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Retweeting and quote tweeting are two ways to share content from other Twitter users on your own timeline.

A retweet is a simple way to share another user’s tweet with your followers by reposting it on your own timeline.

On the other hand, quote tweeting allows you to add your own comment or thoughts to the original tweet, while still giving credit to the original author.

But you know this already, and the reason why you’ve landed on this article is because you’re asking yourself whether you should retweet your own tweet or not… Well, to answer your question: yes you can, and you should!

Here’s what we cover in this article:

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Why you should retweet your own tweets

Retweeting your own tweets can have a lot of advantages!

Increased visibility and engagement

Retweeting your own tweet can give it a second life and increase its visibility to a wider audience, such as your new followers who may have missed it the first time around. Twitter is a platform with a fast-paced environment so it’s very easy for people to miss some of your tweets! By retweeting your own content, you just ensure everyone gets a chance to see it.

Reaching a wider audience

Retweeting your own tweet can help to expand your reach beyond your existing followers. When your followers retweet your tweet, their followers will also see it. The more people like, comment on and share your tweets, the broader your audience will grow!

Have the opportunity to give a fresh take on the topic

By retweeting your own tweet, you have the opportunity to give your followers a fresh perspective on something you have addressed in the past. Don’t be afraid to change your mind, or instead to reinforce an opinion of yours you still feel strongly about.

Highlighting relevant content

If you have multiple tweets on a particular topic or theme, retweeting your own tweet can help to highlight the most relevant and important tweet around that topic for your followers. This can increase their engagement and help to build your brand on Twitter.

Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you retweet your own tweet, you’re creating multiple instances of your content on the web, which can increase its visibility and make it easier for people to find it through search engines.

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Some retweeting tips

Retweeting takes some getting used to and you need to follow some basic tips in order to make the most of it.

Be strategic

Make sure you retweet tweets that are relevant to current discourses that are happening in the world, or tweets of yours that have been successfully received previously, and are strong representations of your brand.

Use visuals

Consider including eye-catching visuals, such as images, videos and GIFs, when you retweet your own tweet! Visual content is more engaging and can help to increase the visibility and impact of your tweet, and can also allow you to comment on the content of your original tweet with a meme.


Don’t be afraid to test things

If you are unsure whether to retweet something or not, just do it and follow the progress of the post! Monitor the engagement with your retweets to see what’s working and what isn’t and adjust your strategy accordingly. This is the best way to learn!

Common misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions about retweeting your own tweet is that it’s seen as spammy or inauthentic. Some users believe that constantly retweeting their own content is annoying to followers and can lead to a decrease in engagement.

However, this is not necessarily the case. When done strategically and in moderation, retweeting your own tweet can actually be a valuable tool for your social media strategy.

To dispel these misconceptions, it’s important to understand that retweeting your own tweet is a common practice on social media and is used by many individuals and businesses!

It’s also important to remember that Twitter’s algorithm uses engagement and relevance to determine what content is shown to users. By retweeting your own tweet, you’re keeping it relevant and in front of your followers, and potentially increasing its visibility to a wider audience.

As we mentioned above, by retweeting your own tweet, you’re simply giving your content a second chance to be seen by even more people!

Quote tweet your comments on other people’s threads and posts

Quote tweeting your comments on someone else’s tweet can be a powerful tool for increasing visibility and engagement with your followers.

By retweeting a comment, you are giving it a new, bigger life. It will now appear on your feed and your followers who may not have initially seen it when it was posted as a comment – perhaps because they don’t follow the person whose tweet you commented on – can now see it and interact with it.

Comments that receive more engagement will rank closer to the main tweet, increasing their chances of being seen by the original author’s audience. This can lead to even more engagement and interaction with your comment.

Retweeting a comment is often used as a tactic to get more interaction and engagement on your tweets, and it’s important to use it strategically and in moderation to avoid coming across as repetitive, spammy or like a show-off.

What to avoid

When it comes to retweeting your own tweets, it’s important to be cautious and avoid certain practices that could harm you and your brand.

Don’t be spammy

Twitter’s rules of engagement prohibit spamming activities, such as posting automated tweets or direct messages that are duplicative or substantially similar, and automatically posting about trending topics in an attempt to manipulate people. Retweeting your own tweets repeatedly can also be seen as spamming and result in a suspension of your account.

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Don’t only rely on retweets

It’s important to remember that you have to add value to the discussion! By retweeting too much, you risk coming off as lazy to your audience, which would actually damage your credibility and consequently the engagement with your audience. Remember, authenticity is key!

Don’t retweet your comments on bigger accounts too much

Doing it once or twice is acceptable, but if you constantly do it, the big accounts might see it as harassment and block you.

Furthermore, retweeting your comment on someone else’s tweet shows that you are not only interested in adding value to the conversation but also in profiting from it. Some people might not appreciate their accounts being used as a means to gain followers or engagement.

There are a lot of accounts that are on complete Autopilot, like @DalaiLama. He won’t notice, but others will and will block you.

Retweeting using third-party tools

To avoid being seen as spamming, it’s best to use scheduling tools like Hypefury to retweet your comments at a later time.

We have a scheduling option, which allows you to choose the time and date you want your tweets to be retweeted.

Simply select what tweets you want to be marked as “evergreen tweets” and we can automatically retweet them for you!

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With Hypefury, you can automate your Twitter presence and increase your visibility on the platform.

The process of retweeting with us is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is log in to your Hypefury account, select the tweet you want to retweet, and schedule the retweet for a specific time and date. We also offer the option to retweet comments on someone else’s timeline, which can help increase engagement on your tweets!

Avoid spending hours on the platform every day, whether you’re an individual who wants to grow your personal brand or a business looking to increase your visibility on Twitter. Hypefury can help you achieve your goals. – Sign up today!


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