Brand Awareness: Why it is important, and How can Social Media Help

Brand Awareness

Keeping an online business alive is a battle. Countless try, but many fail and never leave a mark. And, while there are many reasons for failure, one reason trips up the best and worst in the field.

That reason is branding. And, no matter how great you or your business are, if your branding is off, you’ll crash and burn at some point.

In this article, we’ll go over brand awareness, and why it matters. We will also look at how social media can help you survive in such an unforgiving space.

What is branding?

Branding as a concept is easy to understand, but many cannot seem to get it.

Branding is who you are. It is the story of you as a personality or business; and what you stand for.

It is the difference between Nike and New Balance. One conjures thoughts of world-beating athletes and inspires you to seek out a little piece of their magic. The other is just a shoe company that makes half-decent trainers.

That is the power of effective branding. It sets you worlds apart from your competition.

But, how do you get that?

Brand awareness: What is it?

A brand that no one knows about is not a brand. So, the answer to how you go about establishing your brand is by increasing brand awareness. That’s fancy speak for telling people about your brand

Increasing brand awareness is all about increasing your brand’s “known-ness” or the ability of people to recognize your product, service, or message. Typically, that is done through social media marketing.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is the first step to building a relationship with your customer. Like a nerd that wants to take the pretty girl to prom, there is zero chance of that happening until you you man up and let them know you exist.

Sure, it will take a lot more work before she says yes, but entering her orbit and announcing yourself lays the foundation for everything else that follows.

In essence, that is the importance of brand awareness, it sets the stage. But, there are more benefits to it, and we will go over them below.

Increased awareness = Increased performance

Brand awareness affects everything downstream of it. An increase in the number of people that know your brand significantly increases your performance across other key areas.

Increased brand awareness inevitably leads to more leads, sales, traffic, and even audience growth for you.

Your results will depend on how well you target and nurture prospects interested in your offer.

Brand awareness creates opportunities

The online world is such an interconnected space, that focusing on brand awareness makes it easier for you to diversify your marketing strategy and get results.

Imagine you want to establish yourself on social media. If you start from scratch, it is going to be close to impossible.

But, if you are already established on Twitter, for example, growing on Instagram or LinkedIn won’t be as hard. People won’t have a hard time accepting you’re an authority,  and your existing base will help you break into the new space.

Hypefury’s cross-posting feature is a perfect example of a tool that will help you leverage your brand awareness on one platform to maximum effect on another.

You can also use brand awareness on social media to generate audiences for your blog, podcast,  YouTube channel, and so much more. For instance, driving massive amounts of traffic from your YouTube channel might be just the boost your blog needs to kickstart your SEO strategy.

Brand awareness shifts opinions

Your brand might be who you are, but brand awareness is about making your audience see things the way you do.

A brand awareness campaign can help you shift your audience’s perception to align it with your goals. That one thing can improve your brand affinity, which is simply your brand’s likeability, and lead to a boost in brand loyalty.

Getting people to like your brand and be loyal to it is crucial to its success and survival.

A well-thought-out brand awareness campaign can also do wonders for reviving a dying brand.

Awareness = Insightful data

Lastly, being mindful of your brand awareness allows you to collect valuable insight on your customers.

More than that, it helps you understand the likelihood of you driving customer action. Many well-known brands have failed because they weren’t clued in enough to drive the action they need to achieve their objectives.

Brand awareness campaigns help you get the information you want, but they also give you the tools you need to optimize your actions for improved performance.

Why Social media for brand awareness?

There are many ways to improve your brand awareness, but social media is one of the best routes to take.

The vast scale of social media platforms makes them perfect for multiplying your results.

Here are some ways in which social media helps your brand awareness efforts.

Personal engagement

Adverts and other marketing tactics for brand awareness are great, but they do not offer the level of personalized engagement that social media platforms give.

With social media, you can connect with your audience authentically and personally. That level of directness means your audience has access to you, they can share your journey, and they get to find out exactly who you are from you, unfiltered.

Social media offers exceptional reach

Social media platforms are a great way to boost brand awareness and have your message spread like wildfire. When it started, Facebook was all the rage, and now TikTok is the go-to platform for marketers looking to reach their customers.

Different platforms, but the idea is the same. Social media gives you unmatched leverage, and once your message is out there, it doesn’t stop.

You will hardly ever see people circulating a TV ad, but TikToks end up on Twitter, tweets become Instagram posts, and podcast snippets end up on reels and who knows where else.

With the right tools and systems, like our features that allow you to spread your content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all at once, you can easily take your brand awareness to the next level and change the trajectory of your brand.

Social media is FREE!

Social media is free, and it levels the playing field for zero-budget personal brands competing against established companies with six-figure annual marketing budgets for their brand awareness campaigns.

All you need to win at social media is a great personality and content to match. That is it, and with that, you can easily make your mark.

Social media gives all brands an equal shot at success. And, all it takes is spending a couple of minutes scrolling on your favorite platform to see that sometimes having no budget is the best advantage of all.

Tips for using social media for your brand awareness

Social media may be free, but you need to use it properly to achieve your goals.

To help you with that, below are a couple of quick tips on using your social media for brand awareness effectively.

Align your brand and content

No matter what social media platform or strategy you use, remember to keep your content aligned with your brand and the perception you want to create in your audience.

Give quality consistently

Social media is not like other forms of marketing. You cannot think about it a couple of times every month and hope for that to be enough.

You want to stay top of mind, so be consistent and make sure you post quality content at least once or twice daily.

Prioritize visuals and video content

The emergence of TikTok has been massive for video content. And, with YouTube, Instagram, and even Pinterest vying for a piece of the pie, short video content is all the rage.

If you want your brand to make a dent on social media, include a lot of visual and video content in your strategy, they are proven to boost engagement.


Lastly, the best way to increase your brand awareness is to position your brand as one that gives. Whatever you have, it could be entertainment, education, or information, give before you ask.

The more you give, the more you prime your audience to return the favor when you eventually make your ask.

Now that you know everything you need to about brand awareness and the role social media can play in helping you position yourself, you can finally take your brand to the next level.

Be sure to try our free trial and check out how we can help you grow your social media channels effortlessly here.

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