don’t know how to utilize AI so that it makes our lives easier.

This is because AI isn’t as smart as we think it is. It needs exact instructions so that it can perform exactly what you want.

These instructions are called prompts.

So in order for it to work the way you want, you need to be writing prompts for the exact thing that you want.

Sadly most people can not spend time perfecting and writing prompts. 

What is a Writing Prompt and Why Do You Need One?

This prompt helps you write content. If crafted well, a writing prompt can generate copies that drive conversions.

What can you create using writing prompts?

  • 𝕏 Posts
  • Threads
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Newsletter
  • Long-form articles
  • Direct Response Copy
  • Facebook Ad Creatives
  • And much more…

But to get the best out of AI, you need well-designed and detailed prompts. Regular prompts like “Generate a blog post for [Topic]” will give you mediocre results.

Why Regular Prompts Don't Perform Well

ChatGPT needs exact instructions

It takes time to write a prompt and perfect it

There is a lot of trial and error

This is where Hypefury’s Prompt Generator comes into place.

It give you the exact prompts based on your niche and target audience so that you get your desired results.

Regular Prompts

Results generated using normal prompt

Personalized Prompts

Results after using Hypefury's Prompt Generator

Hypefury's Prompt Generator

What do you need a prompt for?

What is your niche?

What is your target audience?

More info?

(Idea for thread, info about thread for hook, etc.
Reply "None" if no more info