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Tweet Templates to Plug and Play

There is no __________

without ________

Someone will always be ________.

But they will never be you.

Not caring about ________

is a sign of self-confidence.

Focus on your ________.

You will naturally get lucky.

Everyone does __________.

The trick is to __________

It costs $0.00 to be


________ is more

important than IQ.

___________ is the

best indicator of success.

______ is a habit.

Get addicted to it.

If you can do ______

you can also do _______

_________ is the

path to freedom.

If you want average, do _____

If you want exceptional, do ____

Me x years back:                   

Me now:      


In x year of <niche>, I learned:







And this is just the beginning.

First 6 months in X:                  

After 6 months in X:

Stay consistent.

Being ________ is hard.

Not being _______ is worse.

_______ today will lead

to _______ tomorrow

_________ is found at the intersection of hard work and taking chances.

________ is the key to

achieve more in less time.

If you can’t do <big thing>, do <mini thing>

Change the way, not the goal.

_______ is overrated

________ is underrated

________ is what separates

the best from the rest.

It’s not the lack of _______

it’s the lack of focus that is stopping you.

Nothing is more attractive than


________ speaks louder

than anything else.

All paths to success have _____

and ______ in them

_________ is the biggest

cause of unhappiness.

________ is a mindset

not an outcome.

You don’t need more time,

you need more _______

________ is the greatest gift

you can give yourself