How the 𝕏/Twitter Algorithm Works

How the X/Twitter Algorithm Works

X/Twitter is undergoing a ton of changes right now including Elon Musk open sourcing the algorithm. If you’re a creator it would make sense to stay on top of these changes so you can implement them immediately.

We studied the algorithm and here is what you need to understand so that you can grow on X/Twitter

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Is X Premium Worth It?

Before we get into how the algorithm works and how posts are ranked. It’s worth to answer this most asked question. Paying for X premium extends your reach. Paying the monthly fee give you a boost. So if you are serious about growth on X/Twitter and you can afford $8/month then we suggest that you get yourself premium.
x premium
It's clear in the algorithm that X premium users get a boost

Replies Matter More

It is clear from the algorithm that replies are prioritized a lot and they carry a lot of weight on the scale. Here is how you can boost your replies and get more engagement.

Replies carry more weight

First of all, there are two types of replies:

  1. Replies to your own comments
  2. Replies to others

Replies to your own comments

You get 75 points when you reply to comments on your tweets. So you should not disregard when people reply to your tweets.

Here is a practical advice that you can follow:

  • Take 15 minutes
  • Go to notifications
  • Go to Mentions
  • Reply to every comment that you get.

Bonus if you get them to reply back to you again so you keep the ball rolling.

Replies to other accounts

You get 13.5 points when you reply/comment to other accounts.

You need three types of accounts to reply to:

  1. Bigger accounts than you – they give you impressions
  2. Same size as you – they engage back with you
  3. Smaller accounts than you – they become your loyal followers

Here is another practical advice that you can follow:

  • Make three private lists
  • Add 10 people to each (Big, same, and smaller accounts)
  • Visit those lists daily and add value to their accounts

One thing to keep in mind when replying is to add value. If you don’t have any value to add then do not reply.

Post More Videos and Images

Elon Musk’s vision for 𝕏/Twitter is to become the everything app. From live streaming to payment. In attempts of this, X is prioritizing more long form videos.

If you are active on other video platforms such YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, you can repurpose your video content and share it on X/Twitter.

You can use a tool like Hypefury to help you post videos on X/Twitter and cross-post as reels to Instagram.

If you’re not making videos already then this is your chance to dive into it.

If you can’t make videos at all then you can post tweets with images. They have a close weight to videos

How Posts are Ranked on the Timeline

Knowing how posts are ranked in social media is the number one topic that every user is interested in. With X/Twitter open sourcing the algorithm, it is no longer a secret how posts are ranked on X/Twitter.

X Algorithm Graph
Graph from Twitter’s GitHub repository

Here are the factors of how posts are ranked on the timeline:

  1. Graph Jet
  2. Sim Clusters
  3. TwHin
  4. Real Graph
  5. Tweep Cred
  6. Trust & Safety

Now all these words may seem confusing but it’s simple. Let’s break them down

1. Graph Jet

This is a graph that maps your relationship with other accounts.


How many of your followers are also following Hypefury?

If the score is high, you’ll see more of Hypefury’s tweets on the timeline. Even if you are not following Hypefury.

This also works the other way.

If a large numbers of Hypefury followers are also following you, then Hypefury will see a lot of your tweets on the timeline even if you are not following Hypefury.

2. Sim Clusters

X/Twitter puts you in groups with similar accounts based on your activities.

If you engage with posts related to “NBA”, then you will be added to the “NBA” cluster.

You will be show more NBA posts.

Pro Tip: Talk about one thing (niche down) so that you’re added in a cluster and accounts on that cluster will get to see your posts on the timeline.

3. TwHin

TwHin creates a document which stores all your actions such as likes, retweets, people you follow, etc.

This document is then used to recommend posts to you and which accounts to follow.

4. Real Graph

This collects all the posts that you engage with (engagement data) then predicts similar posts that you are likely to engage with.

Then those posts are show more in your timeline.

If you engage with your friend, no matter the topic, your friend’s posts will be show more on your timeline.

5. Tweep Cred

This is your reputation or “score” that X/Twitter gives you based on your

  • Avg engagement
  • Quality of content
  • Follower to following ratio
  • Age of your account


The higher the score, the more you appear on the timeline.

Here is how you can increase your credibility (Tweep Cred):

  1. Post good quality content
  2. Don’t post sensitive content
  3. Unfollow low quality content
  4. Have a mix of engagement bait

6. Trust & Safety

As the name suggests, this filters sensitive content and shows you whatever binds to the policies of X/Twitter.

We talk more about this on what to avoid down below.

Things to Avoid if You’re Serious About Growing on 𝕏

These are things that you should work on avoiding at all costs

1. NSFW Content

This goes without saying but X/Twitter has been ruthless about their policies. Content about sensitive topics are downgraded.

Content to avoid

2. Getting reported

If someone reports you or you get flagged as “Not interested” you get deboosted.

Now you may not be able to control the people may flag you as “Not interested” but you have control on not getting reported.

Be a good person, do not argue and spam other and do not impersonate anyone.

  • The penalty when you get reported is -369 points
  • The penalty for “Not interested” is -74 points

The move by Elon Musk to open source the X/Twitter algorithm is a smart one because creators know what they need to do and avoid for their posts to perform well and grow.

More creators are likely to join 𝕏 because of this transparency and it’s a step closer towards achieving the everything app.

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