You’ve landed on this page because you’re interested in growing your Twitter followers, is it? Well, if Twitter marketing is for you and you think like us that running a Twitter promotion that can increase your Twitter followers is the best way to monetize your Twitter account, then we are here to help. We’ll tell you how to schedule an unlimited number of Twitter posts and threads and how to grow your Twitter account organically.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, and it can be a great way to connect with customers and promote your business. But keeping up with Twitter can be time-consuming, especially if you’re posting multiple times a day. That’s where automation comes in – by using tools to automatically schedule your tweets, you can save time and maximize your reach.

TwitterIf you are a content creator or you would want to become one, start with Twitter. It’s an incredibly useful platform if you’re into writing. You can drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog, your website, or to your courses. We’re talking about thousands of followers, your potential clients!

To help you in this endeavor, Hypefury is the best tool you can opt for.

With Hypefury, your Twitter account runs on autopilot. You can schedule weeks or months of content and basically chill. There’s no need to worry about posting tweets manually. Let our software take care of that!

If you’re struggling with content, the Inspiration Panel gives you inspiration from successful tweets in your niche, to come up with new ideas.

You will love the increased engagement with the auto-retweet feature that retweets your tweet after certain hours.

Do you fancy getting newsletter subscribers on auto-pilot?

Simple. Just enable the auto-plug feature. It will plug your newsletter under your tweets that perform well.

Growing on Twitter is a science, Hypefury helps you identify that.

Twitter Scheduler App to Automate & Monetize Twitter




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Inspiration Panel
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Inspiration Panel
Connected Twitter accounts
Schedule unlimited tweets and threads
Start my free 7-day trial

(No credit card required)

Inspiration Panel
Connected Twitter accounts
Schedule unlimited tweets and threads
Start my free 7-day trial

(No credit card required)

Scheduling Twitter polls with Hypefury

Twitter is a very opinionated space, and nothing gets you all those opinions all at once like a Twitter poll.

Twitter polls are crazy effective at creating engagement and getting inside your followers’ heads. One poll at a time, you can find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about what content your audience wants and what you should be focused on.

Twitter polls aren’t strictly for super-sleuthing. You can also use them to have fun and bring some lightheartedness to the TL. They are a great way to rescue your followers from doomscrolling hell.

The engagement, connections, and fun Twitter polls create are priceless. That’s why it’s such a letdown that Twitter won’t let you use them to their fullest potential.

But, we have some great news for you.

Hypefury now supports scheduling Twitter polls, and to mark the release of Hypefury’s new Twitter poll scheduling feature we are telling you all about how you can level up your Twitter polls.

Twitter polls with Hypefury

Twitter polls are undoubtedly one of Twitter’s most fun features. But, before now, you couldn’t set your polls in advance or enjoy guaranteeing yourself engagement and insight from your followers.

With Hypefury, you can now schedule your Twitter polls for whenever you want.

For the most part, using Hypefury for your Twitter polls is similar to using Twitter, except you can now do it weeks or months in advance instead of scrambling every time you want to learn something about your followers.

None of Twitter’s platforms, the mobile apps, the desktop version, or Tweetdeck support scheduling Twitter polls.

Tweetdeck doesn’t even support Twitter polls altogether. And, as great a tool as they are, you’d think Twitter would have made it easier for creators, brands, and marketers to use.

We’ve previously covered how you can use Twitter polls and the different things you can do with them, so, be sure to check that out. In this post, we’ll focus strictly on how you can now schedule your Twitter polls with Hypefury.

Scheduling Twitter polls with Hypefury

To schedule your first Twitter poll, click on “Compose” in the bottom right of your screen.

The composer will open, allowing you to write your tweet in the mini-window, the full-size window, or in focus mode.

To schedule your first Twitter poll, click on “Compose” in the bottom right of your screen.

The composer will open, allowing you to write your tweet in the mini-window, the full-size window, or in focus mode.

