The 50 best motivational Twitter quotes to get inspired by8 min read

Twitter can be an amazing source of inspiration, regardless of what your ambitions may be!

Posting motivational Twitter quotes is also a great way to reach more people and even gain more followers in your niche and out.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of 50 great motivational quotes for you to get fired up by, or even to share with your own followers to encourage them in their own dreams!

  1. “The closest thing I’ve found to a recipe for creativity: read a little, write a little, talk a little, walk a lot.” – David Perell
  2. “There are few problems out there that no human has ever faced before. So for what recurring problem are you sure the answer exists somewhere?  You just need to proactively look for it, capture it, make sense of it, and implement it.” – Tiago Forte
  3. “Highly underrated: Taking a break from the hustle to spend time with loved ones. There is no point being successful if there is no one to celebrate your successes with.” – Janel
  4. “You can disagree with someone without wishing them genuine harm. Too many people have forgotten this.” – Steph Smith
  5. “Accepting that you’ll never do all your tasks is the key to being happy about your productivity. So whether your to-do list contains 2, 200, or 2,000 items – find what matters most ($10K work) and get that done first.” –Khe Hy
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  6. “Life’s way more interesting when you face your fears dead on. Last year I was scared to do webinars. Fear of being labeled an ‘expert’ next to real ones. But I faced it. This year I spoke on a Semrush panel as a guest expert and felt at ease. Challenge your damn self & grow.” – Erica Schneider
  7. “Visualize yourself in the future, as a version of yourself so extraordinary that you would be embarrassed to describe it out loud (because it seems so ridiculously unattainable right now).” – Chris Sparks
  8. “If you do something good enough for long enough, it becomes your thing. If you love it, you become the thing.” – Jamie Russo
  9. “Offense wins games. Defense wins championships. It’s a good time to play defense and figure out where you can cut costs, stay lean, and do more with less.” – Kevin Lee
  10. “There are no mistakes in life, just lessons.” – Philosophy Thoughts
  11. Sometimes our biggest obstacles aren’t in front of us, they are inside of us. The stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we’ve built, can be the reasons that keep us back. When you change your story and start living and believing in it, that’s when things change for the better.” – Allistair McCaw
  12. You’re supposed to work hard. Hard work doesn’t lose! It wins every time. When you meet people who put the work in, they know greatness will come their way. Why? Because they know and feel they deserve it. The people who work hard grow because growth is in the work.” – AJ Kings
  13. Confidence is the freedom to set your own standards and unshackle yourself from the need to prove yourself.” – Ryan Holiday
  14. When you’re following your calling, the world conspires in your favor.” – Danny Miranda
  15. “It’s amazing how long unhealthy patterns from past toxic jobs can stay with you. Such a challenge to accept that things don’t have to be so difficult. Not everyone is out to get you or guilt you or chastise you when mistakes happen. That you deserve respect + empowerment.” – Nicole Tabak
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  16. To whoever needs this: If no one has told you today, I am so proud of you for trying. Even if it was hard to get up + out of bed. Even if you think you’re failing. Even if your heart is still tender or broken. I’m SO proud of you for moving through what you need to move through.” – Alex Elle
  17. Softening and surrendering in the areas you’ve become hardened and rigid in is how you evolve and elevate.” – Lalah Delia
  18. The ‘proof” is in the fruit. If you’re always miserable and everyone can sense it (and recoils), you’re missing some part of the puzzle. The work has to work or whatever you’re doing isn’t in service of you.” – Keylee Miracle
  19. Progress is being aware when there is a storm happening inside of you and remaining calm as it passes by” – Yung Pueblo
  20. affirm: ‘I know myself. I am committed to learning myself more deeply. I hold myself accountable. my knowledge of self protects me from the negative projections of others.” – Michelle Clark
  21. I’m deeply focused on joy and pleasure and leisure. Nothing in me craves being overworked and busy. Rest is my natural state.” – The Nap Ministry
  22. you are the one you’ve been waiting for.” – Tatianna
