Can you schedule posts on LinkedIn? Yes! It’s way easier than you think…

linkedin scheduling

Are you making the most out of the opportunity that LinkedIn presents to drive follow growth?

LinkedIn plays an extremely important role among social media platforms. It helps you find jobs faster — most companies find their top employees there — and it helps a brand to grow exponentially by increasing exposure. 

To use a certain platform to its full potential, it’s crucial to follow a posting schedule and never stop being consistent. 

A common query among LinkedIn users is if you can schedule posts on it. And yes you can! 

How to schedule posts on LinkedIn

As of now LinkedIn doesn’t officially have post automation within the platform itself, which is why many people choose a social media marketing tool to help with it. 

There are plenty of resources to schedule your LinkedIn posts via a marketing tool. Not only can you pick the time and date, but you can schedule them in BULK so your profile stays consistent. 

A few resources that offer scheduling of posts:


You can easily cross-post tweets on LinkedIn from Twitter. Since Twitter is always consistently on your fingertips, all you have to do is link it to cross-post and schedule on LinkedIn!

A lot of companies operate exclusively on Linkedin and not twitter and don’t want to make a twitter account, which is alright! There are other options to schedule posts as well!


Extremely user friendly and you can make a mass social media post and it will directly post all over your social media accounts. 

It does take a few days to get used to this platform but it is chosen a lot for scheduling posts on LinkedIn. 


Recommended for people who are into simplicity and ease-of-use. It’s very quick and easy to use. Schedules and automates your LinkedIn posts without any difficulty.


This was chosen by a lot of people who rely on LinkedIn because it comes with an editing and customization of posts option.  As a plus point you can also set up reviews and approval from your other team members. This does a deep dive into LinkedIn!

Best time of days to post on LinkedIn

a series of different clocks on a wall

Gathering content to post on LinkedIn is the easy part. All you have to do is follow your niche or a few really good quotes maybe, job opportunities within your brand and BAM!, your content is there. The trouble begins when you can’t figure out when to post. 

Social media platforms are saturated with people who are constantly posting. And if you won’t figure out your time, someone else can easily take that spot!

There is a lot of debate on what are the best times to post on Linkedin so you can reach your target audience. Here are some of the times narrowed down:

  • Wednesday: 8AM- 3PM 
  • Thursday: 9AM- 2PM
  • Friday: 9AM-12AM 

These are just some of the best times to post. But here are some key considerations to figure out the best time to post:

Different time zones

If you cater to a global brand and have an international following you’ll likely need to take time zones into consideration. Many LinkedIn users have tried posting at different times to cater to all their audience but it has led to a penalization. A penalization drains all your hard work so it’s best to avoid it by sticking to posting once a day!

Here’s what you can do instead. Figure out where your largest audience segment is from and post from their time zone for maximum engagement from your followers. This is where social media analytics tools can really help you!

Days of the week

Since Linkedin is a professional network, people are least active on it from Friday till Monday. Posts that get the most engagement are posted from Tuesday through Thursday! 

Depends on your audience

Generally the LinkedIn audience is most active during the week and never on the weekends but it could be different for your audience!

Maybe they are most active during the weekends? Sending out a post asking when they are most active is the way to go! This could easily help you figure out when to post. 

Frequency of posting

Unlike other social media platforms, you can’t mass post on Linkedin. 5 times per week, or 20 times a month is most ideal for you to appear on the broad algorithm. 

Make sure your posts contain great actionable content or have a ton of value!

Depends which niche you are under

Your posting schedule should also depend on your brand/business. 

For example:

Healthcare and higher education: most active on weekdays from 10AM till 2PM 

B2B businesses and B2C businesses: usually lunch hours or outside of business hours. 

What are the differences between posting on Twitter vs LinkedIn?

