5 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Content: Plus, Introducing The Twitter Archive Uploader

repurpose content

Consistently publishing great content is the key to growing and maintaining a satisfied audience. But, that gets harder the longer you stay in the game. After a while you start to feel like you’ve said everything there is to be said and ideas don’t flow as freely as they used to.

That’s where repurposing content comes in. Taking the time to repurpose content in your content archive can help you keep up with your audience’s demand for quality content.

But, what exactly is repurposing content, and how do you it without sounding like a broken record?

How to repurpose content the right way

Repurposing content is a lot more than just picking out an oldie from your archives and adding it your current content rotation. It’s about freshening up your content and making it relevant for the present.

When it’s done right, repurposing content is the ultimate content hack. It allows you, your fans, and your new audience members to draw new value from content you’ve shared in the past.

Identifying content worth repurposing

Not all content deserves to be repurposed, some things are better left gathering dust. Below are ideas on how you can find gems worth adding a new spark to.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the prime source repurposing content. If you have content that’s still relevant in you archives, you should be thinking of ways to breathe new life into it.

An old blog post can become a booklet on fundamentals or be used as the latest edition of your newsletter. If you’re into video content, sharing important segments to TikTok, Instagram or YouTube can help you stretch your posting schedule. Some of your classic work might also benefit from an update, or a second take with better video quality..

If there’s content in your archive that’s still relevant today, dust it off, breathe some new life into it, and share it with the world again.

Timely content

Sometimes, content isn’t so much evergreen as it is timely. Trends come, go, and come again. And, content you thought no one would ever be interested in could suddenly be all anyone can talk about.

Monitor the trends in your space to see when old content could possibly be making a comeback. This is particularly useful if your content isn’t heavily linked to time. Recent events can set the stage for throwback content you never thought you’d use again.

What’s popular?

Checking your analytics data us a great way to find content to repurpose. Going through you YouTube channel or blog’s analytics can reveal that people are going through content you made a while back.

If you find that people are searching for content you shared a long time, that’s a great sign that repurposing related pieces of content will go over well with your audience.

Tracking search data with apps like BuzzSumo, SEMrush, Answer The Public, or Google can help you make data-driven decisions on content to repurpose.

What needs an update?

Adding updates and fresh takes to content in your archive is another great way to repurpose content. There is always something to improve and new value to add that will bring relic content into the present.

Adding new graphics, up to date links, and content more in keeping and useful for today is a great way to extend the lifespan of your content. if you’ve learned anything new since you shared your content, or made predictions on trends and outcomes you expected, repurposing content with follow ups, updates, and corrections should be on your to-do list.

7 ways to repurpose content you’ve shared in the past

Making old content fresh and appealing should be part of any creators skillset. In essence, repurposing old content isn’t about adding old filler to your content strategy, it’s about adding value and creating space for content your audience will benefit from seeing gain.

Below are some ways you could repurpose old content in your archive:

Create new content

Tv shows are a great example of how old content spawns new, even better content. Take for instance, how The Vampire Diaries gave rise to The Originals, and Legacies after that.

You can do the same for your content, and build on old content to create entirely new yet related content. That way you can create a progression of content for your audience to follow along.

Look for content you shared that was thin on examples or densely pack with info and create new pieces of content that go into greater detail or break things down into more manageable and audience-friendly chunks

Turn a blog post into a guide/info-product

Sometimes a blog post isn’t enough information to share as much information as you should on topic. But, you have to put content out there so you do the best you can and publish it anyways. Well, you can repurpose your old instructional posts into full-fledged guides that explore everything you left out.

Repurposing an old blog post into a guide is a great way to add value to your existing content for your audience. And, if it’s good enough you can even charge for it or use it as lead magnet for your premium offerings or email list.

Update and republish

Another easy way to repurpose old content is to simply update and republish it. If you’re in a fast moving niche, keeping up with the demand for useful content can be challenging, but updating the existing content you have can help you manage.

Review your content regularly and add new relevant to make sure it stays up to date. Updating your old content will save you the trouble of creating all new content. Be sure to tell your audience every time you update your content so they know they can go over it again.

Explore a different medium

Exploring a topic using different mediums is a great way to repurpose content you’ve shared. If you’re a blogger, then doing a vlog on YouTube or recording a podcast allows you to maximize your ideas and expand your audience. if you’re a YouTube, then sharing your content to Instagram or TikTok will do the same for you.

Beyond just give you breathing room, repurposing content is an awesome strategy for stretching yourself as creator and discovering s new audience.

Turn an article into social media graphics/content

Repurposing content can be as simple as using Canva or an image editor to make quote graphics to share on Instagram, Pinterest or other similar platforms. Sharing poignant one-liners as tweets is also another great way to maximize how you use your existing content.

Turning your longform content into easily digestible content will increase your engagement and appeal to those members of your audience with shorter attention spans.

How to repurpose your old tweets

Being consistent is difficult. No one reminds you when it’s been a while since your last tweet.  Instead, your engagement drops and it’s almost as if the algorithm starts working against you.

You can use your old tweets to combat this and repopulate your TL with your best tweet gems.

Twitter Archive Uploadeer

The Twitter Archive Uploader is one of the new Hypefury Features, and it allows take all the value you’ve shared in the past and share it again with your audience.

Apart from helping you manage your Twitter demand, the Archive Uploader is a great way to introduce any new followers you’ve picked up to your content.

How to use the Archive Uploader

To start maximizing the value in your old tweets you’ll need to log into Twitter and request for them to send you your tweet history. Follow the steps below –

repurpose content _ download Twitter archive

  1.  Go to your Settings
  2. Under the “Your Account” section, click on “Download your archive data”
  3. Verify that it’s your account by entering your password when prompted.

Twitter will process your request and send you a link to download your Twitter archive in 24 hours.

Once you’ve received the link and downloaded your archive, extract the contents of the zip file and look for a file named tweet.js. Once you have it, upload the file to the Archive Uploader under the Toolbox section of your Hypefury control panel.

After you tweets have been uploaded, you can choose how you want them to form part of your Twitter strategy. Retweets and replies won’t be uploaded, but if you have gems in your original posts you can set the as Evergreen tweets and we’ll keep them in circulation for you.

Using the Archive uploader is a great way to keep you Twitter archive clean and easily accessible for yourself and your followers. There’s not use in having your best content buried under thousands of tweets when your followers could be gaining value from it.

This is particularly important once you realize that your followers are all at different stages in their journey’s. Those that have followed you and grown with you for a long time might not need your early content. But, you might also have other followers making starts in their journey that could benefit from content you shared a year or two ago.

Instead of having them turn to other mentors, you could simply use your archive to give them the value they crave. That, and some of the tactics we’ve mentioned above will help you make you an authority people at all stages in their journey can rely on.

So, before you start scratching your head for ideas, think about some of the content in your archive that could easily make a comeback if you took the time to repurpose it.

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