Step 1 poll schedule

To turn your tweet into a poll, click on the poll icon.

Step 2 poll schedule

Write your question.

Step 3 poll schedule

Add your options. The default number of options for your poll is two, but you can add more options by clicking on the four squares next to option 2. Like on a normal Twitter poll, your answers are limited to 25 characters per option.

Step 4 poll schedule

Set the poll duration.

Step 5 poll schedule

Why schedule Twitter polls?

Scheduling Twitter polls, like scheduling tweets, gives you maximum control over how you prepare and share your content. It allows you to do things your way and ensures that you always have that ever-precious audience when you need it..

Spontaneous posts are the heart and soul of the Twitter experience. That in-the-moment exchange of opinions is what makes Twitter special. But, we all still expect curated, quality content on our timelines.

So, just like the expert marketers, creators, and brands know to keep high-value content in the chamber, staying on top of your audience’s needs is not something you should take for granted.

Scheduling Twitter polls is an easy way to keep your audience engaged. It is also the easiest way to get them to speak their mind to you.. And, the more you know about your audience, the better equipped you’ll be to stay relevant to them.

Twitter polls don’t have to solely be about doing content research, either. There’s alot of fun to be had with them. You simply have to get a little creative.

One of the best times an audience has is when you step out of your boundaries and show them the sides of you they never get to see.

A scheduled Twitter poll can be a greater reminder to leave your shell and get personal with your fans. You can use those moments to share what you like, the things you enjoy, what you get up to when you’re not busy churning out content, and a whole lot of other things.

And, the awesome thing about a Twitter poll is that it won’t be one-way communication. Loads of people will be interacting back, and you’ll get to see just how diverse your audience is.

Twitter turns toxic when it’s a one-sided barrage of opinions, but scheduled Twitter polls can help you show your followers that you value their opinions and are genuinely interested in how they see things.

How to use your scheduled Twitter polls

So, now that you know how to set up your scheduled Twitter polls and why you should be using them, we can finally talk about the two ways you can use them as part of your content strategy.

Use your scheduled polls as a precursor to new content
The best thing you can do as content creator or brand is make sure your audience is always hyped up about what you have to share. The competition is tough, and if you don’t keep the excitement levels on a high your, you content will pass unnoticed like a ship in the time.

You should ue your Twitter polls, together with your content schedule, to stir up excitement about what’s next. You can use your polls to gauge expectations, make final adjustments to your strategy, or to pull your followers attention away from all the noise on the timeline.

Dripping scheduled polls onto your feed is a great way to get everyone talking up what you have in the works.

Use your scheduled Twitter poll as a reminder to unwind

The life of a creator is complicated, and if you don’t take a break every once in a while, it’ll all start to feel like a chore and less of a joy. That’s why you should schedule a reminder for yourself to take things easy.

You can schedule a random Twitter poll to remind you to unwind or schedule one based on something you enjoy doing regularly. A great way to do this is by scheduling a Twitter poll for the start of your favourite TV show or sports event. That way, you can have a blast chatting along with your followers and introduce them to some of the things you enjoy.

Use your scheduled Twitter polls to mark transitions in time and content
Another great way you can use your scheduled polls is by setting them for the holidays or for transitions from Q1 to Q2 and so forth.

Scheduling polls for changes in seasons will help you stay on top of what you should be doing. It can be pretty useful for knowing what content your followers want before it’s too late and for knowing if you should be running sales or promotions to keep your followers clamouring after your stuff.

Using polls as a marker will also help you keep your followers moving in loc step with you. This will be particularly useful if you teach or mentor your followers. Seeing polls about different topics or ideas will help them know shift their certain things.

For example, if you’re a marketer, and your followers start seeing polls about Q4, BFCM and Christmas, they’ll instinctively know that it’s time to start focus strategies around that area. As a leader of your people, using your scheduled polls in this way will make your job much easier and help you build perceptive students.