One of the most searched on questions, and that too for a good reason! While they are both key social media platforms, they both have a world of differences in between them. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences:

Self promotion

LinkedIn is a professional social network. It is MADE for you to share your company wins, promote yourself, your growth and how you got there. Whereas Twitter is mostly for quotes and actionable content to help your audience. Twitter has a very low tolerance for self promotion from what we have observed. You either start getting a very low engagement rate if you are continuously posting about yourself or people start to unfollow you. 

So you can post all about your wins, achievements and promote yourself without a second thought on LinkedIn but maybe keep it once every few tweets on Twitter.


On LinkedIn you are always in business mode. Think of yourself sitting in a boardroom coming up with great ideas and presenting them to your superiors instead of your followers. Everything is business related. 

Twitter is very informal. You connect with people, you are networking and posting about yourself, even sharing some outside of work scenes, like yourself on a walk or your favorite book quote etc. As a business/brand you show your more human side on Twitter and it’s perfectly acceptable. In fact your audience loves it as well!

What you are searching for

Search and engagement is a power that both Twitter and Linkedin hold. Now the difference is WHAT you are searching for. 

With Twitter your focus is content, tweets and topics while on LinkedIn it is companies and people. 

Of course you can easily use Twitter to search up people or companies but as stated above, Twitter is reserved for the non-professional side for a lot of companies and people so don’t expect to talk too much about business on there!

On LinkedIn you can get recognized by a ton of huge companies willing to work with you and hire you, so make sure your professional side is ready! 

Word limit

Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters or less while Linkedin’s is 3000 characters or less. These limits are there for a reason. 

Nobody is going to hear you vent about your business on Twitter. Posts like that often get disregarded which is why the word limit is a helper, not an enemy. Keep your words short and brief on Twitter. There is no need for a detailed explanation on anything on Twitter. If a detailed post is required then make a thread! Even then make your words as simple as possible and divide it into a few statements. 

LinkedIn is notorious for detailed posts. And people actually read through those! Of course you don’t always have to make your post crazy detailed but a word limit this large does help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings between posts which occurs quite often with tweets! 

Videos are not always a good idea

Videos are the easiest content to go viral. So, naturally a lot of people opt for videos for content! And so far it has worked to their benefit. 

Now let’s talk about the TYPE of video content which is appropriate for which platform. 

On LinkedIn you can upload a long high quality video while on Twitter the quality isn’t exactly excellent and the limit is quite short. 

This is because on LinkedIn you can easily upload long testimonials from satisfied customers or testing out a new product for your most recent product launch. These types of videos do pretty well on LinkedIn! 

On Twitter it’s a different story. While the video is shorter it has lower quality as well! People use the video feature on Twitter to upload a short funny video or a sneak peak of their new product launch. You won’t ever see testimonials go viral on Twitter but short videos usually catch a lot of attention!

Building relationships

 Contacting people on Twitter is very easy. You build up relationships organically by being yourself. Eventually it becomes a huge network of people you get to know pretty well. These people become your audience and support system for years to come. 

LinkedIn is more formal. You have to know a person to connect with them. It’s very rare to form relationships through LinkedIn because everyone is in their professional setting. You might find people willing to connect through groups but it isn’t the same as Twitter! 


As mentioned above, Linkedin is very professional so casual language as if you’re talking to a friend isn’t acceptable. Posting a casual selfie or a picture of your dinner will be perceived well on Twitter, heck it might even go viral. But don’t expect the same reaction on Linkedin! 

So, let’s sum this up real quick:

  • Yes, you can easily automate your posts on LinkedIn, all you need are third-party tools and you can refer to the ones mentioned above
  • Best times to post on LinkedIn are work hours and weekdays, you’ll rarely find anyone online during weekends since it’s a professional network. But it also depends where your large segment of audience is from and which time zone they are following!
  • Best to keep your Linkedin posts 20 times a month or 5 days per week so the algorithm favors you more
  • Keep your LinkedIn posts professional! You can add in detail but prevent adding anything personal save that for Twitter
  • Knowing the key differences between LinkedIn and Twitter is really important so you know what to post on which platform!

For more information about how to schedule posts on LinkedIn, check out what Hypefury’s platform has to offer.

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