51 Ways to Get More Followers On Twitter

Followers On Twitter

A fan of Twitter? Interested in more Twitter followers and you do already work with a Twitter scheduler like the one we offer and want to get more followers? Then check out these 51 ways to increase your Twitter presence.

1. Aim to tweet often because it keeps your tweets relevant for your followers to engage with. However, the question is, what should be the time gap between two tweets?

Buffer says three tweets a day is the most you should share before engagement starts to drop off.
Quick Sprout found that the most retweets happen within an hour after tweeting, so a higher daily frequency is best. Start by tweeting 5–20 times every day.

Writing for Forbes, Neil Patel suggests tweet frequency should be tied to your goals. If you want maximum engagement per tweet, aim for 1-5 tweets per day. However, if you want more total responses to your tweets overall, 50 tweets or more are acceptable.

2. Be consistent because tweeting every day for weeks can help you get more Twitter followers than tweeting 10 times one day and nothing the next day.

3. If you’re struggling to tweet consistently, the best thing to do is schedule tweets in advance using some of the best Twitter tools. Create an entire content calendar to pre-schedule your tweets. You can try Hypefury for free.

4. Tweet often but not in bursts. According to CreativeBoom, “If you want to keep all of your followers happy, don’t abuse Twitter by tweeting every minute of every day.”

5. Determine the best times to tweet for your profile using Twitter Analytics.


6. While using hashtags in your tweets, keep them to a maximum of three. If you use more, it will rub off like spam.

7. Generic hashtags can help you reach out to more audiences. Common hashtags like #100daysofcode or #MarketingTwitter or #TechTwitter help you to connect with people who have similar interests.

8. If you are a brand, encourage your followers to use your branded hashtags as it helps you to filter your loyal base. You can further retweet their posts, leveraging the power of user-generated content.

9. Tweet various hashtags for different occasions. It gives you valuable data that you can play around with.


10. Responding in public and sharing your experience or views draws more attention. Don’t forget to @mention the person who has asked the question

11. Mention brands and big accounts to attract attention if it’s absolutely necessary.

12. Tweet about others who have mentioned you or your brand in their post. It is a way of propagating social proof.

13. Be attentive, active, and respond quickly to your followers’ tweets or questions. Also, @mention them back in response to show you care about their feedback.

14. Reply to others’ tweets. When you find an interesting tweet and want to add your point of view to it, go ahead. It is an opportunity to be noticed. Don’t waste it. At the same time, don’t reply with generic stuff.

Twitter Profile optimization

15. Adding keywords to your Twitter bio shows up your profile in Twitter’s search results. Make sure they’re relevant to what you tweet about.

16. Ensure the header image, i.e., the large picture at the top of your Twitter profile has a higher resolution and is sized correctly.

17. Make sure your Twitter profile is complete because an incomplete profile can really discourage a user from following you.

Optimization of tweets

18. Be original. Don’t copy someone else’s tweet and post it as it is. People hate copycats.

19. Add images to your tweets for increasing your Twitter followers. Research states that tweets with images receive more engagements than those without images. 36% of links shared on Twitter are images, so including them in your post will not only help you get shares but can also increase your

20. Asking a question in your tweet has always been the best way to grow engagement because it will prove you are really concerned about what people are thinking.

21. Use more videos in your tweets as Twitter is becoming more visual-friendly.

22. Go for one-liners. Make your tweet “retweet-worthy”.

23. Be creative. 280 characters is a small space.

24. Use eye-catchy GIFs. Twitter promotes visuals.

25. Reply with GIFs. When a user mentions you in their tweet, reply with a GIF if possible.

26. Curate sharable content. Introduce people with new ideas, things, and brands relevant to your business line and your targeted audience.

27. Be a source of trustworthy information for your followers by providing valuable content, reliable discussions, and solutions to your followers.

28. Improve your tweets and threads according to what your followers want. If your followers love deep dives into startups, tweet and write threads about that.

Social engagement

29. Having a big account as a follower on Twitter is a great way to invite followers to your account. They might like or retweet your content and that might get you more followers.

30. Use Twitter search to find people with the same interest to share your content. Reach out to them and try to engage with their posts to increase your Twitter traffic.

31. Reply to an influencer or a big account’s tweets and give them your feedback on their posts. Your feedback will make them notice you and increase the chance of following you back.

32. Reach out to macro and micro-influencers on Twitter to boost visibility and form connections with them.


33. Cross-promote your Twitter handle on various social sites, so you can spike your overall social media following.

34. Make sure to embed your best Tweets into your blog or website for more Twitter traffic.

35. Include a link to your Twitter account in the author bio, where you’re publishing your guest posts.

36. Have your best tweet as your pinned tweet.

37. Help others rather than just promoting your content and be known for putting others’ needs first. You will emerge as an industry leader and thus grow your followers organically.

38. Link your Twitter profile to your other social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

39. Keep track of your tweets, measure their performance. Post the most popular ones again in some weeks or months.

40. Run your Twitter contests regularly to gain momentum. Doing this can help build habits in your followers to check your account regularly.

41. Do giveaways.

42. Add your socials to your blog and other social media platforms. People might like you on one platform and decide to follow you on another one.

43. Run Twitter polls. It is a highly engaging way to ask impactful questions about anything.

Things to note

44. Please don’t think of buying fake followers.

45. Avoid links as much as you can. Twitter doesn’t want you to send people to other websites.

46. Do not DM (direct message) new Twitter followers with a sales pitch outright. You’re spamming them. You can do better.

47. Post humorous content once in a while as funny tweets are among the most retweeted categories on Twitter.

Twitter Spaces

48. Spaces are a great way to increase your followers.

49. Write an article or thread that includes what the Twitter Space was all about.

50. Send reminder tweets for your Spaces.

51. Twitter Spaces is a growth hack to more followers. So, participate in them, provide value, and have fun.

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