How to use Twitter analytics: A guide for account growth

Developing a Twitter growth strategy is key to growing your influence and follower base. And, thanks to Twitter analytics it’s never been easier. Analytics data gives you access to so many insights into what content your audience likes and how you can create more of it. 

Growing on Twitter is now a breeze with so much intel at your disposal. But, you have to understand how to use all that data in the first place. So, in this article, we’ll be going everything you need to know about your Twitter analytics. Once you’re done you’ll know how to use them to unlock your Twitter account’s growth.

What are Twitter analytics?

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your tweets to resonate more with your followers you’ll love your Twitter analytics. Your analytics are priceless intel on how to create more impactful tweets. And this nice part about it is it’s free and built into your Twitter account. You just have to use them to take your Twitter account to the next level.

Below are some insights you can look forward to from your Twitter analytics. The will change your Twitter planning process and as a result you’ll start creating better content.

Key analytics insights

In the “Tweets” section of your analytics, you can see the number of times people saw your tweets on their timeline. You can review anything from a week’s worth of data up to three months of information about how your tweets perform.

You can use this information to see if you need to increase your tweet frequency to reach more people at any given time.

Another key piece of data you’ll find in your Twitter analytics is your tweet engagements and engagement rate. This tells you how people are interacting with your tweets when they see them. Engagement data is useful for learning which tweets or formats do well with your followers consistently.

 A great way to use this data would be to add new angles to tweets that did well and recycle the content. That way you’ll create content bound to do well, and your creative process will be that much simpler.

Also shown in your analytics data will be your top tweet and top media tweet for the month. The dashboard will give you a detailed breakdown of what kind of engagement the tweet received. You’ll be able to see the profile clicks, link clicks, likes, retweets you got, and more.

Knowing what your top tweet and top media tweet were for the month will give you a chance to study why they performed so well. That information will be priceless for creating better content. And, once you’ve figured it out, you can double down on it and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

From your Twitter analytics, you’ll be able to see how your account is growing from month to month. You can even take a granular look and see how many followers you are gaining or losing on any given day.

You can use your follower stats to signal that you’re worth following on the timeline. Or, you can study the data to see which tweets gave you your best days and which ones brought your lulls.

Another key piece of intel you’ll find in your analytics is the number of profile visits you got for the month. 

This will help you see how well you’re drawing interest and turning followers into visitors. If you’re getting a lot of profile visits but your follower count doesn’t suggest that you might want to optimize your bio to make a stronger impression.

This metric in your Twitter analytics will show you the times other Twitter users tagged you in their posts.

This section is useful for keeping an eye on users you should be connecting with and adding to your network. Always capitalize on others saying positive things about you on the timeline. As much as Twitter is about sharing your opinions and thoughts, real Twitter pro’s know it’s more about building your network on and off Twitter.

If you share a lot of videos as part of Twitter content strategy knowing how those videos perform should be a priority of yours. With Twitter analytics you can track your video views and get key insights on things like video completion and the engagements your videos get.

How to access your Twitter analytics

Now that you know your Twitter analytics, we’ll take a loot at how you can access them. 

To access them click on “More” and then select “Analytics” in the control panel of your Twitter web app.

Twitter analytics step 1
Twitter analytics - step 2

 Your web browser will open a new tab for your analytics dashboard. The dashboard will immediately give you a 28-day snapshot of your Twitter performance. You’ll see a summary of the 5 different metrics listed below.

  • Tweets
  • Tweet impression
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • Followers
The rest of the analytics dashboard will show your performance for the month up to the current day. It’ll show the following details as shown in the picture below.
  • Top Tweet
  • Top Mention
  • Top Follower
  • Month summary.

The analytics dashboard

Twitter analytics dashboard

A quick look at the Hypefury Twitter account’s summary will show that we’re down on three of the five metrics tracked in the 28-day summary. However, the mentions and follower count are up which should tell you that the account is growing comfortably.

Even though the account hasn’t tweeted as often over the tracked 28 days it’s still shown growth. More people are talking about the account and it’s gaining followers. That is positive and you can only assume that a lift in tweet frequency will take the growth even higher.

To get an in-depth look at your analytics for each tweet you can switch over to the “Tweets” tab of the analytics dashboard. In the “More” section your analytics you’ll find info on your video engagements, the apps you manage, and data from your conversion tracking.

You can study your analytics data right in the dashboard or export the info by day or tweet to use it reports or to look at it offline.

By this point you should be able to analyze your own numbers and see what needs changing in your Twitter strategy.

Analytics by Hypefury

Now that you’ve got a handle on Twitter analytics, you can take your building your Twitter strategy to the next level with Hypefury analytics. 

Hypefury analytics give you a no-fluff snapshot of everything you need to know about creating great content for your account. Twitter analytics are great to review monthly, but if you want to get a clear picture of where your account is fast, Hypefury analytics is the perfect tool.

At a glance, you can learn everything you need to know about your tweets’ performance and follower growth. All the data is displayed in an easy-to-understand visual format or an in-depth tabular format. You can see any of the following data from your Hypefury analytics tab right away

  • Engagements per tweet
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions 
  • Tweet count
  • Tweets by impressions
You can also use your analytics to track your follower growth daily, weekly, and up to 90-day periods.

The benefits of using analytics data

Understanding your analytics data will give you an edge over every Twitter account in your niche. If you know how to optimize your content strategy, it will show in your followers’ engagement. Your account growth will come naturally and you’ll enjoy maintaining a Twitter account. 

Below are three benefits you’ll get from using your analytics data if you still aren’t sold on it.

Optimized content strategy

The main benefit of using your analytics data is that it will help you create better content. Being able to make data-driven decisions about your content strategy will add a richness to it you didn’t know it could have.

Ultimately, better content equals more engagement and more followers, which could only be a good thing.

Tracking your follower growth

Keeping an eye on your analytics will help you track your follower growth. And, this isn’t solely to do with your follower count. Your analytics data will help you see how your audiences interests are shifting and evolving.

A look at your analytics might reveal that content that used to do well with your audience no longer resonates. The opposite could also be true, and whatever the case, knowing this will allow you to account for such shifts.

Mindset shift

Lastly, another benefit you’ll get from watching your analytics is a mindset shift in how you think about Twitter. Most people think of Twitter as a platform for venting and sharing goofy thought. That’s not a bad thing, but as Jose Rosado would tell you, “when you tweet you’re talking to the world”. And, if you’re going to talk to the world you might as well say something worth listening.

Following your analytics data will make you more conscious of the content you’re creating and the impact it has. For Jose, thinking that way was nothing short of life changing, and who knows what the benefits could be for you.

Reviewing your Twitter analytics isn’t like doing an audit or generating a mind-numbing review. It’s actually quite simple, and the data is provided so it can give you the edge as a content creator. Once you start taking the data seriously you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner, and now you don’t have an excuse.

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