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Easy tips to grow your newsletter with Twitter

Let’s face it – engagement is always just a little better on Twitter than on other platforms.

On Twitter, people are more vocal and passionate, and there’s more room to be personal even when trying to promote your business or brand.

And now, Twitter allows you to boost your newsletter – a new tool you can use to engage users!

Since Twitter launched the ability to link newsletters to your profile back in 2015, it has been all the rage. Hard-working writers were now able to use a new and improved audience engagement loop!

Over the past few years, many people have learned tips and tricks to increase their email list signups – and we’ve collected them here to help you grow your own Twitter newsletter!

mail scaled

Make your first impression professional

ashley clark twitter bio newsletter

Before you can hope to attract people to your newsletter with Twitter, you need to make sure they first like your Twitter page!

Twitter is known for being rather unprofessional compared to other social media platforms – on Twitter, you can tweet your random thoughts and half-baked remarks all day, if you want to.

You can keep that attitude for your replies and DMs, but the first impression of anyone coming across your page must be professional. How do you suppose people are going to trust your newsletter or work with you if you don’t look serious enough?

This approach has been used by many huge creators who have been successful in promoting their newsletter with Twitter.

To make a successful first impression, make sure your profile is complete. Include a neat profile picture, with ideally 60% of it being your face, a standard header that says a little bit more about you and your brand, a bio stating what you do with appropriate links, and of course, a link to your newsletter.

Add a pinned tweet containing useful information or your latest news to help users find out about all the exciting value you have to offer!

Make your newsletter easier to share

You can also make improvements within your newsletter itself that will help it reach more people!

Rather than a suggestion at the bottom of the newsletter simply asking readers to share it, why not add a link or button which, when clicked, directly shares the blog post to your readers’ Twitter page, giving them the option of tweeting it out?

Your readers are more likely to share your content when the share button is easily accessible and does the job for them!

Tweet about it

Twitter is not just for stream-of-consciousness posts – it’s a great place to share your work!

So don’t be afraid to talk about your newsletter on Twitter! You’ve worked hard to create a newsletter that means something to you and it deserves all the attention it can get.

Tweet about your newsletter at time intervals. For instance, every 3-4 hours, send out a tweet talking about your newsletter and highlight some points in it. Use power words in your tweets to attract more people. 

Power words are persuasive words that give off a persuasive vibe without coming across as trying too hard. Some of those words are:

  • Now
  • Why 
  • No
  • Enough 

It’s all about being confident enough in your work without sounding desperate – you can do it!

Interact with your audience

Simply sending out tweets about your newsletter isn’t enough to get people to sign up. After all, people go on Twitter to be interacted with! They seek conversations, and chances are you do, too – otherwise, why would you have created a newsletter in the first place?

Within the time intervals of your promotional tweets, interact with your audience as much as possible. You can do this by replying to their comments or DMs. You can also send a little message about your newsletter to your most loyal followers and ask them for feedback! 

Once you are done with that, try interacting with big accounts within your niche. They usually do respond and give you feedback from their experience which can always help steer your content in the right direction. 

When it comes to interacting on Twitter, be creative – you’re not limited to simply replying to tweets! Consider quote tweeting interesting takes and offering your opinion, especially if the original tweet revolves around a topic that your newsletter tackles! You can then link to a specific newsletter post that people will be glad to have found.

You can also create threads that break down some of the things you describe in better detail in your newsletter. That can be a great way to give people a taste of what you have to offer!

Don’t sleep on analytics

Twitter Analytics will give you an idea of which tweet worked best and which one didn’t, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Twitter provides metrics such as top tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions and followers. This data can help you know how many people visited your profile at which given time, which then allows you to figure out when to tweet and talk about your newsletter and when to exactly publish a new issue to gain traffic. 

All this information can also help you better understand your audience – who they are, what they like, what they don’t and how they like to interact with you. Getting to know your followers will allow you to craft your newsletter – and your tweets about your newsletter – in a way that they will respond to.

Promote your new readers

Notice someone who is a regular and loves reading your newsletter? Give them a shoutout on Twitter! This helps your exposure on their page and vice versa. Plus, it is so rare to feel truly noticed on a platform where millions of people seemingly tweet into the void.

Knowing that you thank your news followers publicly may even entice people to start reading your newsletter in the hopes that you will thank them too! 


Post a tweet saying “Subscribe to my newsletter for new information on [niche] and a chance to win [asset\, drop an [emoji] once you have subscribed!”

This kind of tweet can gain a lot of traction because, simply, people love free things!

But let’s talk about what we mean by “assets.”

There are two ways to go about it. You can give away a physical asset that isn’t related to your niche, such as money, iPhones, etc., or you can give away something related to your niche that isn’t material, for instance a free profile review, a free 3-week course on marketing, etc. 

If you give away a physical asset, you will attract a lot of attention a lot of traffic to your newsletter (remember, people love free stuff!) but you can’t be sure that any of them will stick around. Once they get their shiny object, they may just say goodbye.

If you choose to give away something related to your niche, however, you probably won’t attract that much attention but there will be quite a buzz within your community and your new subscribers will likely stay with you for a long time. The promise of free, valuable, specific prizes is really appealing!