But what is Twitter?

Twitter is an awesome place on the internet. It’s almost like a country on the Internet – the CEO is the Governor of the State and all the users are the citizens. The place gives its users every bit of right to express their thoughts and opinions (*coughs*). Jokes aside, the platform is highly autonomous and gives users a chance to be known worldwide. How?

Because of its nature, the platform employs massive network effects. A person with 100 followers ends up having his tweet explode to millions of likes and comments. I can almost hear you saying, “Instagram and Facebook and TikTok have a similar scale of virality. So, what’s special about Twitter?”

Firstly, it is a platform where the high performers of the world hang out. That does not happen on other platforms. These people are able to share their thoughts and opinions on Twitter quickly because it’s a textual medium.

Secondly, the audience on Twitter is more likely smarter than other platforms.

Thirdly, you can make money with literally 1000 followers.

That’s Twitter for you.

When do I need a Twitter presence?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t even be asking this question.

If you want to be relevant in the next 5-10 years, you must be active and have a considerable following on at least one social platform. Be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, or Instagram. You must have a digital presence to be able to differentiate from the crazy digital crowd. Because believe me, the number of people hopping on the internet will conservatively be as much as 4 billion. It is projected that the global internet users will 2x in the next 5 years.

Now, if you want to leverage in so much noise, building an audience becomes imperative.

Hence, “when” is not an appropriate question. Had you asked, “why” I would’ve given an answer?

But, don’t worry. Since “why” is rumbling in your brain now, I’ll answer it.

You should really be building a Twitter Presence because YOU NEED IT.

It’s the best way to learn, grow and excel at career and life.

When you share your thoughts, or your progress, or life updates, or self-attested memes, or literally anything, you’re investing.

Yes, you heard that right. You’re investing. Because, as I said, it’s leverage. Anyone can find you on Twitter. Anyone can help you from even the remotest place on Earth if you need help. And anyone can introduce you to the right set of people you very direly need to get in touch with.

That’s why you should INVEST in building a Twitter presence.

What is a Twitter promotion?

Twitter promotion

Your Twitter presence is your digital being. It’s a whole person in itself.

This person writes about certain topics that you like, shares jokes that you find funny, shares achievements you’re proud of, propagates memes that appeal to you, or posts promotional events that you’re a part of.

That’s how you should think about your Twitter Account – be it a personal account or a brand account.


All these things mean you’re an active Twitter user.

But, we don’t want that, do we? We don’t want to occupy a small real estate on Twitter with only 15 followers half of who are inactive. We don’t want to only consume content on this crazy serendipitous platform.

What you really want is to create content that leverages you.


You should do all this while also having fun – which is what I mentioned before.

And that is what a Twitter presence in the truest sense means, and this is why you really need a Twitter promotion service.

What are some of the advantages of a Twitter promotion?

There are crazy advantages to having a Twitter presence.

1. Immense sharing ability

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to spread a message and promote yourself or your service/company. It doesn’t matter whether the message is intended to congratulate, persuade, inform, or condemn. (Observe how I used condemn at the end.)

In fact, Twitter is superior to other platforms in this aspect.

Your interactions on Facebook are limited to your friends and people who like your page.

Your interactions on Instagram are limited to people who follow you. To be frank, it’s possible to build an audience on Instagram but the impact of the audience is low. You’ll not observe the reach increasing beyond the first-order interactions. In other words, what you post is RARELY shared beyond the feed. Even bigger setoff is Instagram’s limited ability to drive people to click links. You must have at least 10k followers to be able to share links on your stories.

In comparison to others, LinkedIn has nicer features that make it possible to share articles. It’s very much a textual medium like Twitter and has the same network effects. However, it is largely a professional platform, and the kind of content you can create is slightly limited. But, it is a good platform to grow on.

