5 Things YouTubers can do to succeed on Twitter

Different social media require different approaches: here’s what YouTubers can learn

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YouTube was one of the earliest platforms that started monetizing and giving the users a chance to get brand deals. It started off as a hobby for a lot of people but soon turned into a bank with enough money to support generations. 

With that being said, YouTube is now oversaturated with creators trying to make money. The key word is “trying”. It isn’t as genuine or organic as it used to be. Vlogs used to be unedited and not scripted, challenges used to be real with consequences and pranks were ACTUALLY pranks. Over time all of this has become scripted which has left a lot of OG creators struggling with views and their content to be shadow banned. This is why they would rather migrate to Twitter, where you can still build an organic following! 

Could you migrate platforms and still get enough success?

It can be hard to start another platform. You are way too used to the rules and constant wins on YouTube. Twitter can be very intimidating to start off on, but once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to leave!

Look, you aren’t saying goodbye to your beloved YouTube channel, you’re just opening yourself up to more opportunities. This is a perfect time too! 

A YouTuber films herself at a computer desk with a lit wall and vegetation in the background

Differences in YouTube and Twitter

You won’t be able to succeed on Twitter if you won’t pinpoint the differences between the 2 platforms. Other than the fact that both platforms are pretty successful and monetizable, there are different strategies for both. Take a look at the differences: 

  • How often should you post?

You can get away with one post a month or a week on YouTube. Remember those YouTubers that started their videos with “Sorry for being so MIA for the past month! I have been working on something special for you guys…”. Yeah, you can’t pull that shit on Twitter! You need a specific schedule on how many times you tweet a day. 

If you’re starting off, then 2-3 tweets a day is NOTHING. You need to engage with your audience, reply to DM’s and be SUPER consistent. 

  • Short or long?

You can create 14-20 min videos on YouTube but you can’t create a 500-word post on Twitter. Not only will the character limit be at your ass but nobody is going to read it. Twitter is an escape from long, wordy posts. So, you will need to cut your thoughts in half or master the art of curating a thread (more about this later, I promise I won’t leave you in the dark about threads) 

  • Guidelines? What are those?

YouTube has shitty guidelines, you can’t say words like “hell” “shit” or any *amazing* vocabulary you may possess. Your video will get flagged. Twitter on the other hand, yeah, your tweet won’t go viral if you won’t use those words. Jk, but Twitter users can sniff out the slightest bit of insincerity. Using a few cuss words to make your point is a great way to sound genuine on Twitter. 

  • Video vs words

YouTube is for videos, even though you can make community posts now thanks to the new update. And Twitter is words. That’s what makes Twitter superior (hiding the fact that YouTube started YouTube premium? Like huh?). We can post a 2 letter word and go viral on Twitter. Don’t believe me? 

Harry Style's viral tweet

Yeah, we still don’t know what this means, but it definitely got attention!

5 things YouTubers can do to succeed on Twitter

We have seen the differences, now let’s get to the fun part. What CAN you do to succeed on Twitter?  

  • Make use of your old content

Is there any YouTube video you made that came out way better than expected? Your audience loved it and you were proud of it? 

Cut that video into a short 10-second clip and upload it to Twitter. Make a generic statement asking your follower’s opinions on it and watch the engagement numbers rise! 

The tip is to attract the same niche followers as your YouTube subscribers. You aren’t changing your job, you are just adding a side hustle! 

You can do this multiple times a week or when you have an exceptionally long video that you put your heart and soul into. Your Twitter audience will always enjoy it! 

  • A good profile 

This is a no-brainer. You NEED a good profile. It’s very easy to do and it can make a huge impact on the way your followers see you. A good profile includes

  • A good profile picture that’s 60% your face. Must be high-quality. 
  • A good header that can either be your brand, a picture with your team, or something that goes along with your profile 
  • A good bio that clearly states who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Embed the link to your YouTube channel and if humor isn’t your cup of tea, don’t force it! 
  • A nice pinned tweet, if you’re just starting out, you may have not gotten enough engagement on any tweet to pin, so just select a tweet that you’re proud of and pin it! 

