6 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Product on Twitter 7 min read

Promote Your Product on Twitter 

We all know that just making a product is not enough. We need to market it in order to generate sales. And to not sound like a sales rep (representative) while advertising or promoting your product is like standing out.

At the same time, driving sales numbers by positioning your brand (which could also be personal) and the product is imperative. In the online medium, things should be done the right way or at least better than before. Twitter, if used properly can turn out to be your lucky charm.

Here’s a roadmap with 6 creative ideas which you can mix and match or solely use one or rotate with time & again.

Presenting you the 6 creative ideas to promote your product on Twitter.

1. Free! Free! Free!

Give out the first few products for free. By tweeting about a limited amount of free products, your tweet won’t just get you your first exposure but the first few people whom you give the product for free will be more than happy to submit a review of the product. This can be later on used as a piece of evidence to convince others to buy your product. If not free at least give an ‘early bird’ discount to a particular number of users. This can be 50, 100, or as you desire. This will give a boost to people to make a purchase. If done properly this can hype your product to another level.

In both of these ways, you can run various competitions like making certain memes or decoding a line of sentences with the help of emojis. That is you tweet 3 or 4 emojis that can be interpreted and a proper sentence can be framed. In case of free, the product can be rewarded by either randomly picking 5-10 winners or the first few who answer correctly.

2. Prove its utility

Show it! Write a thread on the pain points to gain the trust of your target audience. Through this, they’ll be able to rely on you and be assured that your product will help them immensely. And at last, you should plug your product by attaching a tweet promoting it.

By announcing in the 1st tweet that there’s a surprise in the thread and providing a coupon code at the end you can not just improve the click rate on the thread but also leave a call to action at the end.

3. Collaborations

There’s a limit to how many users you can reach individually. By collaborating with someone you can open doors that will bring exciting results for you that you may not have found otherwise. You’ll basically be able to stand on someone’s else shoulders and use that leverage to grow. Collaborate with someone who’s an expert in the industry you are targeting.

Cold reach out to them. If you want to make the deal smoother, make sure your account is active and has gathered a good amount of followers and engagement (more on this later).

4. Power of storytelling

Just having a useful product is not enough — you’ve got to focus your audience’s attention toward it. One of the ways to do this is by narrating your story. Talk about how your product came to life. Basically, you’re trying to give them a taste of your struggle with how the product was formed. While writing a Twitter thread you can attach a screenshot of a chat conversation that happened months or years ago between you, your friend, or client on how the issue that your product is solving was a burning fire you back in the day. Show that a real pain led to a product journey.

Or else you can write about how you scratch your own itch with the product. You can attest to any past photo of the beginning of your product journey or share an experience of your own struggle. The aim here is to invite others to experience the same feeling and find empathy and relatability with you and other users of the product.

5. Promoting with the help of an another viral/popular free product

In case you have a few past products then you can use it as a tool to drive more traffic to your current product.

For example, you can begin by announcing to give one of your past products for free again and once people land on the page claiming it, you can plug your new product and give a description about it. In case your current product is an extension of the past free product then the people who buy the free product can ensure that you’re an expert in this field. And out of the people who get your free product a small percentage will surely be interested in going deep into the topic that you’re covering in your new paid product.

If in case, you don’t have a past product, make a simple yet useful e-book or something along the line to give out for free through Twitter, and while they check out with it on your Gumroad or other site make sure to promote your new product.

6. Testimonials

Remember the first idea of giving a few free products or the early bird discount? Just make sure you work hard to help them with any doubt or query to make sure they’re delighted with the experience. They’re the living testimonials for you. Imagine the good tweets they’ll do after using your product.

Again, you can keep incentives for people to tweet about your product review and get a bigger audience for your product. Of course, the goodwill that will come is unimaginable. Word of mouth will kick in. If you’ve cold outreached to a recognizable individual in your field, use their feedback to showcase others.

Or, just show results from your regular customers who purchased your product. You know like before & after thing? You can ask the people who buy, use and love your product to give you a shoutout on Twitter. For ideas of giving incentives tells them by giving a shoutout they’ll receive some other special small product/cheatsheet/guide/ebook. Either you can give something to everyone or if you’re giving something expensive, you can say 10 out of 5 feedback will get something. Giveaway of a few physical books or discount on your next/other products.

In Conclusion

With this also make sure you put out regular content or at least have enough content so that when someone stumbles upon your profile they can believe that you know your game. That’s if you’re selling a course on cold email or email marketing, then your flair for writing should be reflected in your content. Maybe in most cases, your follower count might not matter a lot. But it’s always a good idea to have a decent number of people following you to gain the trust of the new wave of users who will be clicking & viewing your Twitter profile.

If you’re just starting out or want to tweet dozens of stuff around your new product topic then it’s a good practice to batch a lot of content and tweet them. 4 to 5 tweets a day can be a target. Generating so much content can be challenging for most of us. Hypefury is a fanatic’s Social Media Management (SMM) tool to help you achieve your goals. The ‘inspirational panel’ on Hypefury will showcase to you 100s of ideas that are getting traction in your particular niche. And then you can take inspiration and write content around it. With Hypefurry you can also easily automate your tweets(distraction-free), DM the comments you get on your particular tweet, and automate your Gumroad (or other) sales hence not compromising your work-life balance and at the same time keeping your Twitter algorithm happy. Retweeting your own tweet is also a superb habit to help you get discovered by various other accounts.

Here’s the importance of retweeting:

Importance of retweeting

By having big accounts follow you can earn the mutual trust of the new users coming across your tweet and profile. The next question you might have is how to get certainly big accounts or the accounts you admire to follow you back. A simple way of doing this is to be genuinely interested in what they’re tweeting about and by commenting on thoughtful lines. You can then become a cheerleader of them by giving a shoutout to follow their account or subscribe to their newsletter and the like. Just remember to be genuinely appreciating and interested. With this best of luck with the marketing of your product(s) on Twitter.

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