Best practices for growing a Twitter newsletter

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Why is engagement always just a little better on Twitter? I mean, engagement is better, the people are more vocal and passionate (than other social media users I suppose) and now, newsletters have added a new tool in the toolbox you can use to engage users!

Since Twitter launched the ability to link newsletters to your profile back in 2015, it has been ALL the rage. It exposed hard-working writers to a new and improved audience engagement loop.

Over the course of 8 years, many people have learned tips and tricks to increase their email list. So, here are some of the best practices for growing your Twitter newsletter!

Make your first impression professional

Twitter is known for being unprofessional and basically all around laid-back as compared to other social media. You can keep that attitude for your replies and DM’s. The first impression of anyone coming across your page must be professional, or else how do you suppose people are going to trust your newsletter or work with you? 

This hack has been used by many huge creators and they have been successful in promoting their newsletters. 

To make a successful first impression, make sure your profile is complete. You can NOT half-ass your way through this! A neat profile picture that is 60% of your face, a standard header, a bio stating what you do with appropriate links to your profile, your newsletter will be there as well and a nice pinned tweet. 

Make your newsletter easier to share

Rather than a suggestion at the bottom of the newsletter asking to share, why not a link or button which directly shares to your readers’ Twitter page? Your readers are more likely to share your content when the share button is accessible to them. 

Tweet about it

Don’t be afraid to talk about your newsletter! You’ve done a great job with it and it deserves all the attention it can get. Tweet about it at time intervals. Every 3-4 hours send out a tweet talking about your newsletter and highlight some points in it. Use power words in your tweets to attract more traction to your newsletter. 

Power words are persuasive words that give off a persuasive vibe without coming across as trying too hard. Some of those words are:

  • Now
  • Why 
  • No
  • Enough 

Interact with your audience

Within the time intervals of your tweets, interact with your audience as much as possible. You can do this by replying to their comments, replying to their DMs and sending a little message about your newsletter to your most loyal followers and asking them for feedback. 

Once you are done with that, try interacting with big accounts within your niche. They usually do respond and give you feedback from their experience which can always help steer your content in the right direction. 

Don’t sleep on analytics

Twitter Analytics will give you an idea of which tweet worked best and which one didn’t. Twitter provides metrics like top tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers. This will help you know how many people visited your profile at which given time. This helps you figure out when to tweet and talk about your newsletter and when to exactly publish a new issue to gain traffic. 

Promote your new readers

Notice someone who is a regular and loves reading your newsletter? Give them a shoutout on Twitter! This helps your exposure on their page and vice versa. It attracts more attention knowing you might get a free shout-out as well! 


Post a tweet saying, “Subscribe to my newsletter for new information on *niche* and a chance to win *asset*, drop an *emoji* once you have subscribed!”. This gains a LOT of traction because people love free things! But let’s talk about assets. 

You can do this in 2 ways, you can give away a physical asset that isn’t related to your niche like money, iPhones, etc or you can give away something related to your niche like a free profile review, a free 3-week course on marketing, etc. 

If you give away a physical asset you will attract a LOT of attention, all at once, and a lot of traffic to your newsletter but there isn’t a promise any of them will stick around. If you choose to give away something related to your niche you won’t attract that much attention but there will be quite a buzz within your community and your subscribers will last a long time. 

Be sneaky

Now, Disney is NOTORIOUS for doing this. For example

The Bambi wallpaper was within the tweet itself but users thought the link would lead them to the wallpaper. Instead, the link was a celebration of Bambi and its years in the box office. 

Do something similar! Tweet “Check out these analytics on *niche*, attach an image of the analytics, and add the link. This would increase your click rate by a LOT. 

However, this is not recommended to do all the time. You will eventually come across as being too sneaky! Once or twice with a newsletter that isn’t getting enough traction should be okay! 

Create a schedule and STICK TO IT

While it’s very natural to get lost in other work and push a few things behind schedule, try not to let that happen with your newsletter. Create a schedule and follow it religiously, especially if you’re new on social media! You don’t want to come across as unreliable or tardy! Keeping your newsletter on schedule helps create more traction and your loyal readers know exactly when to come to your profile for your latest newsletter! 

Repurpose old newsletters

If you send newsletters out pretty regularly, try linking an old newsletter with a tweet stating “Did you miss this?” This will give your followers a glance at what they sign up for when they subscribe to your newsletters and gives a chance for more exposure if you use words related to your niche! 

There are 2 ways you can do this. You can either send out a tweet simply stating the newsletter with words from your niche or you can add an extra tweet with the newsletter at the bottom of a tweet that did very well! Hypefury has auto plugs that automatically do that for you!

Include content from other platforms

Add in tweets, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, and TikToks! And don’t forget to tag the creators! You will certainly catch the eye of the creator. This gives you a chance to grow your newsletter to a great extent by exposing you to different communities. 


When tweeting about your new newsletter, start with a question. It’s the easiest way to grab attention and create a conversation with your followers. Frame your questions to out more about what your followers want to learn and provide them with an answer in the same tweet! Here are some examples

Optimize your landing page

When you’re promoting your email list, you will be directing your followers to landing pages. Those could make or break the deal. 

Along with actionable language like “Let’s go!” or “Subscribe now!”, you need a great design as well.

Actionable language will get you an increase in clicks but a landing page design will get you your subscribers. 

Let’s be honest, we all are very busy and have very short attention spans. When we see colors and a great design, we are automatically drawn to that page! The same goes for your landing page. 

Here are a few tips to use for your landing page:

  • Communicate your unique selling point! Social media is incredibly saturated to a point where it’s difficult to stand out. And if you won’t stand out here, you may be lost in all the background noise. So at the very beginning of your page, start with a line that sets you apart from everyone else. For most people it’s their inspiring story, for others it’s their humor and for some, it’s their unique look on life. Figure out what’s yours and add it at the very beginning of your page! 
  • Clean and simple design so your followers aren’t overwhelmed! Use 3 colors that represent your brand the best and direct all the focus on the primary goal of your campaign. Remove anything that may deviate from your offer and use white space appropriately. White space removes congestion and gives the brain a moment to process all the information given. 
  • Make a catchy and short headline that’s easy to digest. Tell your followers what your offer is and immediately catch the attention of your readers. 
  • Grab attention using graphics, let it be an image related to your niche, a meme, or a graph! All of these are great ways to capture attention. 

So, ready to improve your newsletter?

Well, these are just a few of the practices that professionals are doing nowadays to improve their newsletter. It’s very normal to get lost in all the noise and not want to write anymore due to lack of traction but consistency is key even if no one is acknowledging it for now. You will eventually go viral and get hundreds of subscribers, till then follow these practices religiously — Hypefury can help! 😉 



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