How to write your Twitter bio for maximum impact

Twitter bio

A good Twitter bio is like the trailer to a movie. It gives away just enough to let you know you’re getting into and leaves out the rest so you turn up at the cinema. Your Twitter bio should have the same effect. It needs to make the sort of impression that turns profile visits into follows and leaves people wanting to know what your big Twitter idea is.

Sure, your account could survive without a solid bio but it also could be that much better with a killer one, so why not give it some thought? The worst that could happen is you end up with a couple more followers, and that’s not such a bad thing.

Why give your Twitter bio a thought?

Your Twitter bio is a foundational piece of your Twitter profile. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a brand, grow your following, or sell a service or product. You can’t afford to half-ass it and throw together some generic unimaginative words.

Your bio is how you sell yourself. Every time you have a tweet gain some traction you can bet people will be checking out your profile. Why check out your profile? To see what you’re about and if they can expect more of the same. You don’t want to disappoint.

A well-thought-out Twitter bio will get you follows. That short little description of your account will either let people know to follow you or to pass you by and start forgetting you exist.

More than that a solid bio also acts as a filter for the type of audience you want. Being clear on what you and your account are about is how you build an audience that actually cares about your content. An engaged, tuned-in audience will make building a brand, becoming an authority, and selling that much easier.

What makes a good Twitter bio?

All good Twitter bios have something in common, and no, it’s not that they came off the list of 100 funny ideas for your Twitter bio. A good bio will either give you a laugh, leave you with something to think about, or it’ll have you wanting to scroll through all the tweets from that account. For the most part, a good bio will hit one of those marks, the best ones will hit all three.

The three points above make for bio gold because when people read your bio they’ll feel they’ve found a like-minded person instantly, they’ll want to learn something from or about you, and they’ll want to do a deep dive into the content you’ve shared already. If you’re building your brand, growing your following, or selling something making people feel that way will be priceless.

Here are some elements you can weave together to create that sort of experience for the people that’ll be visiting your profile next.


The first thing you want to come through in your bio is your Personality. Right away you want people to get a sense of who you are and what your tweets might be about. Stay away from garden variety jokes. Think outside the box and let people know they won’t die a slow death from reading your tweets.

Not a big fan of emojis in the bio, but one or two might be useful for getting your personality across.


Twitter bios are supposed to be fun, or at the very least lighthearted.  Be sure to add some humor to your bio so people know you’re not going to take them to Twitter hell with your tweets. Whatever feel you’re going for, you can stay on brand and still show some humor.

Don’t take it all so seriously you forget to have fun. the whole point is to reach and connect with people.


Lastly, your Twitter bio should show what your content focuses on. Make sure to put in all your Keywords, Numbers, and Links.  People should get an idea of the brands, niches, and topics you tweet about most from a quick read of your bio.

You should add all the stats and results you’ve achieved or helped people achieve. And, don’t forget to add links to any products or information you want people to know about outside Twitter.

If you can show some personality, keep things lighthearted, and share the core ideas behind your Twitter account all at once you’ll have put together the perfect Twitter bio. Next, we’ll look at some examples of great Twitter bio’s you can take some inspiration from.

Solid Twitter bio’s

It goes without saying there are countless, great Twitter bio’s out there but these three below are great guides for how you should be thinking about your own bio.


Twitter bio

JK Molina is a Hypefury favorite, he’s mastered all things Twitter and his bio is something you could learn from.

JK’s Twitter bio is strong on Personality, Humor, and Themes. Right away you see spooky “El Fantasma” which means ghost in English and then you find out he’s a Latino Ghostwriter. That’ll have you thinking about what on earth he does and then the rest of his bio fills you in on that.

You’ll have no choice but to hit follow and find out what the ghostly ghostwriter goes on about all day. It’s worth noting that while he doesn’t have a link in his bio he has one somewhere in his profile and that works just as well. You’ve been warned, click it if you dare see where El Fanstama will have you go.


Twitter bio

Next on our list of solid bio’s is Wiz. His bio screams ambitious, funny (because who thinks in Trillions right?) and it’s straight to the point because you know he’s talking all things making money with e-com.

Just looking at this bio will have you thinking what person behind this account wants to hit a trillion. You also get right away that revolutionizing the media and feeding millions is important to him and that very could be important to you, coz who’s not for ending world hunger.

Lastly, you get a link to click on and you’re also directed down to the pinned tweet to see what’s going on there. All in all, this is a solid bio and like with a quality trailer you get the idea but you have to stick around for the show.

George Mack

Twitter bio

Last but certainly not least of our examples of accounts with solid Twitter bio’s is George Mack. His bio has equal parts personality and here’s what I’m about.

Don’t quote me on this but I’m confident if you asked George what “White belt at life” means to him you’d get something back about how there’s always room for improvement, and that with everything he knows already there are infinitely more things to be learned. That’s not a bad way to look at things.

Next, you find out George writes a lot about clouds and dirt, and then you have links to all the other stuff he’d like you to know about. If you liked one of George’s tweets and you thought to check his profile out you’d have a pretty good sense of what you were getting and so far close to 60k people have stuck around for more.

You might be tempted to think these are massive accounts but that really is beside the point and there’s no harm in learning from someone who’s got it all figured out. Give a little thought to what you’re all about and then bring out some Personality, Humor and get your Themes down and you too will have a smashing bio.

Twitter bios aren’t rocket science, think about yours for a minute and you’ll start connecting a lot more with people that give your profile a look. You’ll never have an easier time expressing what you are about or getting people to follow you.

For more tips on how to level up, your Twitter game say hi on Twitter and stay tuned for more.

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