A good profile isn’t as important on YouTube as it is on Twitter. There were huge creators out there who didn’t have a proper profile till way later on in their careers! But on Twitter, you don’t just get recommendations with a clickbait title, that type of work is done by your profile!

  • Be present, engage and stay consistent 

On YouTube, you can easily pick out any day of the week and reply to some comments, answer a few questions here and there. You’re going to have to give up that attitude on Twitter! To succeed and make an organic following, you need to physically be present, and answer ALL questions and DM’s ESPECIALLY queries. 

You can spend HOURS on a YouTube video, with all the editing, scripting, and picking out the best days of the week to post and that kind of hard work pays off in views, subscribers, and likes. While on Twitter, you spend approximately 5 minutes on a tweet, maybe 20 if you are creating a thread. So, you need to put in the effort by engaging with your audience, commenting, following, and retweeting! 

Remember, the more effort you put into your engagement, the more your numbers will rise!

If you want an easier escape out of consistent posting, try a social media marketing tool! Like Hypefury. Take a day out of the week and right down 10 tweets and schedule them for the rest of the week! This way, you only have to focus on engaging and being present while Hypefury will do the rest of the work for you!

  • Cross-promote 

Being a YouTuber definitely has you at a greater advantage than the rest. You can cross-promote onto a channel that already has a follower base, so you aren’t starting off from nothing. 

When you’re posting a YouTube video, mention your Twitter at the very beginning and add the link to your video description, your loyal subscribers are sure to follow you there! 

That’s just a basic cross-promotion, you can make it a bit fancier if you want by including a giveaway for all the followers, discount codes, or shoutouts to help your Twitter grow. 

You can of course help your YouTube grow as well by posting about your channel and what your followers can find on Twitter! 

  • Post valuable content. 

You have your profile all set, now it’s time to focus on the main course. Your followers are here for your content, what type of tweets you post and what value you may bring to the table. You can stick to the same niche as you were on your YouTube OR post about a different niche entirely. Many YouTubers have found success doing both. Lifestyle on YouTube while posting crypto and marketing on Twitter. 

A few ways to make sure your content holds value:

  • Most of the tips you are posting are actionable, not all of them, but at least a good chunk of them. People do eventually grow bored of the philosophical tweets. 
  • Address your audience in your tweets 
  • Ask questions when you want to find out something 
  • Keep your personal life to a minimum, a single tweet about yourself every few weeks is fine, but other than that keep it strictly to business! 
  • Use pictures, memes, and GIFs! 

Join the Hypefury discord channel where we post new Twitter growth tips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! It will help you navigate yourself around Twitter and learn more about Twitter growth!

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Haha! Told you we weren’t going to leave you in the dark about threads! Threads are a great way to narrow a lot of information down to a few statements. They always get a ton of engagement and increase your exposure. Here are a few tips to make your threads unforgettable! 

  • Thread hooks are the beginning of your thread and they can make or break your entire post. You need to make it compelling, so your readers will be automatically drawn into reading your thread! A few easy ones to follow will be, to start with a question and provide a solution in the rest of the thread, a generic “you don’t wanna miss this today” or click here to check out viral thread hooks!


  • In the main content of your thread, don’t reveal too much information per slide. Shorten your words as much as possible while still making them sound genuine. 
  • Use pictures and visuals! This will make your thread look more interesting 
  • Use analytics and numbers. People are more likely to listen to you if you say an exact number like: “45% of marketers struggle to make sales because…” 
  • At the end of the thread tell your followers to follow you for more content similar to this! An actionable thread ending like this is sure to boost your followers!

If you have had success on other platforms, it is almost a guarantee you can grow somewhere else too! You just need a little shift of perspective, that’s all! 😉


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