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REtweet your own tweet

To answer your first question: can you retweet your own tweet? Well, yes you can! It’s pretty common too.

You can RT 2 different types of tweets really. Your own tweet on your timeline. Your comment on someone else’s tweet — a quoted Retweet.

Your own tweet will just literally be RT’ed and your followers will be able to see it (again). I don’t know if people who already interacted or didn’t interact with it will see it again, but it is an extra signal for Twitter. It makes your tweet fresh again. People who’re online and browsing Twitter will have a higher chance of seeing your tweet.

If you retweet your own comment on someone else’s timeline it will actually do something great to your comment 🙂

A comment on someone else’s tweet is less visible to people than a tweet on your own timeline. The comment can be one of many. Some people who follow you might see it, but more often than not the comment is not really visible.

To give more visibility to your tweet you can RT your comment. This way your followers will see the comment more. It will be as visible as a normal tweet.

RT a comment is a tactic often used to get more interaction on your own tweet. Because what happens is:

  • Your followers see the comment more
  • They interact and engage with it
  • Comments that get more engagement rank closer to the main tweet
  • The closer your comment gets to the main tweet the more engagement you’ll receive from the original author’s audience.

Retweeting your own tweet more than once

If you want you can even RT your own tweeter more often. It’s pretty common for Tweeps (people on Twitter) to RT their best tweets. They get extra engagement on their tweets without any extra effort.

Hypefury can even automate this RT’ing for you. Just select what tweets you want marked as “evergreen tweets” and we can automatically RT them for you.

If you want to manually RT a tweet you already RT’ed, just click the RT button again and click “undo retweet”. Click the RT button again to RT your tweet.

Don’t overdo retweeting

Twitter has been overrun by bots. They behave unnatural and try to inflate tweet activity. One of the key points Twitter makes in its rules of engagement is to not SPAM.

From Twitter’s guidelines:

Spamming: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages that are spam, or otherwise engage in spamming activity. Some examples of spammy behaviour to avoid with automation include:

  • Trending topics: You may not automatically post about trending topics on Twitter, or use automation to attempt to influence or manipulate trending topics.
  • Multiple posts/accounts: You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.

If you overdo your RT’s, as in, the only thing you do is RT’ing your own tweets than that can be seen as spamming. Twitter doesn’t want to see the same message being (re)tweeted over and over again. It’s bad user experience and your account can get suspended for this kind of behaviour.

Be careful with retweeting your comments on bigger accounts

The big accounts aren’t stupid. They know what you’re doing. By RT’ing your tweet you create extra engagement. Doing that once or twice won’t raise eyebrows. But if you keep doing it the big accounts might see it as harassment and will block you.

RT’ing your comment also shows that you don’t just want to add value to the conversation, you want to profit from it.

Some people don’t like their account being used as a piggyback to gain followers or engagement.

On the other hand, it’s very normal that if you want to make a point you also like the backing of your followers. By RT’ing your own tweet you gain a lot of visibility with your own followers. They can also (re)act upon seeing your tweet if you retweet it.

There are a lot of accounts that are on complete autopilot, like @DalaiLama. He won’t notice 😉 But others will and will block you.

With Hypefury you can even schedule RT’ing a comment one someone else’s timeline.

Just copy the url by clicking the share icon. Next, paste the url in one of the RT boxes a few hours after you initially commented.

retweet box hypefury

You can wait a little while because in the first hour after you tweeted your tweet will get more engagement anyway. Once the comment has aged a bit you can help it get more engagement again by RT’ing it.

If you’re serious in growing your Twitter account and saving time, you should try Hypefury Today

Retweeting your tweets is just one of the many hacks to grow on Twitter, here are 5 Twitter hacks to get more followers


  1. Definitely retweet your own tweet. You get more engagement without extra time spent.
  2. You can create more engagement on your comment by retweeting it.
  3.  You can quote retweet your own tweet or someone else’s tweet
  4. Even after you retweeted a tweet (or your tweet) you still retweet it again. Just undo retweet and retweet again.

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