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Even in 2022, it’s possible that you might still sit in front of Google, the cursor blinking, wondering what the best social media scheduling software is!

Companies like Buffer and HootSuite come to mind — but most of these programs were built for a different era of corporate social media management, literally a generation ago, and the times have changed since then.

Why a scheduling app like Hypefury is lightweight, agile, and has advantages over using Hootsuite

Do you need to get your tweet approved by three levels of corporate management, going all the way up the chain to the VP of Marketing?

If you are interested in using Hypefury, you probably don’t. In fact, like many creators and brands, you want to the fastest, most efficient way to schedule tweets — not the slowest, most inefficient way.

Hootsuite and others services like Buffer were built for a previous generation of social media brands when getting tweets approved by a committee was a big value-add of services that built on top of the social apps’ native one-person-one-login model. These companies sold into the Fortune 500, and their products became symbiotic with the needs of substantial and slow-moving organizations.

Advantage #1: Speed and Efficiency

Hypefury is about speed and efficiency. When you log in to your dashboard, you see your queue and how you need to fill it.

When your queue gets empty, Hypefury will remind you over email and in the app.

hypefury dashboard queue


Advantage #2: Inspiration that actually drives audience growth

With legacy apps like Hootsuite and Buffer, it was up to corporate social media teams and marketing caucuses to come up with the weekly social media schedule and create content calendars.

These bureaucratic processes create a lot of overhead, and, frankly, with the recession coming — much of the dead weight in these departments could soon go away.

Hypefury and other social media scheduling platforms of the modern era provide handmade, AI-driven inspirations for exactly the types of single tweets and threads that tend to go viral,

hypefury queue dashboard compose

Not every Voltaire quote is going to go viral — but there are plenty of hand-picked and algorithm-generated genres of threads and prompts that have already been field-tested on Twitter to drive attention, clicks, and engagement.

Hypefury understands that the best kinds of tweets arise some kind of emotion, desire or intellectual stimulation in the viewer.

The collective wisdom of thousands of influencers, Twitter thought leaders, and people who have built a successful following on the platform drives the kind of Tweets that Hypefury suggests.

Hootsuite asks you to use ‘analytics’ to determine what you should tweet next. That’s pretty decent. But Hypefury goes several steps further and innovates on this concept: by literally giving you the templates and prompts of tweets that are almost-guaranteed to work if deployed correctly and authentically.

Advantage #3: Networking and DMs built from scratch

We all know that one of the top reasons we go on Twitter is not just to shout a monologue at our audience, but to engage in productive two-way conversations. These conversations can happen publicly through public replies and quote tweets — or, as many of the most important conversations do – they can happen over DMs.

Hypefury understands that modern networking is not just about broadcasting, but about interacting through DMs with Twitter users, mentors, potential business partners, and leaders who can make a difference in the trajectory of your business.



So yeah — like many courageous Twitter masters before you, you can take your shot and DM Elon Musk, or more realistically — thousands of other people who may be passively enjoying what you are putting out there.

When you DM (and when — critically — you make DMing a habit), if you have done your homework by consistently posting high-quality content, your DM outreach will not be received completely cold, like a soggy LinkedIn message that sounds generic as hell… but rather as a welcome connection to someone who might have even built a parasocial relationship with you.

Managing these DMs can get a bit chaotic — especially as you are probably navigating other modes of interaction like Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, and other messaging apps.

The built-in engagement tools of Hypefury make it easy to not just ‘respond’ to your key targets for networking — but also to have a strategy and a consistent habit of engaging in Replies and in DMs to build your rapport with them.

Nobody has time to sit on Twitter all day, refreshing the feed and waiting to see what people are tweeting! If you are sitting on Twitter six hours per day, engaging manually — you are doing it wrong!

Apps like Hypefury are context-aware that the person running the account is probably not a big-tech social media manager from 2013, but a busy brand, creator, SaaS business operator, or entrepreneur in 2023 who understands the compounding value of production over consumption and doesn’t want to sit in social media all day.

Advantage #4: Pace of Innovation

Let’s be honest — it’s been a while since the first generation of social media management companies created their products, and the world was a very different place. These products’ product, engineering, and technical foundations arose in a different era, and many of the main companies (like Hootsuite) are still run by their founders.

They have become big, slow-moving dinosaurs.

dinosaur social media
Once fearsome, social media companies born in the 2000s are slowly becoming obsolete — even though they are not yet extinct.

Startups like Hypefury can reach out on Twitter like co-founder Yannick Veys often does, and solicit feedback from users that can be fed back into the product in a rapid cycle.

There is a conversation between the customers and the creators of Hypefury (and other social media platforms built for the 2020s) that can happen at a much faster pace than with other larger companies.

Suppose you have been watching the pace at which Elon Musk has been shipping new features at Twitter (despite a self-imposed major reduction in the headcount). In that case, it’s easy to see that the size of a company is not necessarily a predictor of how fast they ship.

One more big reason to consider audience growth tools like Hypefury over corporate social media management

Price is another big factor!

If you were to check out the Hootsuite pricing page, you’ll likely find some elevated prices and a button that asks you to “Book a Demo” or start a free trial that ratchets way up.

While Hypefury may adjust in prices in the future or after the time of this writing — currently, the individual plan (which does include a free trial) is offered at $20 USD per month — and larger plans with more functionality are still under $100/month.

At Hootsuite and other larger competitors, prices for teams very quickly run into the $100s of dollars per month. That’s because the entire pricing model was built for selling to the budgets of IT and software departments at Fortune 500 companies.

The pricing that works for Coca-Cola and Boeing is not necessarily what you want as an aspiring or exploding super-creator or SaaS brand. You need the basic tools, no fluff, and the ability to skyrocket your audience from Day 1 over the next 7, 30, or 365 days.

Enroll yourself in a marketing growth university at the same time you choose your audience growth platform

When you start using Hypefury, you are not just purchasing a timed-release Tweet scheduler that batches up your tweets for you. You are joining a community of creators and makers who hustle hard and contribute to a body of knowledge in social media marketing.

Hypefury can provide you with even more value through the following free tools/opportunities:

In this article, we’ve talked about how Hypefury can help you grow your audience, and compared it to Hootsuite and other social media management platforms that come from a previous generation.

Hypefury specializes in Twitter growth and has provided a lot of support to Twitter users — but it is also a multi-channel tool for posting on LinkedIn and Instagram.

When choosing a social media management platform, remember to consider what your goals are and how a platform can help you hit them.

If your goals are to grow as fast as possible — you want to spend as little wasted time as possible scouring the petabytes of content that flow out of the Internet every hour — and more time scheduling and locking in a focused strategy with a Tweet inspiration source that is almost like having a personal AI assistant.

Here’s a quote from Jeff Duntemann:

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”

When searching for a tool for your audience growth strategy, choose a tool that actively improves not just your workflow – but your actual strategy and your thinking about how to grow an audience.

Here’s a video comparing Hootsuite to Hypefury


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