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When is the best time to tweet for maximum engagement?

when is the best time to tweet

Knowing when the best time to tweet is would be the ultimate twitter hack, but that’s kind of impossible to pin down. The truth is even if there was the best time it wouldn’t be the same for everyone, and that’s not very helpful. 

Finding your best time to tweet will come down to your audience and content strategy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you get pretty close to your engagement happy hour.

Getting the timing right on your tweets is a big part of connecting with your followers and growing your account. If you can get it down, you’ll always have a steady stream of engagement for your tweets. 

Get it wrong, and your Twitter experience will be about as much fun as watching the paint dry. That sucks, and it’s not very fun. That’s why we’re gonna give you a hand choosing the best times to tweet for your account.

Finding the best time to tweet

The best times to tweet are largely down to two things, a little number crunching and a lot more common sense.

Making your tweets go viral or just even having them catch on has very little do to with what time you hit the “tweet” button and more to do with how relatable your tweets are.

When you think about your tweets in that way you realize that great tweets have more to do with the conversations your followers are into and less to do with the current time.

If you don’t know where your audience is located yet you can use Followerwonk to analyze your followers. Start tweeting based on where your followers are from and adjust what you tweet based on their timezone.

Talk about morning things in their morning, not your morning (if that’s different).

The best time to tweet

You’ve probably figured out by now that the best time to tweet has very little to do with time. But, because we’re talking time it’d be a little unfair not to throw out some times at you, so we’ll look at the three times during the day you should be looking to get a tweet.

The morning rush (7am-10am)

Tweets in the morning tend to get a lot of impressions but maybe not so many likes or retweets. You should get some tweets out during the morning rush because as much as everybody says they avoid their phones they always take a quick look.

Sending tweets in the morning works really well because that’s the time when everyone is on their commute and looking to keep their minds occupied. If you want to maximize your engagement go for a good morning tweet, a motivational post, or share how you and your followers can tackle the day. People are looking to have their spirits lifted at the start of the day, give them that and they just might share your good vibes with their followers in the Twitterverse.

The midday break (Noon - 2pm)

The second best time to tweet during the day is around noon when everybody is well into their day and they’re looking to take a break. At that time of the day, you can expect your followers to be heading to lunch, or just checking in to see what kind of day everyone else is having. This is a great time to tweet because people will be stealing looks at their notifications or having a quick scroll of the timeline before giving the day one last big push.

Keep your lighthearted, quick, and definitely not information-heavy. People will still be pretty locked into their day and asking them to sit with your thread or start considering your poll might not go so well. Sharing how you’re staying productive, a meme to lighten things up, or how you’re getting things done is the way to go at that time in the day.

Day end wind down (4pm onwards)

Another time you want your tweets in the mix is towards the end of the day when everyone is winding down. This makes the best time to tweet because everyone is catching up on what’s happened during the day, or on their commute looking at what people will be doing for the night.

Tweets towards the latter part of the day do really well because at this time people are mostly done with their day and they can actually spend some time online. Having your tweet in the mix when people haven’t quite started with their evening plans is a great way to pick up some engagement for yourself. Sharing how your day went, your plans for getting ahead or the fun stuff you’ll be getting up to for the night is a great way to strike up a conversation with your followers. Taking an interest in how your followers’ day went and their plans is also a great way to invite them to get talking to you.

The three times above are the best time to tweet for maximum engagement. Data analyzed from millions of tweets across many different accounts show that those are the best times to tweet if you’re looking for engagement.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. You probably steal a look at your Twitter feed to start the day, then waste a couple of minutes on there while you wait on your lunch order or take a break, and then hop onto the timeline before you get sucked into your plans for the night. If that happens to you, you can bet it happens to millions of other Twitter users. You should take advantage of that by getting your own tweets into the mix.

How to time your tweets properly

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of when to be posting your tweets we’re gonna look at a whole different aspect of timing for your tweets. As we mentioned earlier virality and your tweets gaining traction isn’t a matter of when you tweet but how you tweet.

Below are some tips you should keep in mind when nailing down the timing of your tweets for maximum engagement. Tweeting isn’t rocket science, and focusing on the points below will help you have more fun with it than watching the clock to figure out when to tweet. 

Be Relatable

The first key to timing your tweets properly is making sure you’ve got being relatable down. Everyone loves a relatable tweet, and when people see a little of themselves in a tweet they share it with others.

The best time to tweet is when you feel your followers are going to relate to the thought you’re sharing. If the tweet you’re thinking up feels relatable to the average guy or girl going through their feed, share it. The more relatable you are through your tweets, the more people share you with their audience.

Be Timely

The next thing you should focus on is making your tweets as timely as possible. Being timely is all about having your tweets feel right for the time when you do post them. You don’t want to see good morning tweets towards the end of the day or tips on how to optimize your sleep on your timeline at midday. The same should go for your tweets. Have your tweets reflect the time your followers will see it, it’ll make your tweets that much more relatable. 

A great example of someone who’s mastered the art of timely tweets is Dan Go, the Fit Founder. You can learn about how he’s managed to incorporate timeliness into his tweets for maximum effect in episode 7 of Hypefury Presents. He learned the trick from Zuby, and at over 400k combined followers if they swear by timeliness, we’re gonna take their word for it

Follow the conversation

A great way to time your tweets is to follow the topics that are dominating the conversation in your circle. Wherever the conversation goes in your corner of Twitter you should never miss a chance to share your two cents. The only qualifier to that would be to avoid being a know it all or commenting on topics you know very little about it.

Part of being an authority is that people love to get your opinion on most things. You can use that to time your tweets whenever the topics move to your areas of expertise. If you see the conversation moving to something you can comment on, don’t miss the chance. Share what you think and ride the engagement wave that comes with it, it’s really that simple.

Your best time to tweet

Timing your tweets properly doesn’t have to be a drag. With Hypefury getting your timing right is even simpler than you imagine. You get a bunch of custom-designed features to keep your tweets in front of your followers. If you’re not on it already you should try it out here for free. 

Besides letting you create and schedule your content effortlessly, Hypefury allows you to get the perfect timing on your tweets whenever you tweet. Between the Evergreen tweet feature and the Auto-Retweet function, it’ll always be your best time to tweet. Those features let you keep your content circulation on the timeline a lot longer than the average tweet. 

The average tweet has a lifespan of about 15 minutes. That’s a very small window for it to gain traction but with Hypefury you don’t have to worry about that. Hypefury recycles your tweets so more people can engage and interact with you. With Hypefury the best time to tweet is whenever you feel like it. You worry about the tweets and we’ll get you the engagement and account growth you want.

Finding the best time to tweet isn’t really something you should be worried about. In general consistency and value are rewarded a lot more than anything else that goes into sharing tweets. If you can be relatable, timely, and show your followers they can look forward to an interesting opinion from you every time you tweet it’ll always be the best time to tweet for you.

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