How to Send DMs on X/Twitter

How to Send DMs

X/Twitter still remains the number one social media that you can get in touch with influential people and get a reply.

This is not by chance. It’s because on 𝕏/Twitter, people share their thoughts and opinions (their intelligence). So when people get in touch with them it’s because of that. Not because they posted and sexy picture or a video dancing.

The other reason is how the X/Twitter DMs are set up. It’s hard to miss a new DM when a new person messages you.

In this post, we’re going to take a look on how you can send a DM on X/Twitter with all the new settings since Elon Musk too over

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New DM Settings on X Premium

Since Elon took over, there have been a lot of changes on X/Twitter. And DMs have not been forgotten. Here are some new changes and some old settings too you need to know about DMs

Only verified users can send DMs to accounts that don’t follow them

Before it was possible to send DMs to anyone who turned on their DMs but now it’s impossible to send a DM to an account that has DMs on unless they follow you. So now if you want to send a DM to an account that does not follow you, you need to have X Premium.

By default all verified users only accept DMs from other verified users

Right now the default setting for all verified users (X Premium users) is to only accept message requests from other verified users. There is an option to set it open to everyone but nobody likes spam. So most people will leave the setting to only allow other verified users.
DM settings

Accounts that has subscriptions turned on have the ability to only accepts DMs from their subscribers

If an account has subscriptions enable, they have the option to only accept message requests from their subscribers.

Low quality messages are filtered automatically

There is an option that is enable by default to hide low quality message and spam to a different inbox so that it never reaches the user’s main inbox.

Most people would not bother turning this off because nobody likes spam.

How to Send DMs on 𝕏/Twitter Desktop

Sending DMs on the 𝕏/Twitter web app is very straight forward. There are two ways you can do this. 1. Just click the message icon when you visit any account’s profile. If you can’t find the icon then it means that account has closed off their DMs. If you’re not verified you will get an alert that you need to be verified so that you can send DMs Sending DM via profile

2. Open the messages area via the sidebar or the mini-message tab and click the message with a plus icon and input the handle of the account you want to message.

Sending DMs

How to Send DMs on 𝕏/Twitter iOS App

Sending DMs on the iOS app is not that different from the web app. There are two ways you can do it. 1. From the account profile and by clicking the message icon 2. From the message page and searching for the handle that you want to message. What’s interesting on iOS is that you can also have voice and video calls as well. To start a call, 1. Open the messages of an account that you want to call 2. Click the call icon that is found on the top right 3. Choose between either a voice or video call. Note: This feature is only available on the iOS at the time of writing and the person that you want to call also needs to be on iOS.

How to Send DMs on 𝕏/Twitter Android App

Sending DMs on android is similar to sending DMs on iOS. There are two ways: 1. You initialize a message when you to go to a user’s profile and choose the message icon 2. The second way is you can go to the message screen, click the message icon with a plus and input the handle of the account that you want to message

How to Create a Group Chat on 𝕏/Twitter

Like other messaging apps, you can also create group chats on 𝕏/Twitter. Here is how you can do it, the process is the same for the web app and the mobile apps. 1. Got to the messages tab. 2. Click on the message with a plus icon like you would if you want to DM a new person 3. Instead of typing the username, click “Create a group” button right below the username input. 4. It will prompt you to choose the accounts that you want to add in the group 5. After you’re done choosing the accounts, you can name the group and you’re done!
Creating a group

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