How Long can a Twitter/X Video Be

Twitter Video Length Limit

Video remains one of the best marketing tools to build your brand and audience. This can be proven by looking at the success of platforms such as TikTok, Instagram (reels), and YouTube (shorts and long videos).

Videos capture people’s attention because videos are visually appealing and it’s easy to consume than text.

This is why you have to consider creating and posting videos as a part of your marketing strategy on 𝕏/Twitter.

But before we get into posting, it’s good to know how long Twitter/𝕏 videos can be, the allowed video formats supported by Twitter/𝕏, and the size allowed by Twitter/𝕏.

Let’s get into it!

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What is the Twitter/𝕏 Video Length Limit?

The normal video limit on Twitter/𝕏 is 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds). This is applied to the normal unverified users who are not subscribed to Twitter/𝕏 Premium.

For Twitter/𝕏 Premium users (verified users), they can upload longer videos up to 2 hours long on the web app and iOS app and up to 10 minutes on the android app.

However, there are rules to consider

What is the Twitter/𝕏 Video Size Limit?

For the 140 seconds video, the maximum file size 512MB uploaded in either MP4 or MOV formats.

For videos less than 2 hours, they can be 1080p but should not exceed 8GB

And lastly for the videos that are more than 2 hours but less than 3 hours, they are supposed to be 720p and should not exceed 8GB.

As you can see, Twitter/𝕏 has increased it’s video length and size limit more than Instagram or TikTok and soon it will be competing to match even YouTube itself.

What’s even more interesting is that you can go live on Twitter/𝕏 now. Let’s see how you can upload videos on Twitter/𝕏 first then we can get into how you can go live.

How to Upload (Long) Videos on Twitter/𝕏

Uploading a long video on Twitter/𝕏 follows the same procedure as uploading a short video.

1. Go to the composer either in the web app or the mobile apps.

2. Click the gallery button.

3. Choose a video (You will not be able to choose unsupported videos and if you manage to choose you will be prompted)

  • Less than 2 hours videos, they can be 1080p, should not exceed 8GB
  • More than 2 hours but less than 3 hours video must be 720p and must not exceed 8GB
  • Non-premium users can upload 140 seconds video and should not exceed 512MB

4. Finish your tweet and hit post.

Uploading a long video on Twitter/X

Adding Timestamps

It’s possible to add timestamps to your videos for easy organization for your audience.

You can use any of the following formats to add timestamps

xx:xx – 02:34

xx:xx:xx – 01:22:15

Note that if you have more than one video in a post the timestamps will not work.

Uploading Long Videos via Hypefury

If you’re a Hypefury user and you want to schedule a long video, you can do so with Hypefury.

Hypefury supports uploading long videos and you can schedule them as well unlike on the Twitter/𝕏 apps.

How to Go Live on Twitter/𝕏

At the moment, you can only go live on Twitter/𝕏 via the mobile apps. Here is how you can do it:

1. Go to the composer

2. Click the camera icon

3. Choose Live on the bottom selector (You may need to swipe right)

  • You can choose different options such as live but for only voice, who can chat on the live feed, disabling likes, flash light and switching cameras (front and back)

4. Write your post and hit “Go LIVE” button.

How to go live on Twitter/X
How to go live on Twitter/X
How to go live on Twitter/X

This is the current situation for Twitter/𝕏 videos. We can expect this to change to be even better because Elon Musk wants Twitter/𝕏 to be a competitor for YouTube.

So things such as monetization are coming soon. What we can do now is wait.

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