Why schedule tweets & the best strategy to use

scheduling tweets

Sharing your content effectively is a big part of realizing your social media brands’ highest potential. That said, it shouldn’t take over your whole life, which is why you need to be scheduling your tweets and as many of your social media posts as you can.

Social media is a pretty big deal. With internet exposure growing as fast as it is, more and more people will end up in your reach. Managing how your content reaches those people without giving up your productivity, life, and the fun of it all is just as big a deal.

Nobody has the time to be watching the clock and thinking up posts on the fly constantly; at least nobody with life does. And we’d like to think you’ve got a pretty bomb life with a lot better things to do than tearing your hair out over when to get your tweets out.

Scheduled tweets and social media posts are at the peak of effective content sharing. That’s not to knock off-the-cuff spontaneous posts, which you should share at times. But if you’re going to create a unique and valuable stream of content for your followers, you can’t share everything on the fly.

Why you should schedule tweets

For a lot of people, the idea of scheduling tweets seems a bit strange and too robotic to be enjoyable. That shouldn’t be the case. Scheduling tweets isn’t about removing you from your engagement with your followers or about treating them as an afterthought. It’s about you focusing solely on producing high-quality content for a time and then being free to use your time effectively. That could be for engaging with your followers, diving into more inspiration, or dealing with the stuff life throws at you. The point is you get to choose how you can get the most out of your time.

Creating and sharing content is annoyingly time-consuming. Scheduling tweets get you that time back and give you a whole bunch of benefits, some of which we’ve covered below:

You save time and boost productivity

The biggest reason you should schedule tweets is all the time you’ll save.  If you have to stop everything you’re doing just to share a tweet it’ll quickly start to feel less like pleasure and more like a chore. Scheduling your tweets allows you to create content and get it to your followers without it feeling like a burden.

Not having to split your focus between tasks constantly is also the best thing you could ever do for your productivity. Once you stop taking needless breaks you’ll find you’re a lot less busy and a lot more productive as a person. You’ll also have a lot more time to play with.

You create and share better content consistently

Scheduling tweets requires focus, dedication, and it gives you the space to create quality content. Because every tweet you schedule is considered, the level of content you share will improve significantly, and it will show in your engagement numbers.

More than just the quality of your content improving, you’ll also begin to share content more consistently. Giving your followers a stream of fresh, high-quality content to engage with will only do wonders for your growth. And if you ever feel the urge to throw in an extra tweet, your fans will eat up the bonus content.

You become a proactive creator

Another great benefit of scheduling tweets is the mindset shift you’ll get as a content creator.

So many creators are constantly waiting for others to set the trends. When you start scheduling tweets, that will change. Instead of being reactive, you’ll begin to think more about the unexplored possibilities in your niche. You’ll become an authority, a trendsetter, and someone people can turn to for exciting content.

Improving your ability to forecast trends and act will change how you think about content. Something as simple as scheduling tweets will eventually turn into a multipurpose skill you can use for other things

You cut out distractions and curate better content for followers

Maintaining a social media presence and engaging with others is very distracting. For most people, it’s what torpedoes their productivity. Between posting, scrolling, and commenting, very little work gets done.

Scheduling your posts allows you to get into writing mode, so produce your work in sprints. Building solid habits around your content creation will make coming up with ideas more natural for you. You’ll also inevitably curate a better content diet because you’ll be a lot more conscious of how you’re using your Twitter time. In the end, you’ll have the perfect balance between getting your work done and taking time out to enjoy your Twitter feed.

You maximize your reach and engagement

Twitter allows us to command a global audience, but so many never realize the potential of such an opportunity. You can’t always be online for your followers all over the world, but scheduling tweets allows you to reach them anyways.

It doesn’t even have to be fans on the other side of the planet; scheduling tweets allows you to connect with all your fans when the time wouldn’t necessarily allow it. People have to work, sleep, and life gets in the way of being online at times. By leveraging tools that share your content effectively, you can stay engaged even when life gets in the way.

Scheduling your tweets to reach your fans when it works for them allows you to have conversations with potentially millions of people you’d never engage with a tweet that dies in 15 minutes.

How to schedule your tweets

Now that you know why you should be scheduling your tweets, you’re probably wondering how you go about it. Thinking through scheduling your tweets isn’t all that difficult. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting sooner. Below are some helpful tips to help you get started.

Find out what your followers like

The first step to scheduling your tweets is finding out what content your followers want. Review your Twitter and Hypefury analytics and you’ll get a good sense of which of your tweets do well.

Once you know which content does well, you can get to writing your tweets and creating the media you’ll share with them. Filling your schedule with high-value content your followers appreciate will get you a steady stream of engagement. That way you can respond and engage more meaningful when you do log onto Twitter.

Find out when your followers are active

The next step towards scheduling your Twitter content is finding what times you should be posting. Followerwonk is a quick and easy solution for getting to know a lot about your followers’ activity online. It will give you a good sense of the times you should be scheduling your tweets for posting.

Other tools or apps you can use to find out when your followers are most active are:

  • Falcon.io
  • SproutSocial
  • AgoraPulse
  • ZohoSocial

It’s also important to know when your followers are most active so you can account for time zone differences.  Accounting for your followers’ Twitter activity and the regions they live in will improve your chances of engagement for every post in your schedule.

Find the best tool to share your content

The last step to scheduling your tweets will be finding a tool that can share your content effectively. Twitter offers tweet scheduling through TweetDeck, but it is very limited in its function.

If you want to get all the benefits we’ve mentioned above, your best bet would be to use Hypefury. Hypefury is a simple and easy-to-use tool with a range of features designed specifically to boost your engagement and reach wherever your followers are in the world and whenever they are online. More than just sharing your tweets, Hypefury helps with your content creation, keeps your content fresh, and allows you to get the maximum return on the time and effort you invest in your Twitter.

Scheduling content is the future of social media sharing. The big brands do it, expert social media managers couldn’t live without it, and now you can use it too. You might think we’re a little biased, so you can have a read of how TweetDeck’s features match up to Hypefury and see why Hypefury is the best. Try it out for free over 7 days, and you won’t know what to do without it by the time you finish.

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