Be sneaky

Sometimes, playing a little dirty can be good.

Disney is notorious for sometimes bending the rules. For example, with this tweet: 

The Bambi wallpaper was within the tweet itself, but due to the phrasing, users thought the link would lead them to the wallpaper. Instead, the link was a celebration of the film Bambi and its many years in the box office. Disney got some clicks by subtly tricking its followers!

Consider doing something similar. For instance, tweet “Check out these analytics on [niche],” attach an image of the analytics, and add the link. This could increase your click rate by a lot and isn’t big enough of a transgression to make people mad at you!

Still, we wouldn’t recommend you do this too often. If you trick your audience repeatedly, you will eventually come across as too sneaky and annoying!

Limit yourself to doing this only once or twice with a newsletter that isn’t getting enough traction and you should be okay.

Create a schedule and stick to it

plan month scaled

While it’s very natural to get lost in other work and push a few things behind schedule, try not to let that happen with your newsletter. After all, a good old newspaper always arrives on time, so the same should be true for your writing!

Create a posting schedule and follow it religiously, especially if you’re new to social media. You don’t want to come across as unreliable or tardy!

Indeed, keeping your newsletter on schedule helps creates more traction and your readers know exactly when to come to your profile for your latest newsletter. By being reliable, you create more loyalty and trust in your readers.

There are plenty of social media management tools out there to help you stay on track – Hypefury is one of them, and can help you schedule your tweets to save you some time that you can better spend writing your newsletter!

Repurpose old newsletters

If you send newsletters out pretty regularly, consider occasionally linking an old newsletter with a tweet, stating “Did you miss this?” This will give your followers a glance at what they sign up for when they subscribe to your newsletters, and could breathe a second life into an old post that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved the first time around.

There are several ways you can repurpose your old newsletters.

As described above, you can send out a tweet simply sharing the newsletter, using words from your niche.

Alternatively, you can tag your old newsletter at the bottom of a tweet or thread that did very well, to make that good engagement work for you even more.

Finally, you can turn your old newsletter post into a Twitter thread that ultimately links to your newsletter subscribe link, in particular if you find that this particular post works better in this shorter format. Repurposing old content is always a good idea, and there are countless ways to do it!

Plus, Hypefury has auto plugs that automatically add a newsletter signup tweet at the end of your threads. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Include content from other platforms

Being present across platforms is a great way to get a wider audience and more attention on your newsletter.

Add in tweets, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, and TikToks to your newsletter as well as your tweets promoting it!

And don’t forget to tag the creators – you may catch their eye and have them share your newsletter with their own followers.

This technique gives you a chance to grow your newsletter to a great extent by exposing you to different communities across platforms.


When tweeting about your new newsletter, consider starting your text with a question. It’s the easiest way to grab attention and create a conversation with your followers!

Frame your questions to be more about what your followers want to learn, and provide them with an answer in the form of your newsletter in the same tweet! Here are some examples:



Optimize your landing page

newsletter landing page

When you’re promoting your newsletter, you will be directing your followers to a landing page – the shopping window for your work!

You therefore need to make sure that your landing page is attractive and informative enough to keep visitors interested.

Along with using actionable language such as “Let’s go!” or “Subscribe now!”, you need to make sure your page’s design is on point as well.

In fact, while actionable language will get you an increase in clicks, it’s the page’s design that will get you new subscribers!

When crafting your page, remember: we all are very busy, have very short attention spans, and are already bombarded with more information and bright, chaotic images than we can bear. So make sure that your page is beautiful and pleasing to the eye! 

Here are a few tips to use when creating your landing page:

Communicate your unique selling point

Social media is so saturated that it can be difficult to stand out. This is why being original is crucial.

At the very beginning of your page, start with a line that sets you apart from everyone else. For most people, it’s their inspiring story, for others it’s their humor, and for some, it’s their unique outlook on life. Figure out what makes you special and add it at the top of your landing page to grab people’s attention.

Clean and simple design

Nobody has time for bright, messy pages that attack your retinas!

Create your landing page design using only 3 colors that represent your brand the best.

Make sure that the page’s focus is clear, meaning that everything needs to work to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter. Remove anything that may deviate from this purpose and use white space appropriately. White space removes congestion and gives the brain a moment to process all the given information. 

A catchy and short headline

Go straight to the point from the get-go! Make sure your headline is easy to digest and tells your visitors exactly what your offer is.

Use visuals

Grab people’s attention using images . It could be a graph, an image related to your niche, or even a meme! All of these are great ways to capture attention. 

Ready to spread the word about your newsletter?

Twitter can be an amazing springboard for your newsletter. As a platform made for engagement and sharing, it’s the ideal place for you to find new readers and become an authority in your niche.

With all the tips listed in this article, you’re sure to grow your readership in no time!

For more information about how to use Twitter for marketing and promotion, check out Hypefury’s Ultimate Guide and consider using Hypefury to help you manage your online strategy!

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Easy tips to grow your newsletter with Twitter

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Hypefury makes it easy to create, publish

and monetize your content across social media 

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