Everything You Have to Know about Twitter Professional Accounts

Twitter Settings

Twitter has recently created a new option for those putting a business-oriented foot forward on the site to be more upfront about promoting themselves and their business. There is now the option to turn your account into a Professional Account and unlock all the tools that come with that conversion.

A lot of the features are similar to the ones associated with Instagram Business accounts. If you are familiar with the workings of those accounts, these perks will look very familiar.

What are the Requirements?

An account can only qualify for a Professional Account if it meets the following guidelines as set forth by Twitter.

  • The account can’t have a history of repeatedly violating the Twitter User Agreement. This means if you have been banned or shadowbanned, especially more than once, there is a high probability that this is going to disqualify you.
  • Your profile must be complete. You have to have an account name, a bio, and a profile picture.
  • Your authentic identity must be clear in your profile. Twitter clarifies this as not using another person’s name or picture. You can’t use animated characters or animals as your profile picture. Parody accounts and accounts meant to deceive are also not allowed.

Who is this for?

While obviously geared specifically toward businesses and their official Twitter accounts, this is not limited to verified or corporate accounts. Anyone can use this feature as long as they are using Twitter in a majority business capacity. If you are representing your mom-and-pop shop, trying to drum up clients for your freelance business, or otherwise using Twitter for your work then you absolutely can justify having a Professional Account. Twitter even brands them as “Professional Accounts allow businesses, brands, creators, and publishers the ability to grow and strengthen their presence on Twitter.

Side Point: At this point, it does not seem that the powers that be over at Twitter are monitoring the use of this feature. If you decide to turn on the Professional Account, there is not currently an approval process or hoops to jump through if you meet the requirements stated above. It doesn’t look like Twitter is judging if you are a business before granting you the power to use Professional Accounts. With great power comes great responsibility?

What Does a Professional Account do Differently?

Professional Accounts allow you access to branding and business tools that Twitter has put together just for folks who are looking to use Twitter in a commercial capacity. This means things like having access to Twitter’s Ad network, the Quick Promote feature, and your actual profile will become a Professional Profile.

Having a Professional Profile means that you can show specific information about your business directly on your profile in fields that your standard Twitter account doesn’t have. Twitter also says that it is working on adding more tools to this basket, like something called Twitter Shopping.

How do I Turn My Account into a Professional Account?

When you are logged into your Twitter, go to your profile settings. Scroll down until you see “Switch to Professional”. Click there and follow the prompts to make the switch from your run-of-the-mill Twitter account to an account with a suit and tie. And don’t worry, should you decide to go back to casual you absolutely can. The option to switch your account back to Standard from Professional is always available.

Do Professional Accounts Cost?

Nope! It doesn’t cost anything to turn your Twitter account from a standard user account into a Professional one.

Do Professional Accounts get Targeted for Twitter Ads?

Yes. Professional Accounts still get targeted for ads just like the rest of us poor standard accounts. However, an interesting twist is that since Professional Accounts are considered to be businesses, it seems that you cannot target Professional Accounts specifically in your ad campaigns. And Twitter has already stated that have no plans to allow for targeting of just Professional Accounts in ad campaigns.

Can I Set up My Twitter Account as a Professional Account?

No. Currently, Twitter does not give you the option to set up a brand new account as a Professional Account straight out of the gate. An account must be established first and then switched to a Professional Account. This is likely to be updated as the feature gains popularity. But for now, if you are creating an account you intend to use for business purposes, you will need to set it up the standard way, and once you have completed the setup, go back into profile settings and make the switch to a Professional Account.

Professional Accounts are a new Twitter feature allowing businesses and those using Twitter for work to have access to more tools to promote themselves. Using Professional Accounts unlocks Professional Profiles, Quick Promote and easier access to their ad network, and promises of coming tools like Twitter Shopping. It will be interesting to see if this feature takes off as creators, businesses, and creators get on board with the new account type designed for them.

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