How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Scheduling Instagram Posts

If you take your brand’s online presence seriously, you can’t rely on one social media channel to engage with your community. That’s why you’ll soon be able to schedule Instagram posts straight from your Hypefury account.

And no, we’re not talking about the tweet shot, as great as that is already.

You’ll be able to schedule Instagram posts just like you schedule tweets. We’re talking high-quality images, videos, captions, and hashtags. Why?  Well, because your ability to expand your audience and reach is important to us, you deserve a platform that’ll evolve to match your ambition.

Why Schedule on Instagram?

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, which is about 3 times as much as Twitter. That means you’re missing out on building a community possibly three times bigger than the one you have now. So why not schedule Instagram posts along with your Twitter content, right? Below are 5 reasons why you should take Instagram seriously.

1. You’ll find a new type of audience

As we said above, Instagram pulls 3 times as many people monthly as Twitter does, and there’s a reason for that. Instagram offers a different and more appealing type of content built around visual and storytelling content.

Adding Instagram to your social media online promotion will connect with a community of people longing to engage. Instagram is rated as being the best social media platform for creating strong emotional connections. And, if there’s something you’re looking to sell, offer, or try with your brand, there’s nothing better than an emotionally invested crowd.

2. It’ll add to your content creation skillset

Creating content for a new audience will expand your content creation skillset to encompass new formats and styles. Where Twitter just needs you to be an excellent wordsmith, creating and scheduling Instagram posts needs know-how for communicating through imagery and video, as well as text.

As a content creator or marketer, expanding your ability to communicate effectively should be something that always excites you. Especially with a crowd as receptive as the one on Instagram. A keen focus on tailoring high-quality content for Instagram will prepare your brand for the future. Twitter isn’t dying just yet, but more and more people will always be drawn to the easily digestible and engaging format of Instagram content.

3. You’ll have a lot more engagement

If what you’re really after is a community of people that are invested in your brand, you’ll love being on Instagram. Research shows that Instagram users are more likely to engage with brands than users on other platforms. That means you won’t have to wait forever to get some traction on your content.

If you take the time to share great content and engage meaningfully growing on IG is a lot easier than starting fresh on Twitter.

4. You have to beat your competition there

Believe it or not, there’ll come a time when your current well dries out. What works now won’t always work and you have to be prepared. And, if you think your competition isn’t doing the same, you might want to rethink that.

Scheduling Instagram could be your next competitive edge. If you don’t make a move, you’ll find yourself losing your authority to competitors that moved before you. Taking a proactive stance towards Instagram means you can establish yourself before anyone else has the chance. Tons of people are establishing themselves on Instagram daily, and you could lead your niches to move into that bold new space.

5. It’s more feedback to work with for you

One of the biggest reasons you want to be scheduling Instagram posts as soon as you can is because you’ll receive feedback you never had before. If you’re going to get to the next level you need a different kind of perspective on what you’re doing. It’s like Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, hey would have said faster horses”. Well, maybe he wasn’t the one that said it, but the sentiment is still true.

Now you might think that’s to say don’t ask people what they want, but the greater point is not to ask people who are set in their ways. All your Twitter following expects from you is tweets and nothing more, but if you’re going to grow you have to start getting feedback from people that see things differently. Instagram offers you that opportunity, and by exposing yourself to that, you’ll find new ideas on what you really need to get to the next level.

Now that you know why you should be scheduling Instagram posts and building your audience there, keep an eye out because that upgrade is coming sooner than you think. Before then, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the best tips on growing your online presence and all the latest updates.

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