2. Credibility

A good Twitter presence makes you credible. Let’s say, Mr. A is a Venture Capitalist and he has 100 followers and there’s another person Mr. X who is also a VC but has 15k followers.

If a founder gets approached by these gentlemen, who is more likely to be trusted?

You get the point, right?

Similarly, are you going to trust Washington State Journal or a newspaper from a third-world country?

Credibility is your quality to be believed and accepted as truthful and honest.

A Twitter promotion campaign builds credibility.

3. Network

This is perhaps the most important factor of building a Twitter Presence – the networking opportunities.

Twitter DMs give you access to the most sophisticated people on the planet and if used correctly can result in multi-million dollar deals.

Even with a couple of thousand followers, you can approach people with millions of followers to offer them your products, services, or knowledge.

It’s that simple.

Just shoot your shots and you never know what will hit.

4. Money

A Twitter presence can very easily be monetized. And remember, the amount of money you make on Twitter is not proportional to the number of followers.

There are some 1000 follower accounts, easily making $5k because they have a great offer and the ideal audience.

So if you want to make money on Twitter, come up with a great offer and then drive traffic to it.

You’ll make a shit ton of money.

Best Ways to Get Free Twitter Followers

If used correctly, Twitter can be a great tool for growing a business or a personal brand. It can assist you with branding, lead generation, and relationship building. However, you can only do so if you have genuine Twitter followers.

To gain free Twitter followers, follow these steps:

First and foremost, make your Twitter profile look professional by optimizing it. Have a decent profile picture and a decent header image that builds the brand identity of your account. Don’t change the profile picture often. Your bio should enlighten readers about you or your company. To rank higher in search results, it’s a good idea to use relevant keywords in your bio. The link in bio is a great way to drive traffic to your website so use it effectively.

Provide value under big account’s tweets. And keep in mind, first impressions last. Therefore, think twice before replying. Ask a question, “Does this help the reader in any way to understand the above tweet?” If the answer is yes, go ahead and post it. If the answer is no, don’t post it. Just with this single filtering mechanism, you’ll find the right audience following you.

Include images in your tweets to boost your engagement rate by as much as 18%. However, don’t use it in all your tweets. That becomes monotonous. Experiment with stuff. If you want your message to reach people unfiltered, use memes. Because memes are a medium of an almost lossless transmission of ideas.

Write threads. That’s the single biggest growth hack you’ll find anywhere on the internet to grow on Twitter. Write threads that are valuable to your audience. But, also write threads that might appeal to any audience (for example, a list of incredibly cool, obscure, and valuable websites).

Engage with your followers on a personal level. Answer their DMs or replies. Don’t ever take a comment or a DM for granted. Always respond to it. Do this at least till it becomes unmanageable. If you reach that level, you’re in the major leagues, my friend.

If you want to grow fast and not worry about tweeting consistently, use tools like Hypefury, Buffer, or Hootsuite.

And lastly, be consistent for at least 3 months of dedicated, and focused time block on Twitter. Because believe me, it’s the best thing you can do for your career.

Buying Twitter Followers

Buying Twitter Followers

Followers are important on any social media platform. They make the platform possible. If you have good followers, your content gets liked and shared. And who doesn’t want that?

That’s precisely why people want more followers and choose to buy Twitter followers. They want the enabling power a follower brings to the fold. When they find the time they’d have to invest to grow an audience on Twitter, they shun even the thought of it.

Instead, they opt to buy followers. So, if you have trouble digesting the fact that someone can buy followers and grow faster than you, please skip this section.

Think of it like this: Twitter opens up new avenues for bloggers or content creators to share their thoughts and ideas. It is a hub for intellectual people who like to express their thoughts in words. Every Twitter user needs followers for their content to spread around the Twitter community. In a unique perspective, such people ideate buying followers.

So let’s look at how you can buy Twitter followers:

1. Find credible websites that offer followers.
2. Choose a plan.
3. Verify the plan details.
4. Buy the plan.

The process is this simple.

