How to become Twitter famous the quick and simple way

How to become Twitter famous

Building a following is a big part of the Twitter game, and your follower count isn’t just a vanity metric. That’s why everyone is obsessed with finding the best way to become Twitter famous.

Your follower count affects how others perceive your Twitter online presence and brand. If you’ve got a ton of followers people will naturally think you’re worth following and paying attention to. If you don’t, everyone will constantly assume there’s not much worth paying attention to about you. That’s why becoming Twitter famous should be a priority if growing online is a big goal for you.

More than just how others perceive you, Twitter fame plays a large role in how well you can influence others and leverage that for your benefit. Having an army of followers that hang on your every word is the best thing you could ever have as a creator.

So, how do you become Twitter famous?

Becoming Twitter famous isn’t as hard as you might think it is, and you don’t even need the blue checkmark. It just takes a little work, and this article will help you tweak your strategy to get your brand that Twitter fame. Disclaimer: The info below will be make achieving Twitter stardom quick and simple, not easy.

Pick your niche

The first step to becoming Twitter famous is understanding who you want to reach. Picking a niche will help you curate and tailor content that your followers find valuable. Any strategy that promises you followers but doesn’t overstate the importance of value is a joke. If you want a lot of followers, you have to create an account worth following.

There are 2 major reasons you should pick a niche for your account and we’ll quickly go over them below.

Posting authoritative content

The first reason you want to pick a niche is so that you’ll be able to focus on creating valuable content to share. If you don’t choose a focus for your account you’ll leave yourself open to posting about anything and everything. You might think that’s a good idea not to get boxed in but when you’re starting it’s a sure way to fail.

If your account’s not where you want it to be, focus on one thing only and be great at it. The more you can prove that you’re a valuable resource on the timeline, the more followers you’ll attract. You can try your hand at posting all kinds of different content once you’re Twitter famous with die-hard followers. Before then stick to driving home why should be on people’s timelines.

Posting consistently

The second reason you want to settle on a niche for your account is so that you’re never short on ideas of what to post. If you want Twitter fame to stay top of your followers’ minds’ because great content will make things easier for you.

Post one useful piece of content every week and everyone’s going to find a way to live without it, or they’ll just add you to a list and skip having you add to the number of accounts they follow. On the other hand, if you’re posting three valuable tweets a day or once every day of the week the followers will come naturally.

Picking a niche allows you to create tons of great content that’ll make attracting and keeping your followers satisfied a whole lot easier for you. Nothing is more important for building a massive following quickly than that.

Optimize your profile

Now that you’ve got the content portion down, the next thing you should focus on getting right in your profile. Optimizing your profile is very important because it will do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to snagging new followers.

Everyone can have a random tweet go viral but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll pick up followers from it. Why you might ask? Well, it’s simple, the second anyone looks at their profile they realize the account’s not worth following and forget about it. You don’t want that happening to you.

The four key elements of your Twitter profile are your profile pic, banner, bio, and your pinned tweet. Below is a great example of how you can optimize your profile.

image 3

The profile in the pic to the left belongs to DAN KOE and it’s a perfect example of how you must try to set up yours.

The first thing you notice on the profile is the banner. It’s a simple, minimalistic banner with a URL in a bold green color at the bottom. It might not say a lot but it strikes all the right notes. It shows you a clean logo and a website to visit if you want to find out more.

Next, you’d probably want to find out a bit more so you’ll look at the bio. Dan’s bio is simple, straightforward, and it promises freedom and fulfillment for all those that stick around. For grabbing people’s interest it’s perfect.

You also find out right away what you’re in for, and there’s a link to keep things going if you want more than just tweets from Dan.

Another key element of Dan’s profile is his profile pic. Again, it’s simple, a black and white headshot that shows you who’s behind all the content you love. If you want to use something other than your own pic, you can. Just make sure you don’t leave it empty. or use a ridiculous or boring pic.

Lastly, the first tweet on Dan’s profile is a pinned tweet that ties perfectly into the message in his bio. It’s motivating, thought-provoking, and you get the sense Dan is all about what he talks about. That’s important for getting followers to stick around. You should steal a page out of Dan’s book and give your profile a makeover. 

Show personality

Once you’ve got your niche and your profile down, you won’t shift your focus to showing some personality. This part is pretty simple and it shouldn’t take you a whole lot of work to get right. All you’ve got to do here is show people that you’re an actual person and not a robot.

If you want to be Twitter famous then you’ve got to get comfortable with letting people experience you. More than just sharing valuable content as we talked about you want people to relate to you on a personal level. Do you know how company accounts can have a ton of followers and non-existent engagement at the same time? That’s because all their tweets have about as much personality as a piece of plywood.

Your personality, views, ideas, and thought processes are all unique to you and that’s what people crave. They want to learn from you, see what you see and expand their mind through you. If your tweets are so information-dense they feel like Wikipedia entries you need to start showing personality.

Never forget you’re a person trying to connect to other people. Be conversational, be you, be human.

Make friends

All along your road to Twitter fame, you should be making friends all throughout the Twitterverse. Making friends with other personalities in the Twitter world will help you grow your influence and expand your reach.

If you share solid content and you’ve got a great personality growing your Twitter network shouldn’t be hard at all. Growing your network on Twitter comes down to one simple thing, being an ally. Help others with their Twitter goals or things outside Twitter and you’ll be famous in no time at all.

Another way you can make friends on Twitter in your bid to be Twitter famous is to engage with the people that respond to your tweets. Replying to comments and retweeting other people’s tweets is how you get behind your own account. The key here is to be insightful and add meaning to every conversation you have.

If you can move the conversation forward every time you comment or retweet something people will grow to trust and look forward to you sharing your opinions.

Give it all some time

The last step to being Twitter famous is giving all the stuff we’ve covered above time to work its magic. Like we promised getting Twitter fame is actually pretty simple, you’ve got to be patient and trust the process.

Your account might not have thousands of followers overnight but if you work the recipe above Twitter fame will be inevitable for you.

And, that’s it. That’s all you need to know on how to become Twitter famous. It’s quick, it’s simple and you can start making all the changes your account needs right away. For more great tips on how to grow your Twitter presence follow us on Twitter or sign up here and we’ll send them straight to your inbox. And, you can also listen to our podcast where we go over all things Twitter, entrepreneurship, mindset, and more to help you in your journey as an online content creator.

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