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Twitter/𝕏 Intent Generator

The easiest way to make people share your content from a pre-populated tweet link

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What are Twitter/𝕏 Intents?

Twitter/𝕏 intents are ways to enable users to interact on Twitter from a website or application using links. They provide a way to create links that when clicked perform different actions such as compose a tweet, likes a tweet or follow an account. For this case, this tool creates a link to compose a tweet. You can use tweet intents to make it easier for people to share your blog post, products or website

How to Create Twitter/𝕏 Intents?


Compose your tweet text

Compose your tweet text in the input area


Add your link

Add a link to your blog post, product or website. You can leave this empty if you don’t want to share a link

intent gen

Learn Twitter/𝕏 Marketing in 2024

Here is a free guide to learn about Twitter/𝕏 marketing in 2024

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