  23. Live your dreams every day or someone else will for you..”- Jessie J
  24. Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.” – Why Don’t We
  25. It’s not the lack of intelligence, it’s the lack of focus that is stopping you.” – Lift Your Mind
  26. Sometimes the situation or person isn’t as big of a problem as your perception of it is. Be open to examining the beliefs behind your perception. Be honest. Be accepting. Be more of your True Self.” – Johanna Farrimond
  27. Find yourself. Everything else is a distraction.” – Krishna Dharma
  28. A child will fall down 100 times when learning how to walk. But they’ll never think ‘this isn’t for me’.”- Aaron Will
  29. Maybe it’s time you stop adjusting to the dysfunction. Maybe it’s time to choose your wellness.” – Dr Thema
  30. I release the indoctrination that taught me I had to silence myself to survive.” – Dr. Rocio Rosales
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  31. You aren’t stuck, you’re gathering the right tools, knowledge, and wisdom for your next chapter. And that takes a minute. Relax, go with the flow, and level up when you’re ready.” – Alexandra
  32. Be courageous enough to love and to be loved.” – Valencia
  33. “What’s meant for you will feel natural, calm, clear, and connected, not forced, chaotic, confused, and attached.” – The Inner Practitioner
  34. Recognize when a phase, a life stage, job, or a relationship is over and let it go. Allow yourself to gracefully exit situations you have outgrown. Moving on doesn’t have to be a catastrophic dramatic event. You can simply chose to move forward with peace and clarity.” – Stevie
  35. Meeting yourself where you’re at & accepting you, as you are, is both a practice of self-love and the 1st step in manifesting change. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do & feel better, but the most empowering way is to start by lovingly accepting where you are at – RIGHT NOW” – Nyle Beck
  36. Your open heart is a catalyst. It amplifies the energy of change and creation. It is a catalyst for healing and transformation.” – Xavier Dagba
  37. you will always be the most important person you have to learn and there’s nothing more beautiful, because you have your entire life to do that.” – Billy Chapta
  38. There are many ways to love another, but the highest expression of love is to put in the work to be the best version of yourself. That way whatever love language you’re speaking is said from a space of inner truth. You stand on the love you give in a much different way.” – Sole Romero
  39. Let the pain of the past become the power you use to overcome sadness, fear, and suffering. Don’t let it become the armour that blocks your heart from letting love in.” – Vex King
  40. Stop giving ppl chances to overlook how ‘rare’ you truly are.” – BLH
  41. “be tender with yourself today.” – Joel Leon
  42. i pray you enter more places filled with people who love you.” – Micah Angel
  43. You have to believe in yourself in your lowest moments!!!!” – Shimica Carter
  44. Remember this: You can choose a different thought. You can’t always choose what you are exposed to or what happens to you, but you can interrupt the negative mind by choosing the affirming thought that heals, instead of the critical thought that harms.” – Minaa
  45. The most painful part of healing is waking up while the rest of the world sleepwalks through life. Some people expect you to just put up with dysfunction or not have boundaries. And you have to continue to choose yourself.” – Dr Nicole LePera
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  46. You no longer need to apply all that pressure on yourself. You will get where you want to be eventually. It’s already yours. You’re just being called to take it one step at a time. Be easy on yourself.” – Ash Alves
  47. Plot twist: Everything you need to win in life is already within you. You just need to wake up to the greatness that’s already there and nurture it.” – Tiwalola Ogunlesi
  48. You don’t need to hammer down the belief ‘I’m lovable and worthy’. You need to see that the belief ‘I’m unlovable and unworthy’ is not true, and release it from your system. Now there’s no need for any belief whatsoever. Your nature is inherently lovable and worthy.” – Marvin Keilbach
  49. “Find the thing you are most afraid of and do it. This works in business, life, & sex. Maybe it won’t work you and you’ll get burned. But maybe you won’t and it’ll be friggin’ awesome. Anyway, you have one thing less to be afraid of.” – Birk Sepp
  50. Changing your perspective will alter your personal experience and also, change the world.” – Liana Majed

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