The Best Ways to Optimize a LinkedIn Business Page6 min read

Optimizing your LinkedIn page can drive more engagement and trust in your brand

LinkedIn is a place where people get straight down to business. It’s one thing to figure out what to post since self-promotion hits big on there, but optimizing your page to attract visitors can feel like stumbling around in the dark sometimes.

You don’t have to have a very complicated profile to attract high-profile visitors. Your profile can be simple, but it must cover everything you and your business have to offer!

Here are a few tips to optimize your LinkedIn page!

A high-quality profile picture and cover photo

One of the easiest ways to make your profile look professional is a high-quality profile picture and cover image. A rule of thumb to use is:

  1. The cover photo shows off your brand
  2. The profile picture shows off your personality/logo

A neat clean cover with your company’s color scheme and name with a profile picture either showcasing 60% of your face or your brand’s logo! Either one works well! Just make sure they are high quality.

Relevant keywords

The summary and overview are CRUCIAL for your LinkedIn page. The summary appears right below your name on the page and it’s the first paragraph your viewers will look at. It should be short and to the point. You can add a dash of humor but it’s best to stick with relevant keywords to expand your reach. Since your space is limited, add what your company offers while using SEO words in the summary and add in a contact detail for good measures. Ask yourself these questions when writing your summary

  1. What is your company?
  2. Where is it based?
  3. What does it offer?
  4. What’s your brand voice?
  5. How can people contact you?

You can get a bit more creative in the overview by adding in the origin of your company and why you build it!

Use LinkedIn’s features

If you are neglecting LinkedIn’s features, you aren’t using the platform to its full potential. LinkedIn is constantly updating and coming out with new features to aid people just like you. It recently came out with a LinkedIn live feature which you should be taking FULL advantage of! Your audience would love to see a face behind your brand so try using the live feature once every few months! (Keep in mind, this is LinkedIn. You can get banned easily so do NOT post or go live daily)

LinkedIn stories also provide a 24-hour window for you to post! Keep this for a few behind-the-scenes of you at work. LinkedIn Q and A is a great way to get input from your audience. Remember, your company will stay static unless and until you take in what your audience is looking for from you!

Join groups

Not only is it great exposure, but you also meet a lot of new people within the same niche. They don’t all have to be your competitors, sometimes even a potential business partner has many similarities! So don’t miss that opportunity! Start by identifying groups that would fit into your niche and joining in with the conversation. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself and your brand!

Keep everything up to date

Whether it’s an algorithm, changing keywords in your summary, or your new and improved brand logo. It is very important to keep all of this updated. A lot of times if a person comes across your page, they will look at a few of the outdated parts and assume your account has not been used for quite some time. This is because you can’t constantly stay consistent on LinkedIn. So, UPDATE everything as soon as it changes! Plus it isn’t a good impression on businesses who want to collab with you, it comes off as lazy and that is NOT the kind of message you want to send this early on in your career!

Share visual content

Even though LinkedIn is very professional, visual content is not included in that narrative! It is highly favored in fact. LinkedIn used to be all words no pictures a long time back but with all the platforms favoring visuals so much, LinkedIn does too! Do not sleep on this! You can’t post all the time on LinkedIn so avail this opportunity by adding a presentation or anything that fits your brand!

Keep your employees in the loop

If you want to succeed, you need your team. You can’t expect yourself to be called a leader and not tell your employees what is happening! So, tell them about your LinkedIn posts and invite them on there as well! Ask them to repost your content and talk about brand awareness, and exposure as well as discuss social media strategies with them!

Bonus! share a little behind-the-scenes picture on LinkedIn stories with all your employees involved!

Be vulnerable and show your passion for learning

One of the best ways to attract attention is to show a passion for learning. It means you’re willing to experiment with new things and aren’t insecure to seek help when needed! This WILL get you on the radar of huge companies since it’s a quality that a lot of them look for. You can’t just simply state you like learning, that’s way too straightforward. This part of your personality must be seen within your summary, content, and overview. Here are a few easy ways

  1. You could create a post on LinkedIn called “Things I learned from my followers” and repurpose this later by adding more stuff you have learned throughout.
  2. You could add a few valuable lessons you have learned in your overview

Follow relevant influencers from your industry

Following relevant influencers helps to put a range of interesting content in your feed that you can share and interact with. This will give you inspiration for your content and give a bit more of an in-depth context to your LinkedIn profile.

Revisit your content

Now that your profile is *chef’s kiss*.  It’s time to take a look at your content. Keep in mind, THIS IS LINKEDIN. You can NOT post every day. Keep it to 4 posts a month or 1 post every 2 weeks. You can easily get banned on LinkedIn, and that could set you back by a lot when you’re starting out!

Since you can’t post a lot, your content needs to offer a lot of value. Your audience should be looking forward to your next post every week. To grow on LinkedIn you need to work a lot on content and the quality of your post. It must be grammatically perfect and without any repetition of points. This can be a bit tough sometimes which is why users tend to repurpose old content! Which is perfectly alright! Check out this article for more information on repurposing old content on LinkedIn:

Rewriting and republishing existing content for LinkedIn might be your best strategy in 2022

In conclusion

The first step to optimizing your LinkedIn business profile is to have the perfect banner and profile picture since they give your viewers their first impression of your business. Use relevant keywords to help you get on the LinkedIn algorithm and do NOT forget to update as soon as anything changes about your business. Use LinkedIn features to help you out and don’t forget your employees! Showcase your learning personality! And make sure your content has a lot of value to offer!

Were these tips any helpful? Let us know! Once you are all optimized you can keep growing your audience with Hypefury’s automated tools. 😉

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