Credible websites:

Why are these websites credible?


Disclaimer: Do your own research before you choose a website to buy followers. We do not associate with any of the above-mentioned websites. This is purely from an information perspective.

After you choose a credible website, choose a plan they offer.

Most of these websites offer plans ranging from 100 followers to 1000 followers in one go.

Choose whatever plan suits you and verify what you’ll get in return.

Don’t just pay the money.

Ask questions regarding your specific case to the customer support and then go pick the plan.

That’s it. You’re done.

Advantages of buying Twitter followers

Disadvantages of buying Twitter followers

What do you get with us?

We at Hypefury totally get what it means to be a content creator – be it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

You need to show up every day and put in the reps.


Basically, we are a one-stop solution for you to grow on Twitter. We handle everything for you – YOU ONLY HAVE TO FOCUS ON CONTENT.

What is Twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing is putting money, energy, and time into creating a strategy that will drive traffic, engagement, and sales for your brand. Brands use it to drive traffic to their websites or platforms. It's not as straightforward as other platforms, but it's doable.

Is Twitter good for promotion?

Yes, Twitter is an awesome place to promote your business or your personal brand. Because of the highly active network effects the platform employs, your tweet can go viral almost easily.

Why do I need a professional Twitter promotion?

Managing your Twitter account if you have a few hundred followers is manually possible. But, if you want to grow to thousands of followers, you need to automate this process as much as you can. It saves you precious energy and time. With a tool like Hypefury, you can grow your Twitter account on auto-pilot if you schedule your tweets in advance and use all the exciting features like auto-retweet after 12 hours or auto-plug your newsletter if your tweet crosses a certain number of likes. Everything becomes easy with Hypefury.

Can I buy real Twitter followers?

Yes, you can buy Twitter followers from a variety of websites like Viralyft, SocialPros, and GetViral. These websites have various plans for the number of followers you want. But, you should inquire about the quality of followers they provide before purchasing any plan.

How much does it cost to promote a tweet?

Promoting tweets costs anywhere between $0.5 to $2.0 per action. The action can be a click, a like, a retweet, or a reply.

Is buying Twitter followers illegal?

In terms and conditions of Twitter, it is mentioned that fake followers are not allowed. If you get caught doing so, your account may be permanently deleted. It can also lead to the suspension of your account. But in case you are buying Twitter followers from a reputed website that keeps your personal information confidential, then it is safe. However, it is always better to grow your followers organically by optimizing your account and sharing quality content.

How do I get Twitter followers fast?

To get followers fast, engage with big accounts in your niche - add value to their tweets. Do this till you are at 500 followers. Now start tweeting valuable threads and tweets that will help your followers. Keep doing this. Because all it takes is 1 good thread to get you 1000 follower days. It's that simple. Growth hack - Write useful threads.

What is the Twitter engagement rate?

According to a survey conducted by The Online Advertising Guide, - Over 1/3rd of Twitter users have an Engagement Rate of under 0.5% - Under half of Twitters users have an Engagement Rate of over 1% - Only around a quarter of Twitter users report an Engagement Rate of over 2%

How can I get 10K followers on Twitter?

The formula is simple: - Post valuable tweets and threads. - Engage with big accounts in your niche and otherwise. - Make friends with people who are the same level as you are and promote each other. You'll be at 10k followers in a few months.

How can I monetize my Twitter account?

There are a couple of things you can do: - Affiliate for products. - Sell your course. - Charge for retweets from smaller accounts. - Offer a service to people by leveraging DMs.

Is there an app to get Twitter followers?

If you want to buy followers, websites like Viralyft, SocialPros, and GetViral exist. However, it is always better to grow your followers organically by optimizing your account and sharing quality content. You can use various tools to help you grow: Canva - For creating awesome designs to post. Hypefury - To schedule tweets and threads and promote your account. Twitter Analytics - To analyze your tweets and how they perform.