New Hypefury Feature: Post Your Tweet Threads as a LinkedIn Carousel

LinkedIn Carousel Hypefury

Great Content Can Work Anywhere: Introducing Cross-Posting LinkedIn Carousels from Twitter Threads

Hypefury is the ultimate tool for building audiences that can maximize your ability to grow your audience—not just on Twitter but across multiple platforms.

It offers the ability to cross-post to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Now a new feature further extends how you can utilize your tweets on LinkedIn in a new way.

LinkedIn has a feature where you can create carousel posts using images or documents.

You can see how the ‘carousel’ is a series of images in a horizontal row, in this LinkedIn product graphic.

linkedin carousel
Carousels are horizontal rows of pictures. They don’t necessarily have to create a connected picture like in this example! They can be used for Tweet Threads — like a flipbook.

These images will scroll to the right or left under your written post.

Posts like these are some of the most interacted with by users on the platform.

They are also one of the best ways to showcase image-heavy posts or create posts with multiple linked ideas.

What concept from Twitter lends itself to these posts? Threads, obviously.


LinkedIn carousel feature

Now Hypefury has a new feature that allows you to take your artfully crafted threads and turn them into LinkedIn carousel posts.

Just like how Hypefury turns your tweets into images to post to Instagram, Hypefury will now turn each of your tweets in a selected thread into a beautiful image perfectly made for LinkedIn.

Write Once, Publish Everywhere: With a few clicks, your Twitter thread will become a ready-made piece of LinkedIn Content

These pictures feature all the important information just like how someone would see your tweet if viewing it on Twitter. Your tweet, your username, your profile pic, and your screen name are all visible.

Then each of these images is put together into a PDF that you can download quickly and easily.

This PDF can be uploaded to LinkedIn when creating your carousel and is already set up to fit each tweet on its own slide. In a few simple clicks, you have a thread’s worth of content set up as one of LinkedIn’s most popular post types.

This new feature allows you to use the best pieces of content you have for Twitter on another platform without lots of additional effort.

Your threads are the bread and butter of your Twitter brand. Now you can turn them into visually appealing LinkedIn carousel posts quickly and easily.

This allows you to maximize your brand’s reach across platforms in the simplest way.

Getting multiple uses out of your content is an important part of growing your brand and making the most of your hard work.

Being able to do that across several platforms is taking it to a whole new level and Hypefury, with its cross-platform promotion features, makes it that much easier.

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